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 1Unbalance / A.R.T.S. / PoleGroupUnbalance / A.R.T.S. / PoleGroupbookings: matthijs@ravage-events.net Techno music always was a substance, made of contrasts - it was born in Motor City, befriended man and machine, combined live emotions and technical precision. These features should be the best to describe music from 759441467techno 
 2Инженер/Cyclic/Kindisch/Highway/ Psicodelica/Baile Music/WhyostrИнженер/Cyclic/Kindisch/Highway/ Psicodelica/Baile Music/WhyostrKirill Kalashnikov aka Wyro started making beats back in distant 1999 while he was living in siberian city Surgut. Surrounded by snow and cold winter wind he started exploring audio software and building his unique music style - warm and calm as summer ni499538912techno 
 3Frontend WeekendFrontend WeekendСамые честные интервью с известными людьми из мира web-разработки. Впечатляющие истории успеха, забавные моменты из жизни и полезные советы – мы показываем человеческое лицо frontend’а и не только. Moscow http://frontendweekend.ml4978086technology 
 4Девшахта/Ночной фронтендДевшахта/Ночной фронтендПодкаст сообщества devschacht о веб-разработке, с уклоном во фронтенд. Поддержать проект https://www.patreon.com/devschacht https://medium.com/devschacht2791076technology 
 5MusicKollektiv.orgMusicKollektiv.orgThe Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms2613224techno 
 6Elizar PirogovElizar PirogovSt. Peterburg221537921techno 
 7KAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KKAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KThe record label company ''KAPRIMULA Label Group'' is based by the Russian musicians G.E.N.O.M. and Dzhugo MC in 2015 in the territory of Kazan city The policy of publishing house comprises all directions electronic, instrumental and experimental music th213410633tech 
 80bus0busLet's dance right now. Moscow182217371techno 
 9Alex v0daAlex v0daMegacity153493724techno 
 10Alexey ObraztsoffAlexey ObraztsoffMoscow11919633techno 
 11Артем  СумыАртем СумыAt present the label finishes preparation for official opening. The Russian Dj/producer Artem Scrip Minimalist is some kind of a certain beginning... The Beginning conducting to destruction of an obstacle in the form of a disorder blossoming in set o1041137112techno 
 12dENNIS kOFFdENNIS kOFF&nbsp; <b>Bookings:</b> dennis.koff@gmail.com Moscow919352techno 
 13Roman  MarchenkovRoman MarchenkovRoman Marchenkov [ Heyspace ] is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia - the city, bursting with creativity of those who live in it. Spending his formative years in a cultural center of such caliber helped forming904200023techno 
 14Brain TrickBrain TrickBIO: There are different types of music, there are many DJs and musicians, and what is the hearer is the most important one The team "Brain Trick" have started their work for him... Brain Trick - is something special and unique; what is better to mention 812126417techno 
 15Tony KututoTony KututoStosh, Tracer, Levitate Records etc.77728412techno 
 16MaksimMaksimTechno liker, selector and collaborator of Plastik FM (label) http://myspace.com/plastikfm Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/ristoker Moscow http://ristoker.com6489313techno 
 17Melodic TechnoMelodic TechnoMassTek Full name: Albert Fahriyev and Dmitry Goncharov Bio: Duo from Chelyabinsk, Russia Ufa https://vk.com/masstekofficial45115927tech 
 18Oleg LyubchenkoOleg LyubchenkoKönigsberg http://freakdabass.pdj.ru4374017techbreaks 
 19Dylanka & KatyaDylanka & KatyaThe Slavic Tear-out whores, listen and learn from owner like the dog does. we live in special place called !! http://www.Twitter.com/DownRightRude43015131tech 
 20Ivan LuchkovIvan Luchkov414036technology 
 21Adrian AurelioAdrian AurelioBorn in Rome, Italy, Adrian Aurelio, dj, musician, producer, promotions director, initiated his career in the promotions sector in 2002, performing various works for countless clubs, bars, mobile events andnational record labels thrughout italy. Being con375648tech\house 
 22Christian SilvestrovChristian Silvestrov⚠ http://promodj.com/chrisshuttle MORE FREE DL TRACKS & MIXS ⚠ Out Now! Chris Shuttle - WEB 8 Mix Уже в онлайне! ✔ Steradian EP http://classic.beatport.com/release/steradian/1613533 ✔ Out Now! Banging Podcast 13 Mix By Chris Shuttle - "Free Techno Cl36514416techno 
 23caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)Carica limited is a sublabel of Carica Music Group. Carica Limited focused on releasing tech house, minimal and techno tunes. caricalabels@gmail.com30281313techno 
