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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Andrey PUSHKAREVAndrey PUSHKAREVWhen the right thing is in the right place, we are moved and resonate to the frequency that works best. @luckofaccess Bookings Worldwide & North America: booking(at)andreypushkarev.com Russia: denis(at)slowdance.su South America: lina(at)themothership2944141651techno 
 2Denis AlentieffDenis AlentieffDENIS A (Bedrock,Tronic, DAR) - the founder of musical style HYPNOTERIC & ORTHODOX ELECTRONIC MUSIC. Booking: alentiev@gmail.com Moscow281241398techno 
 3kyivstonerkyivstonerthat fella from IG. Hollyhood188421243techno 
 4Ki.Mi. | Kashatskikh Rec.Ki.Mi. | Kashatskikh Rec.Ki.Mi. is a multifaceted creative person & owner @kashatskikh rec. Press, podcast & interview requests: artistnamekimi(at)gmail.com Saint-Petersburg965771148techno 
 5Веб-стандартыВеб-стандартыНовости фронтенда за неделю. — Ольга Алексашенко — Никита Дубко — Вадим Макеев — Мария Просвирнина — Алексей Симоненко https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id10805000168417052technology 
 6David DivineDavid DivineMoscow657272912techno 
 7Frontend WeekendFrontend WeekendСамые честные интервью с известными людьми из мира web-разработки. Впечатляющие истории успеха, забавные моменты из жизни и полезные советы – мы показываем человеческое лицо frontend’а и не только. Moscow http://frontendweekend.ml5943099technology 
 8Philipp LozovskyPhilipp LozovskyThe main Russian minimal / techno weapon! Toolroom | Deeperfect | 1605 | IAMT ► facebook.com/teslaliveru ► mixcloud.com/teslalive ► Instagram.com/teslalive ► Apple Podcast: https://goo.gl/pg2rPc ► Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Uf54Bn ► Spotify: https://5539241120techno 
 9Denis SafiullinDenis SafiullinRawax / Delsin / Resonance Moscow Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016 Bookings: inbox@unbrokendub.com Upcoming gigs: tba Past gigs: 18.09 - Moscow @ Mutabor \w Ishome 22.02 - Krasnodar @ XOXO 31.12 - Saint Petersburg @ Blank New Year 2020 06.07 - Mos54726796techno 
 10Фронтенд Юность (18+)Фронтенд Юность (18+)Вся правда о фронтенд-разработке. Всё, о чём боятся говорить — вы услышите здесь! Смузи, вейп, ES6, REACT — вас накроет волной хайпа Leningrad http://youknow.st/507115185technology 
 11GelER and Sasha FlashGelER and Sasha FlashNovosibirsk - Omsk http://whatweplay.ru3307126techno 
 12Девшахта/Ночной фронтендДевшахта/Ночной фронтендПодкаст сообщества devschacht о веб-разработке, с уклоном во фронтенд. Поддержать проект https://www.patreon.com/devschacht https://medium.com/devschacht3289090technology 
 13MusicKollektiv.orgMusicKollektiv.orgThe Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms2565224techno 
 14Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb http://stayupforeverrecords.com2533198164techno 
 15Elizar PirogovElizar PirogovSt. Peterburg253337521techno 
 16Tekstil MusicTekstil MusicTekstil Music - music community, based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Booking/Requests/Offers - peter@tekstilmusic.com Saint-Petersburg http://tekstilmusic.com/22506890techno 
 170bus0busLet's dance right now. Moscow179617371techno 
 18Alex v0daAlex v0daMegacity151092924techno 
 19Alexis ObraztsoffAlexis ObraztsoffAlexis Obraztsoff is one of the pioneers of Russian electronic music, headliner of many festivals, resident of night clubs in Moscow. The beginning of the musical career is 1985, and the first album was released by Alexey in 1994. The musician, composer, 13189693techno 
