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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Morozov MikhailMorozov MikhailBooking https://www.facebook.com/russiamusic/ expersound@gmail.ru +79265481826 Moscow19423914638house 
 2Anton KuznetsovAnton Kuznetsovhttps://litelink.at/antohamc AMC web source : WEB - antohamc.ru Inst - instagram.com/antohamc YT - youtube.com/antohamc VK - vk.com/antoha_mc FB - facebook.com/antohamc Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/antohamc Moscow https://litelink.at/antohamc1551414145house 
 3Alexey SonarAlexey SonarAlexey Sonar - is one of the most ideological and active representatives of the Russian club industry, a DJ, a producer, a co-owner and a manager of the labels Intricate Records and SkyTop, the host of the weekly radioshow "SkyTop", and in the past his w55755244house 
 4FuselabFuselabu s e f u s e Distributed by @lobsterdistribution Krasnodar552318280house 
 5Gregory EsayanGregory EsayanMusic composer. Trance & Progressive artist. Contact: gregoryesayanmusic@gmail.com Krasnodar43231049house 
 6Andrey KiselevAndrey KiselevAndrey Kiselev started his musical career in 2008. Initially, the main focus, he chose for himself Progressive Trance. He really liked it when students feel the music, enjoyed it and got inspiring emotions. He organized a private party for his friends and29814344house 
 7JILLOJILLOJILLO is a young music producer and DJ writing music in the genre of Progressive House, Pop, Hip Hop. He was born 25 / December / 2000. He loved to listen to different genres of music when he was still a child. That's when he had a dream to become a DJ. T291819407house 
 8Yuri GavrilovYuri GavrilovMoscov2608647house 
 9Ivan  RoudykIvan RoudykDJ/Producer/A&R/Label Owner/Electrica Records Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don't have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number 2490112228house 
 10Gipsy Music RecordsGipsy Music Records1983135house 
 11Eugeny VasutinEugeny VasutinDJ / Producer / Remixer Remix Request : Nopopstarmusic@gmail.com Hello, my Nopopstar. I am a dj/producer, I produce tech and deep house music. My production published on such labels like: Black Hole, Hotfinger/303lovers, Zulu, Vudu, Starlight, Mini17826831house 
 12Sergey BoykoSergey BoykoBookings/Remixes: info@djboyko.com Boyko - DJ, musician and sound producer. Matchless artist, a charismatic nature. He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste. By right, one of the top he150849643house 
 13Victor SlateVictor SlateNative of St Petersburg, Victor Slate is an acclaimed musician both at home and on the world scene. Victor successfully combines hosting two internationally broadcast shows with a vibrant DJ career. In 2008 he received a “Best DJ Debut” award form the pre13368468house, 
 14dikommdikommSaint Petersburg12771182house 
 15Stas ExstasStas Exstasbuy my album - https://fanlink.to/8fN https://music.apple.com/us/artist/%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%81-%D1%8D%D0%BA%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%B7/143922926412455145house 
 16Nikolay Danilin (Megapolis FM)Nikolay Danilin (Megapolis FM)I'm Nikolay Danilin, dj & producer well known as Kolya in Russia.Welcome to my page! Moscow http://promodj.com/djkolya11283314house 
 17НА ЛИЦОНА ЛИЦО109908house 
 18Alexander MolchanovAlexander MolchanovKaluga10315413house 
 19РАФФ СИНДИКАТРАФФ СИНДИКАТRUFF SYNDICATE - electronic dance music producer/dj from Saint_Petersburg. since 2016 artist ORCHID RECORDS [CHICAGO, United States] (powered by @houzmon). www.houzmon.com since 2019 artist @BADLQQK [TORONTO, Canada] (powered by @rymeonryme) http102398711house 
