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 1Melodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychMelodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychBooking: Worldwide - michonworldwide@gmail.com Russia & CIS countries - michonrus@gmail.com Press, radio, PR: michonmgmt@gmail.com Remix\production\collabs requests: musicmichon@gmail.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com General enquiries: michoninfo@gmail.2260180135progressive 
 2yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/19721758336progressive 
 3EugeneEugeneDJ, producer & singer. Nizhniy Novgorod15899911progressive 
 4KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow129818922progressive 
 5Leonid ShalomLeonid ShalomRussian producer also known as Leon 78 and focused on modern trance and progressive music. Released on @ArmadaMusic and @ColdharbourRecordings Please feel free for asking all of your questions. I am always available to answer each person: music@leon78.co83410897progressive 
 6Ilya RomanovIlya RomanovNovosibirsk5016014progressive 
 8Viktor Agent SmithViktor Agent SmithMoscow4083538progressive 
 9Denis TrollwoodDenis TrollwoodTrollwood is solo project by Denis Bogachev from Russia, Moscow. After getting into psychedelic music back in 1999, he involved in producing his own tunes and started the project in 2005. Since then he focused on morning psychedelic progressive trance, co3318511progressive 
 11Ivan Sticky Jam Music anf Arkona-CreatioIvan Sticky Jam Music anf Arkona-Creatiostickymusic.ru Moscow2761973progressive 
 12TonyOnTonyOn______________ Music is salvation Moscow http://www.tonyon.ru/2269018progressive 
 13Andrey Makarov, Vyacheslav KosjakovAndrey Makarov, Vyacheslav KosjakovProject NADA HOUSE has been based in 2010, when Two persons (Andrey Makarov, Vyacheslav Kosjakov) have decided to begin joint creativity. Despite different musical preferences, all of us have developed the especial sounding which harmoniously combines el226184progressive 
 14Maxim ArnautovMaxim ArnautovHello! My name Maxim I am 35 years I'm from the City of Lipetsk DJ,Musician https://www.facebook.com/MaxMaxxwel western82@mail.ru Hi all! My name is Maxim,I'm a Dj and musician.I'm from the city of Lipetsk, https://youtu.be/ls8kPHFypU4 my video clip M11241726progressive 
 15Kirill StelsKirill StelsSiberia https://t.me/Siberiandeep10141528progressive 
 16Nikita KartoshinNikita KartoshinChelyabinsk898111progressive 
 17Obiymy Doschu / Обійми ДощуObiymy Doschu / Обійми ДощуОбійми Дощу — український гурт, що грає мелодійну, по-осінньому ліричну рок-музику з елементами прогресивного року та неокласики. Пишіть: obiymydoschu@gmail.com Kyiv http://rain.in.ua4812213progressive 
 18IlyaIlyaNovosibirsk http://www.mixcloud.com/illuminati/462416progressive 
 19Alexander & Yuri ParkhomenkoAlexander & Yuri ParkhomenkoSankt-Peterburg4001progressive 
 20Supramental projectSupramental projectMoscow http://supramental.ru36572progressive 
 21Dagvadorj DorjgotovDagvadorj DorjgotovDJ, Sound Producer Yekaterinburg28174progressive 
 22Disa AbracadabraDisa AbracadabraX3 Novosibirsk25173progressive 
 23TFA RecordsTFA RecordsMoscow2302progressive 
 24Soundseekers MusicSoundseekers MusicSoundseekers is the musical project created by two talented young men, directed by creation of qualified electronic music and its promotion. Moscow http://vk.com/soundseekers1717progressive 
 25Andrey MisyakovAndrey MisyakovZlatoust1403progressive 
 26Sergey BolconskijSergey BolconskijVladimir http://tortuga.promodj.ru/9146progressive 
 27Edward StockEdward StockMoscow406progressive 
 29Denis OnessDenis OnessProducer, DJ, Remixer https://twitter.com/denisoness deep005progressive