 20Russian TechnoRussian TechnoThe Label was started by Vadz in late 2007. It’s conception is true, unique techno and electro music with character, coming from Russia. Some of our older releases are hosted at Internet Archive as high quality VBR MP3, and still available FREEly. You can130471619techno 
 21Alexander BelousovAlexander BelousovFree style is more than the creative concept of Alexander Belousov. This is a visual representation of his nature. Behind the soundboard, he gives the public vivid emotions, with unexpected moves dissolving the usual frames of perception. Creative activi111989461techno 
 22Артем  СумыАртем СумыAt present the label finishes preparation for official opening. The Russian Dj/producer Artem Scrip Minimalist is some kind of a certain beginning... The Beginning conducting to destruction of an obstacle in the form of a disorder blossoming in set o1012136012techno 
 23Neotrance & Melodic TechnoNeotrance & Melodic Technohttp://t.me/neomusic_official941753techno 
 24Roman  MarchenkovRoman MarchenkovRoman Marchenkov [ Heyspace ] is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia - the city, bursting with creativity of those who live in it. Spending his formative years in a cultural center of such caliber helped forming903200223techno 
 25dENNIS kOFFdENNIS kOFF&#13; <b>Bookings:</b> &#13; dennis.koff@gmail.com Moscow901352techno 
 26Brain TrickBrain TrickBIO: There are different types of music, there are many DJs and musicians, and what is the hearer is the most important one The team "Brain Trick" have started their work for him... Brain Trick - is something special and unique; what is better to mention 814126417techno 
 27Sergey PopovSergey PopovСергей Попов aka Trotzkopf, Sergey Trotzkopf - Российский дизайнер, продюсер и предприниматель. Основатель и владелец студии дизайна Sergey Popov Design, руководитель школы дизайна. Владелец звукозаписывающего лейбла Национальное Техно. Тюмень http://www.799891techno 
 28Сергей ВладимировичСергей ВладимировичТюмень http://www.popovsergey.art7971021techno 
 29Tony KututoTony KututoStosh, Tracer, Levitate Records etc.7652916techno 
 30MaksimMaksimTechno liker, selector and collaborator of Plastik FM (label) http://myspace.com/plastikfm Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/ristoker Moscow http://ristoker.com6329313techno 
 31ACID MAFIAACID MAFIA6094713techno 
 32Katya StolitsaKatya Stolitsa5967345techno 
 33Evgeniy SmolnikovEvgeniy SmolnikovBooking: Evgeniy / Phone +79312959227 mail: exclusivebooking@yandex.ru Skype: action_enso vk.com/bookingmanager NORMA (Miniatures Rec, Binary404, AMT). Играл на одной сцене с Filthy Rich (Spektre), Andrea Bertolini, Spartaque, Dash Berlin, Hybrid, Matt57639425techno 
 34Ivan LuchkovIvan Luchkov548061technology 
 35Mind CureMind CureLabels > Space Room, Massive Harmony, We Most Recordings, Miocene, Evoked Rec, YNot Rec, Inmost Records ... Events Promo > Mixelixir, Urbanpersons, Ponyslaystage ... Side ID > Grawlix , Blinding Reflection ... Contact> mindcu@gmail.com http://mind52591011techno 
 36huronhuronSaint-Petersburg http://huron.pdj.ru4711441947techno 
 37Van NosikovVan NosikovBooking artist: vannosikov@gmail.com skype name: dj_van_nosikov St.Petersburg http://www.vannosikov.com43010113techno 
 38Chris ShuttleChris ShuttleThe name Chris Shuttle first thundered on the Russian techno stage in 1998. His sets are 100% uncompromised techno. Maximum energy output onto the dance floor and impeccable selection of material create an unrepeatable drive that is the hallmark of Крис 39516067techno 