 24Aleksandr  KotlovAleksandr KotlovThe founder and ideologist of the Siberian promotional group [PIRANHA]. DJ with a unique style and unmatched charisma. Novosibirsk https://www.mixcloud.com/X_FR/27813392techno 
 25Alesha QTAlesha QTLocal dj Ekaterinburg2682952techno 
 26Weird RadioWeird Radiomore mixes http://www.mixcloud.com/weird-radio/ Please support the project: https://goo.gl/4VyTYI June 23 — RNDM (Moscow) May 19 — La Boule (Moscow) Apr 30 — TEST.FM (Saint Petersburg) Feb 16 — Энтузиаст (Moscow) Feb 9 — Культура (Moscow) Jan 1 — Молодос2495753techno 
 27Urry FefeloveUrry FefeloveNovosibirsk24617719techno 
 28Yaroslav ZagorskiyYaroslav ZagorskiyMoscow http://www.mixcloud.com/djelbarbudo/21119961techno 
 29Artem  ShapotinArtem ShapotinSaint-Petersburg2015541techno 
 30Alexander ParlyukovAlexander ParlyukovTECHNO Parlyukov was born in Russia Moscow http://parlyukov.pdj.com/19811211techno 
 31Evgeniy ZaletnyEvgeniy ZaletnyTechno DJ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Member of Heraldic.SPb Crew. Sankt-Peterburg1983792techno 
 32Anatoliy FrolovAnatoliy FrolovDJ/Producer/Radiohost from Russia. Releases at Hed Kandi, Balearic Sun, Muzicasa recordings and many others. Founder of weekly 'Musical Roads' radioshow broadcasted on 'Europa Plus' - one of major radiostations of Russia. Participated in different gigs19123111tech 
 34Ruslan ShulginRuslan ShulginStyles; Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Techno Drum&Bass, TechnoDnb Vologda http://vkontakte.ru/id1481962341733865techno 
 35Ruslan ShulginRuslan ShulginStyles; Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Techno Drum&Bass, TechnoDnb Vologda http://vkontakte.ru/id1481962341733865techno 
 36andres shuffle OFFICALandres shuffle OFFICAL| thx your comments |1453136tech 
 37techno wavestechno wavesindeepend (в глубине) - проект исследует мистическую сторону в ритмично-музыкальных композициях, погружая слушателя в сплетение арпеджиаторных мелодий и атмосферных ландшафтов. Гипно-техно-проект альтер-эго эмбиент музыканта Ильи Symphocat . Илья выпуск13914214techno 
 38Mikhail MøtørMikhail MøtørProfessional DJ since 2003 Saint-Petersburg1381191techno 
 39Jim BrickmanJim Brickman1000317techno 
 40Pavel LavrentievPavel LavrentievDeep, psychedelic and slightly dark experimental music... Moscow992369techno 
 41Pure Groove  SpecialistsPure Groove SpecialistsWe specialise in pure grooves. The geopraphy is irrelevant but if you really care about it,we are a collective from Moscow, England, Albania , Ukraine. All is groove. Moscow991211techno 
 42Nikita SashaNikita SashaSyktyvkar77011techno 
 43muzikalistmuzikalistProvince of Kaliningrad615161techno 
 44alexir turenkovalexir turenkovvyborg601963tech 
 46Alexey ZubescuAlexey ZubescuLong years ago in 1999, Alexey aka Zubescu take the Pioneer 500 turntables and began to learn DJ mixing. His love for "Romanian techno" has grow up after traveling to the Romanian festivals like SW23 and Mioritmic. Moscow382392tech 
 47Igor BorisovIgor BorisovSant Petersburg34385techno 
 49Ведьмина ПолянаВедьмина ПолянаМоя музыка - ностальгия по старым добрым сказкам про домовых, кикимор и прочей фольклорной нечисти.31134techno 
 50Mikhail KomissarovMikhail Komissarovsamara295313techno 
 51Nikita KremnevNikita KremnevZEN TECH is project by BERKUT. Project was created to promote own vision of underground music by N. Kremnev (aka BERKUT). Just listen to $) p.s my old page: soundcloud.com/berkutdj Rostov-on-Don2920812techno 
 55Petr GalchenkoPetr GalchenkoMoscow23301tech-house 
 56Ivan PermyakovIvan PermyakovMostly live records, experiments, improvisations. Publishing as soon as possible. Saint-Petersburg175733techno 
 57Boris BrochetovBoris BrochetovМосква13861tech-minimal 
 58IgorIgorMoscow https://vk.com/igor_avdeev12171techno, 
 59Tom WahTom WahSaint-Petersburg6496tech 
 60Eugene TokarevEugene TokarevSt. Peterburg444techno 
 61Philipp LozovskyPhilipp LozovskyVodka, crude oil, meticulously engineered self-stacking dolls: Russia is famous for a lot of things. Floor-filling techno is not one of them. It’s a good job, then, that one of the top Russian producer Tesla has never been driven by musical convention. Hi30115techno 
 62MischaKarimMischaKarimSt. Peterburg101techouse 
 63Nikita CanoNikita CanoGothic rave queer. Founder of STONED music label. DJ, sound producer, journalist. Based in Barcelona. Barcelona http://mixcloud.com/pheoru0031techno 
 64Павел ДугласПавел ДугласОнлайн предприниматель, инфобизнесмен, креативный менеджер, блогер, контент-менеджер, копирайтер, математик, электронный музыкант, тех. и информ. писатель, создатель 2d игр, инженер-судоводитель, продакт-менеджер, бизнес-аналитик, онлайн бизнес-консультан002technology