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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Roman  MesserRoman Messerhttp://www.romanmesser.com6014104277trance 
 2Vadim ShantorVadim ShantorMusic - the universal language of mankind. Saint-Petersburg1447206trance 
 3Vladimir  BashmakovVladimir BashmakovEx-Driver DJ/Producer Ex-Driver aka Vladimir Bashmakov is a DJ and producer from Russia, Moscow. Since he started his DJ career back in early 2006 he had gigs all over Russia and neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, and being one on of th11458144trance 
 4Egor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovEgor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovDEEP & GROOVE - a new project that supports the trends of contemporary music and the main electronic platforms of the planet. They did not stop "there" and make every party something more than just a "DJ with controller", returning the tradition of "Amazi10241466trance 
 5Alexander LarichevAlexander LarichevDeeplook is talented Russian DJ and producer Larichev Alexander, also well known as X-Team. Besides a large quantity of performances on parties in Russia and abroad, recently the list was filled up with appearance on such festivals as Psychedelic Carniva774105trance 
 6Aleksey SladkovAleksey SladkovMoscow2094830trance 
 7Ваня  КореяВаня КореяВаня Корея DJ / Producer Labels: PLS.UK (UK) MEPHYST (Colombia) HEALED WOUNDS (Colombia) O.V.N.I. (Colombia) DETH records ( Canada ) Comfusion Records ( Spain ) Carypla Records ( UK ) Wanna Dance Music ( Spain ) Pixbae Records ( Panama ) Sweet Stuff Reco20314115trance 
 8Vladimir RoshchinVladimir RoshchinPROJECT INFORMATION ------------------------------ Founded in 2004; Project members: Vladimir Roshchin; Location: Russia, Orenburg city; Format of performances: "Live" Project tracks were played on radio stations, such as: DI.FM, Afterhouse.FM, 107FM Cal13220119trance 
 9EurekaEurekaEureka is a professional russian operatic soprano, who graduated from Gnesin Academy of music. But opera seemed not enough for her, and in 2010 she started a project in TRANCE MUSIC with Alexander Kondrushin - Russian composer who studied composition at1314714trance 
 10Konstantin  GerasimovKonstantin GerasimovKaliningrad1083625trance 
 11Nikita KartoshinNikita KartoshinChelyabinsk91902trance 
 12Maks Z.Maks Z.Music: goa trance / trance / psychedelic / psybient Labels: Psyderweb Records / Audiocast Productions678411trance 
 13Alexey BondarenkoAlexey BondarenkoDj Sly Dewars! - Alexey Bondarenko was born in 1981 in Ukhta, Komi Republic. In his native city known as Di Jay, speaking at various clubs of the city, as well as a resident club Gagarinka in the nearby town Sosnogorsk. In 2004, played an exclusive pack o636594trance 
 14Alex LukhnovAlex LukhnovMusic Projects - ART LOOP / eLectroloops / HardLoopZ Genres: Trance / Progressive / Electro / Techno / Hands Up Saint-Petersburg http://art-loop.org62585trance 
 15Ayman farouckAyman farouckMoskva584427trance 
 16Alex FuryAlex FuryAlex Fury - новое имя на диджейской арене, играющий Progressive Trance / Deep House и стремительно набирающий поклонников. Кто он и откуда - загадка Вселенной. Только свечение глаз в ультрафиолете выдает в нем кровь фурианца-одиночки. За плечами дидже5412110trance 
 17Vasily DvortsovVasily DvortsovSaint-Petersburg53022trance 
 18Ian PodorozhnyiIan PodorozhnyiBorn and living in Saint-Peterburg, Russia. My passion for DJ-ing was start in early 1997. From that time it was many nights in the clubs as the DJ throughout 11 years. At this time I focusing on my career in IT and didn't play in the clubs since 2008 (b38621trance 
 19Eldar BeonoEldar BeonoMoscow32186trance 
 20mms1986@mail.rumms1986@mail.ruMms Project as a musical project came into existence in 2008. The founder of it was me, Michael Manuilov, a young musician and sound producer from the city of Kursk, Russia. Priority directions in my work has always been experimental-sounding and 3025210trance 
 21Roman BobynkynRoman Bobynkynhttp://vk.com/id3728875 St. Petersburg http://fr.pdj.ru3002trance 