 39PavelPavelbooking: lavr.booking[at]gmail.com LAVR was founded in 2017 by Russian producer Pavel Lavrentyev. He studied classical music and cinema sound engineering, using unique art methods and sound design. Successfully playing with listeners perception, mixing m3682746techno 
 40Powered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupPowered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupMusic is created on the Recording Studio "Kazan Prison Music Lab" The Studio is located in a Russian prison. Here, musicians fulli immersed in the creative process, and give sound all the time, using a qualitative approach. Kazan http://www.traxsource.co329144854techno 
 41ОТПУСК (dot.eat.dot)ОТПУСК (dot.eat.dot)-= contact =- 777minus111@gmail.com moscow-india-world3026510techno 
 42caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)Carica limited is a sublabel of Carica Music Group. Carica Limited focused on releasing tech house, minimal and techno tunes. caricalabels@gmail.com28780813techno 
 43AndreyAndreyGood music i am dance, no good music i am not dance Moscow2791941techno 
 44Aleksandr  KotlovAleksandr KotlovThe founder and ideologist of the Siberian promotional group [PIRANHA]. DJ with a unique style and unmatched charisma. Novosibirsk https://www.mixcloud.com/X_FR/27813792techno 
 45serge sergeserge sergemoscow274532techno 
 46Alexander TTAlexander TTlove | tomorrow Red City2724018techno 
 47Alesha QTAlesha QTLocal dj Ekaterinburg2663012techno 
 48Weird RadioWeird Radiomore mixes http://www.mixcloud.com/weird-radio/ Please support the project: https://goo.gl/4VyTYI June 23 — RNDM (Moscow) May 19 — La Boule (Moscow) Apr 30 — TEST.FM (Saint Petersburg) Feb 16 — Энтузиаст (Moscow) Feb 9 — Культура (Moscow) Jan 1 — Молодос2635753techno 
 49Fёdor SmirnovFёdor Smirnov2633780techno 
 50Constantin NechkinConstantin Nechkin2552001techno 
 51dub techno / minimaldub techno / minimalThe Indeepend dub techno, techno project explores the mystical side in rhythmical and musical compositions, immersing the listener in a mix of monotone modular and dub melodies and atmospheric rhythms. Mainly playing live where you can hear a palette of d2542046techno 
 52Urry FefeloveUrry FefeloveNovosibirsk24617819techno 
 53Fёdor SmirnovFёdor Smirnov241631techno 
 55Andrey ShushukinAndrey ShushukinDJ / FUTURIST / CYBERPUNK at ✠FUTURISTIC EMULATOR SHOW✠ Audio-Visual Electronic Performance. Emulator Multi Touch Midi Controller. Booking email: shushukin242@gmail.com Moscow http://onesheet.com/Futuristic_Dj/#23021techno 
 56Eugene SaturovEugene SaturovВсё что вы хотели узнать про Flutter, но боялись спросить. Мы обсуждаем новости индустрии, делимся продакшн-опытом внедрения и интересными наблюдениями, приглашаем самых разнообразных гостей из различных IT-сфер, чтобы посмотреть на Flutter под разными уг22116technology 
 57Nikita KremnevNikita KremnevBerkut aka 7C Contacts: berkut.aka.7c@gmail.com vk.com/berkut_dj Booking: +7-904-44-10-271 Rostov-on-Don21565316techno 
 58Vasili BorisovVasili BorisovMoskva2082373techno 
 59Yaroslav ZagorskiyYaroslav ZagorskiyMoscow http://www.mixcloud.com/djelbarbudo/20819971techno 
 60Alesha KiselevAlesha Kiselevlove techno Ozersk20721724techno 
 61MAX GUSEVMAX GUSEVDelta Worldwide Group Sanex Music/Eastar Records - techno/ minimal techno/ tech house http://www.delwwg.com206102techno 
 63Artem  ShapotinArtem ShapotinSaint-Petersburg1975711techno 
 64Digital DamageDigital DamageTechno Since 2000. No software. https://soundcloud.com/mode-l http://www.mixcloud.com/DigitalDamage/ digitaldamage@mail.ru Underground195117techno 