 20Lonely LunaticLonely LunaticI often do enjoy a light fiddling around with melancholic notes and weird electronic noises. If you like my sounds then follow / let me know! Email : andrusq@gmail.com Che https://vk.com/mrnagasak19693715house 
 21Evgeniy SemenchenkoEvgeniy SemenchenkoPerception of sound is the project of a sound producer Evgeniy Semenchenko from Moscow. During this project existence there has been a great number of tracks released on different labels (Nocturnal Global, Moonbeam Digital, Kraft Records, Flat Belly Recor96819808house 
 22KONURA RecordingsKONURA RecordingsKONURA Recordings is an independent musical label based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was developed in 2007 by Stodolya Vitaliy in the music world who is famous for http://soundcloud.com/eventual-groove project. Stylistics of KONURA Recordings is house 8952065house 
 23Sergey GolubSergey GolubNeostatics Sounds (RUS), Founded in 2013, our main format : others trance, house, electronic, trap, dubstep, bigroom, edm Sub Label Soundserfing Records (RUS), Founded in 2014, which produces exclusive releases for the promotion of the direction : tranc7471997257house 
 24Phillip SharetsPhillip SharetsPhillip Sharets (aka Philla) Dj resident and promoter at Propaganda club (Moscow). Running a weekly tuesday night soulful party called Propaganda Got Soul Moscow http://www.gotsoul.ru72519745house 
 25South Ural Music Alliance (SUMA)South Ural Music Alliance (SUMA)Andrey Surkov (SUMA) A native of the Ural mountains. Based in Moscow. Behind his shoulders is a meaningful and rich musical history - the organization of the independent dance floor TOT: SPOT, regional SUNKi fest, resident in Thunderlab records and Burni71615942house 
 26Dmitry BobrovDmitry BobrovMoscow based deejay, producer and radio host worldwide known for his collaborations with D.Ramirez, Rene Amesz, Chris Scott, Barry Gilbey. Labels: Go Deeva Recordings, KDB Records, Lapsus Music, LouLou Records, Mr. Carter, Nervous Recordings, Slave Record66718155house 
 27Ctrl Ur Soul MusicCtrl Ur Soul MusicSince 2008 We are http://soundcloud.com/jickz https://soundcloud.com/krabsogood http://soundcloud.com/daim Saint-Petersburg642192811house 
 28Sergey SquireSergey SquireРоссия6201594house 
 29Yuri  OrlovYuri OrlovMoscow http://nikolaykopernik.ru532105425house 
 30Denis AgamirovDenis AgamirovDenis Agamirov (Moscow). CEO of Moscow based label "Russian World Music (RWM)". DJ, Producer. Moscow http://denisagamirov.pdj.ru5283536house 
 31Dmitry SviridovDmitry Sviridovmusician, instrumentalist , beatmeaker , hip-hop producer From Moscow Moscow http://vk.com/piramida_production496187245house 
 32Ведьмина ПолянаВедьмина ПолянаМоя музыка - ностальгия по старым добрым сказкам про домовых, кикимор и прочей фольклорной нечисти.464156house 
 33Anton BorinAnton BorinFor booking, remixes, collaboration, promo please contact: avborin@gmail.com Moscow44417418house 
 34Misha LopesMisha LopesMisha Lopes is a Russian DJ, electronic musician and promoter, owner of his own DJ school. He started his DJ career in 2002 and has been playing in clubs, at raves and festivals for more than 15 years, he has been working as a radio host, art director, p439891house 
 35Anton AnuchinAnton AnuchinRybinsk411168615house 
 36Yevgenij KolotvinovYevgenij KolotvinovMoscow3971212house 
 37Evgeny Z & SEvgeny Z & SContact e-mail : holyboyzmusic@gmail.com Krasnoyarsk https://vk.com/holyboyzmusic38513house 
 38caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)caricalabels@gmail.com (demos)384411house 
 39DJ DanilaDJ DanilaMoscow383251house 
 40Taki KechaouTaki KechaouMoscow375132517house 