 22GRiN DEEGRiN DEEENG: Grigoriy Dementiev (aka Grin Dee) is a musiciant, composer and DJ from Moscow. He started to create music in 2003 and it was inspired by such artists as Paul Oakenfold & PPK. Grigoriy’s popularity started to grow very fast on 2007-2012, with his amaz26347trance 
 23Anatoliy KornienkoAnatoliy KornienkoMurmansk25138trance 
 24Eugene PlazmenitoEugene PlazmenitoMoscow http://e-plasma.pdj.ru/2432trance 
 25XtenXtenDj and producer. Xten's tracks and remixes were present in radio shows of famous artists as Markus Schulz, MIKE,Roger Shah,Dj Feel,Rank1,Pedro Del Mar, etc. Dmitrov22012trance 
 27Timur FayzrakhmanovTimur FayzrakhmanovNothing really matters.. Kazan / Kamskiye Polyany http://timfayz.github.io19625trance 
 28Evgeny DovganEvgeny DovganI love produce and mixing music. Moscow19148trance 
 29Renat, MikhailRenat, MikhailThe Russian project E.P. was found in 2007 with the effort of two men for the beginning of joint creativity. The first release analysis for two tracks project took place in 2009. Now E.P. is working on new musical compositions. Kazan http://eurobea18910trance 
 30ROMMROMMROMM (Roman Mikhailyuk) - EDM producer, DJ and musician from Russia The labels: Armada Music / Interplay / State Control Essentials etc. TOP220 DJs in the world according to TrancePodium in 2016, TOP-100 Promodj.ru. The author of the radio show Club Emot18927trance 
 31Aram AsatryanAram AsatryanKursk1724trance 
 32Ivan LebedevIvan LebedevDJ IONe - a young DJ, a resident of a promotional group Mainstream Promotion, which is engaged in a party trance progressive music. During his short career IONe managed to achieve recognition of the public and as a consequence of the regular performa1781trance 
 33Maxim EvstraticovMaxim EvstraticovPerm1546trance 
 34Evgeny DrablenkovEvgeny DrablenkovDJ and music producer from Moscow. Was born in 1984. He got into electronic music in the times of popular Russian radio station "Stanciya 106,8 FM " in the end of 90th and the beginning of 2000s. At the same time he found it challenging to mix and write h15516trance 
 35SergeySergeyThis is a new Russian label that works exclusively in the styles of psy trance , GOA , FULL ON Owners label's - Acid Singularity , that gathered and make an unusual, exciting music styles. You can send us the music marked "Demo" on e-mail of a label : fr141913trance 
 36Alex SheenAlex SheenMoscow http://sheen.pdj.ru141212trance 
 38stas mstas mMoscow1107trance 
 39Dmitry GanievDmitry GanievMoscow1103trancecore 
 41Igor PischikovIgor PischikovRostov-on-Don814trance 
 42Igor AlekhnoIgor AlekhnoSaint-Petersburg7154trance 
 43AVRORA & TIM VOXAVRORA & TIM VOXSt.Petersburg722trance 
 44Aleksey NemiroAleksey NemiroSt. Petersburg http://aleksey.nemiro.ru6314trance 
 45Denis FVirusDenis FVirusMoscow606trance 
 46unistuunistu"Unistu" - music duet from St.Petersburg, Russia. "Trance Gate" - our trance radio-show. http://vkontakte.ru/club15439942 http://unistu.pdj.ru http://unistu.ru --------------------------- "Captivating Colours Radio" - our internet radio stati611trance 
 47Max SvirinMax SvirinVelikiy Novgorod691trance 
 48Vasily MilovVasily MilovMoscow5211trance 
 49Space CarrotSpace CarrotMoscow502trance 
 50Max PetrovMax PetrovSaint Petersbourg429trance 
 51LNPLNPGatchina http://www.lnpchat.ru423trance 
 52Maksim OxMaksim OxKemerovo402trance, 
 54Vadim ChernyVadim ChernyVolgograd http://goldback.pdj.ru401trance 
 55Aaron McleonAaron Mcleon303trance 
 57Vladimir KleshninVladimir KleshninN.Chelny2010trance 
 58Ruslan YunisovRuslan YunisovMoscow206trancestep, 
 59Jenya StasJenya StasSaint-Petersburg203trance 
 60Armin BrukvaArmin BrukvaMoscow202trance 
 61L-Vokrus 1.2L-Vokrus 1.2Moscow202trancecore, 
 62Michael GrachevMichael GrachevMoscow107trance 
 63Ray KulibinRay KulibinМосква193trance 
 65Alexey AkimoffAlexey AkimoffSaint-Petersburg101trance 
 66Alex BahAlex Bah101trance 
 68Alexander BulanovAlexander BulanovStavropol001trance 
 70Alexander EmelinAlexander EmelinKazan011trance 
 71Denis KornilovDenis KornilovSaint-Petersburg001trance 
 72Roman OvchinnikovRoman OvchinnikovMaikop001trance