 65Alexander ParlyukovAlexander ParlyukovTECHNO Parlyukov was born in Russia Moscow http://parlyukov.pdj.com/19311211techno 
 66Ruslan ShulginRuslan ShulginStyles; Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Techno Drum&Bass, TechnoDnb Vologda http://vkontakte.ru/id1481962341813864techno 
 67Olga BohanOlga BohanMoscow171413techno 
 68mikhail kazakovmikhail kazakovMoscow1532042techno 
 69Merkabah RecordingsMerkabah RecordingsLiquid Crystal Faith is a unique project out of ‘em all. Two musicians, Kovalyov Nikita and Elyshev Artyom, coming from two different music poles, mixed live sound, electronic experiments, broken rhythms and unrestrained drive into a killer psychedelic co13918222techno 
 70Shifty BeatsShifty Beats1392387techno 
 71Olga KorniukhinaOlga KorniukhinaHi there! My name is Ola, but everyone, who knows me as a DJ call me Zina. Why? Because it sounds funny! So, I love electronic music since my older brother presented me a cassette "The fat of the land". I was 14 and my world had changed... I decided to be1381093techno 
 72Mikhail MøtørMikhail MøtørPlaying records since 2003 Saint-Petersburg1381022techno 
 73Viktoriya BazyakViktoriya BazyakMoscow1372821techno 
 74ЖЕНЬШЕНЬ ПИТАТЕЛЬНЫЙЖЕНЬШЕНЬ ПИТАТЕЛЬНЫЙРостов-на-Дону http://clearwaterrostov.wix.com/official#!zhenshen/ccjg11686732technologic 
 75ultimaultimaSaint-Petersburg https://t.me/ultima_audio10846916techno 
 76Andrey DelovAndrey DelovSaint-Petersburg http://vk.com/delov1086652techno 
 77Nikita SashaNikita SashaSyktyvkar103011techno 
 78Lev FranzengoldLev FranzengoldMoscow1012152techno 
 80Alexander HairulinAlexander HairulinTechnohouse man from Russian North. For communication please use alexander.hairulin@gmail.com Murmansk992854techno 
 83Sasha KulamSasha KulamMoscow96847techno 
 84Alisa BelousovaAlisa BelousovaMy goal in life is to help people with their lives with my music and hope that I can continue to keep this up for the rest of my life. Here is a collection of My Mixes: Deep House, Techno House, Deep Techno, Progressive House, and all Trance music. Mosco94125156techno 
 85Vitaly GlebovVitaly Glebov| DJ | VJ | Art Manager | Graphis & Video Designer | Krasnodar http://www.djgleboff.com944041techno 
 86_powerflash__powerflash_9. Musicmaker since 2013 Ekaterinburg921678technohouse 
 88Roman PilintsowRoman PilintsowNovokuznetsk http://2lls.net/9038814techno 
 89CabbalCabbaladept from siberian pine forest Moscow8810672techno 
 90max  pikulenkomax pikulenkompikulenko@gmail.com arkhangelsk / tyumen845879techno 
 91Julia TechnikJulia TechnikOne love🤘 smolensk843042techno 
 92Grigoriy SamsonovGrigoriy SamsonovThe Corr aka Nir-Nor & Griboriy. About: Digital Designer & Music Maker Enthusiast from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Feel free to contact me +7 911 985 85 60 grigoriy.samsonov@gmail.com Saint-Petersburg http://be.net/supersymmetry8317130techno 
 93Alexander ZaycevAlexander ZaycevЗвук - это трёхмерный живой объект, со своим характером, цветом, формой и содержанием. Для меня это настолько же реально, насколько для вас реален ваш город, магазин за углом или собака соседа. Поэтому, играя музыку, я ориентируюсь на цвета, характеры, от82281techno 
 94Alex UsAlex UsMoscow81171technology 
 95doqtadoqtaSaint Petersburg74614techno 
 96Sergey AlexandrovichSergey AlexandrovichSaint-Petersburg7335315techno 
 98Denis DunhillDenis Dunhill712059techno 
 99KivaKivaLive. Yekaterinburg http://promodj.com/kiva70891techno 
 100BushBushListen more from Cltrshck soundcloud.com/cltrshck Perm691643techno