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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Sun Station RecordsSun Station RecordsSun Station exists to be a psychedelic music provider. We pack sonic journeys and deliver our sound as downloads and performances at parties worldwide. Messages on Soundcloud ignored. No demos accepted right now. Saint-Petersburg http://sunstation.ru6564194623psytrance 
 2Slava IskanyanSlava IskanyanDissociactive is a Russian electronic music project from Moscow, formed in 2001 by Vyacheslav Iskanyan. Dissociactive first emerged in the underground programs Scream tracker and Buzz tracker, which led to creating the releases of tracks Fabrikikoz and La2804193322psytrance 
 3Roeth &  GreyRoeth & GreyIt was back in the early ‘90s that Daniel Roeth began spinning vinyls and playing acid trance & hard techno at underground parties in Moscow night clubs as a DJ. In 1993 he temporarily stopped DJ-career to build “IntroSpect. Porta Tracks” studio, where he6087411psytrance 
 4Lesha SolnceLesha SolnceDj Solnce has dived in to the deep psychedelic trance underground in 1995. In 1996 he has started to play psychedelic goa trance on vinyl in Moscow Underground Trance Club “LESS” promoted by Aerodance Sound System. Same time with group of friends he has294362psytrance 
 5Tony La VentaTony La Ventaru27713649psytrance 
 6Nikita  BugaevNikita BugaevMoskva8922515psytrance 
 7Deeplook Fe5tival EPDeeplook Fe5tival EP[geoep018] Deeplook – Fe5tival EP Title: Fe5tival Artist: Deeplook Label: Morningstar/Geomagnetic.tv Catalogue: GEOEP018 Format: Digital Download / CDR Genre: Progressive / Trance / Techno / Full-on Release: 2011 World Wide # Name 70303psytrance 
 9Eugeniy GorbovoyEugeniy GorbovoyMember of Indigo Children band https://www.facebook.com/IndigoChildrenPsytrance Moscow http://promodj.com/indigo-children511922psytrance 
 11Ilya SuslyakovIlya SuslyakovAstrakhan602psytrance 
 12Alex  ShirokovAlex ShirokovMoskva201psytrance