 41Junior FamilyJunior FamilyJunior Family is a house music producers team. It's also a team of copyright and licensing specialists. Junior Family (as a music project) produces high-quality commercial house in a collaboration with worldwide known DJs and producers (WAWA, Nick Fioruc373183028house 
 42EmausEmausMoscow http://www.djemaus.com34917991house 
 43Andrey VakulenkoAndrey VakulenkoSt. Petersburg33455822house 
 44Eugene BloEugene BloSankt-Peterburg31558517house 
 45Артем СтарковАртем СтарковKazan31336032house 
 46Denis MelodyDenis MelodySt.-Petersburg http://djmelody.ru29424819house 
 47Stas  DVJ  KarimovStas DVJ Karimov🇷🇺 TOP100DJ’s 🎼 DVJ | VJ | Radio Record ▫️ PRODUCER REMIX-MAKER 🎧 ▫️ Экс участник "ТНТ" "MTV" 📺 ▫️ PODCAST www.djkarimov.pdj.ru ► 🎹 linktr.ee/dvjkarimov Moscow http://promodj.com/djkarimov2866122house 
 48jca 3jca 3Siemianowice Slaskie282189614house 
 49Konstantin ShimanskiKonstantin ShimanskiLo fi house family http://www.mixcloud.com/TalesOnWax/ For booking any other questions or just to say hi - hello [at] shimanski [dot] co Saint-Petersburg https://vk.com/talesonwax2703311house 
 50КорнейКорнейHi,stranger!Contact : korney_code@list.ru Thank you for listening! Санкт-Петербург24928921house 
 51MC JOGIMC JOGIJOGI is an old school MC who began his activity in 2001, in Astrakhan and continued his music development in Rostov-on-Don city. He is the headliner of many rap festivals in Russia, regular participant of the «Snickers Urbania» street culture contest, per23490410house 
 52Grigor R. BarseghyanGrigor R. BarseghyanG'SMUSICFOX Records | Artists Management | Bookings (producing-booking-management) grigor.r.barseghyan@gmail.com Новосибирская область http://bit.ly/gsmusicfox22241411house 
 53Misha LuzinMisha LuzinMoscow http://www.mishaluzin.com/206436house 
 55Dmitriy BulakovDmitriy BulakovMake music in the style of trance Murmansk19824715house 
 56Alexander KenskiiAlexander KenskiiKenskii began to experiment with sound in 1999. He's came about a lot of advances in just four years through his perseverance and love to high-grade music. Kenskii totally consolidated his status after he's performed a dozen open-air parties called "Kensk1919803house 
 57Anton PetrovAnton PetrovMoscow18110571house 
 59Raw SpiritRaw SpiritRaw Spirit is a creative union of people who sincerely love the true and deep house music. DJs with more than a decade of background work in the best nightclubs in Moscow, successfully played on the dancefloors of Europe, decided to join their efforts to 1748626house 
 60deev glebdeev glebBujalyk17032house 
 62Alexander Shishov (Fieldfunk), DmitAlexander Shishov (Fieldfunk), DmitDeepeople is a family group, consisting of 3 people from Stavropol city, the Northern Caucasus, Russia. Deepeople is Alexander Shishov (Fieldfunk), Maria Shishova (Maryaudio) and Dmitriy Kondratiev (Dima K). Stavropol City16858148house 
 64Alexander DruzhininAlexander Druzhininmore sound from DRUZH https://www.mixcloud.com/DRUZH/ Krasnodar1656313house 
 65Igor  DorohovIgor Dorohov(EN) Bio: Igor Dorohov : Electronic music producer from Russia. He has releases on such labels as : Acryl music (Switzerland), Celsius, Kos.Mos.Music, Pesto music (DE), Society 3.0 (DE), Untitled music (NZ),In deep records (PL), Deepology (Ru), Farplan1587225house 
 66Alexander DruzhininAlexander DruzhininKrasnodar1566083house 
 67Mikhail MorozovMikhail MorozovSt. Petersburg15610132house 
 68MikeeeMikeeeMoscow http://djmikeee.ru1494197house 
 69Michael MihashuMichael MihashuSankt-Peterburg1481915house 
 70Max MikheevMax MikheevMax Mikheev aka EditHead, electronic music producer, based in Moscow, Russia. DJ'ing and producing since 2007. Played in clubs across the Far East of Russia. Played on Proton, Samurai.fm. Released music on 26TeaDrops, Restore Music, UM Records. Supported 1411539house 
 71Ivan L.Ivan L.Saint-Petersburg134508house 
 72aspekt meeraaspekt meeraAspekt Meera is the community, unlimited by space or time, feeding on a variety of cultures. Accumulating personal qualities and collective creative experience, Aspekt Meera is like the Penrose triangle -impossible, but exist, based on the planes of audi1271086house 
 73Alexey RomanovAlexey RomanovMoscow1241054house 
 74Timofey ZuevTimofey ZuevSankt-Peterburg12010061house 
 75Michael BelMichael BelDECKS.DE about new vinyl EP: 2 minimal cuts from the mysterious THE TONICA / ltd one sided picture disc, the play side is high quality Black vinyl, one guy and his machines ... if you can see him live do that!!! Moscow https://www.thetonica.info11816123house 
 76Slava OliyanchukSlava OliyanchukMusician, composer, arranger. miripiruni [] gmail.com Thanks for listening. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 St. Petersburg http://mixcloud.com/miripiruni11738426house 
 77Sergej FreshSergej FreshMoscow1151395house 
 79Oleg IzerginOleg Izerginhttps://www.youtube.com/russianclubghost Yoshkar-Ola1113811house 
 81Dima YoungDima YoungDJ DIMA YOUNG - more than 10 years, is the exclusive resident of the top clubs in Moscow: "OPERA", «SKAZKA», «POSHFRIENDS», «FABRIQUE» and many others. A friend and brother, as well as the resident singer of all projects «RUKI VVERH!» SERGEI Zhukov: DJ-Ba10514826house 
 82Ruslan EdRuslan EdI love trance & progressive, working in Fl & Reason, In a photo, little DJing10440499house 
 83Kirill ShipilovKirill ShipilovKirill Shipilov was born in 18th of April 1979. He was keen on electronic music in 1994 after the Prodigy come to Moscow. He started writing hardcore, gabber in early 1995 and took participation in DJ Digger (R.H.P.) parties. He was promoted as S.O.G. (B.1041334housemusic 
 85Denis TyurnikovDenis TyurnikovAxined (Denis Tyurnikov) – russian producer, remix-maker, dj. He was born in 1988 in Moscow. Music school, disco arrangement in recreation camps, studying at the Theatre and Art school – all that contributed to the fact that in summer 2008 Denis made his 9736615house 
 86Arsen OhanianArsen OhanianMoscow971635house 
 87Maksim NikitinMaksim NikitinMaxxHouse is a musician, producer and dj from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. A resident GLOBAL DANCE Booking Agency (Russia). In 2013 Vernadi, HungryBeat and MaxxHouse started their collaborative radioshow, called LOTUS. Nowadays it has an audience of hun961199house 
 88Katya  SedlyarovaKatya SedlyarovaMoscow961263house 
 89Sasha PetrosSasha PetrosSamara http://promodj.com/sashapetros932838house 
 90Urals DeepЪUrals DeepЪYura Shumskiy. Russia Contemporary deep soundscapes Ekaterinburg912783house 
 91Dmitry SinDmitry SinVladivostok911693house 
 92Artem DerbenevArtem DerbenevEkaterinburg88183house 
 93Oleg AntOleg AntMoscow861125house 
 94saymursaymur@saymur ® singer/dj/beatmaker/producer Contact: thecashew@icloud.com Moscow853559house 
 95Timur IlinoiseTimur IlinoiseMoscow based DJ, vinyl & audio equipment collector. Part of the @BaseMovementMoscow #basemovement #basemovementmoscow #sostav #sostavmedia #ilinoise #timurilinoise #vinyl Moscow https://t.me/timurilinoise843554house 
 96Boris NazarovBoris NazarovMoskva82611house 
 97Павел УлановскийПавел УлановскийStavropol http://djpasha-st.pdj.ru793771house 
 98Denis DeniskinDenis DeniskinMore at deniskin-promotion.pdj.ru Saint-Petersburg771574house 
 99Nikolay FrolovNikolay FrolovSankt-Peterburg772414house 
 100PRAGAPRAGAhi everybody! georgepragamusic@gmail.com Moscow763024house