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 1Крем СодаКрем СодаBook Cream Soda: deputamadre.booking@gmail.com Cream Soda are two Moscow-based producers, Dima Nova and Ilya Gadaev. After only a year of producing house music, the duo's tracks have ended up in DJ sets by XXXY, Jimmy Edgar, Bondax, and DJ Caspa; the pai670547752house 
 2FuselabFuselabu s e f u s e Distributed by @lobsterdistribution Krasnodar541617674house 
 3Gregory EsayanGregory EsayanMusic composer. Trance & Progressive artist. Contact: eliran@silk-music.com Saratov39911045house 
 4Ivan  RoudykIvan RoudykDJ/Producer/A&R/Label Owner/Electrica Records Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don't have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number 217095194house 
 5Eugeny VasutinEugeny VasutinDJ / Producer / Remixer Remix Request : Nopopstarmusic@gmail.com Hello, my Nopopstar. I am a dj/producer, I produce tech and deep house music. My production published on such labels like: Black Hole, Hotfinger/303lovers, Zulu, Vudu, Starlight, Mini16746736house 
 6Sergey BoykoSergey BoykoBookings/Remixes: info@djboyko.com Boyko - DJ, musician and sound producer. Matchless artist, a charismatic nature. He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste. By right, one of the top he150649343house 
 7Victor SlateVictor SlateNative of St Petersburg, Victor Slate is an acclaimed musician both at home and on the world scene. Victor successfully combines hosting two internationally broadcast shows with a vibrant DJ career. In 2008 he received a “Best DJ Debut” award form the pre13478468house, 
 8dikommdikommSaint Petersburg12901162house 
 9RUFF SYNDICATERUFF SYNDICATE__________________________________ Greenhouse Recordings present DJ MARK FARINA "GREENHOUSE CONSTRUCTION'' Dont Miss This Beats!! www.stompy.com/wp/Mix/311641 __________________________________ BONUS BEATS* www.djmarkfarina.net/podcast/04-sharing-part-2 _10019154house 
 10Lonely LunaticLonely LunaticI often do enjoy a light fiddling around with melancholic notes and weird electronic noises. If you like my sounds then follow / let me know! Email : andrusq@gmail.com Che https://vk.com/mrnagasak19693715house 
 11Anton AnuchinAnton AnuchinRybinsk411168515house 
 12Evgeny Z & SEvgeny Z & SContact e-mail : holyboyzmusic@gmail.com Krasnoyarsk https://vk.com/holyboyzmusic38813house 
 13Junior FamilyJunior FamilyJunior Family is a house music producers team. It's also a team of copyright and licensing specialists. Junior Family (as a music project) produces high-quality commercial house in a collaboration with worldwide known DJs and producers (WAWA, Nick Fioruc373183028house 
 14Andrey VakulenkoAndrey VakulenkoSt. Petersburg32455822house 
 15Eugene BloEugene BloSankt-Peterburg31758817house 
 16Артем СтарковАртем СтарковKazan30735932house 
 17Denis MelodyDenis MelodySt.-Petersburg http://djmelody.ru2902498house 
 18Konstantin ShimanskiKonstantin ShimanskiLo fi house family http://www.mixcloud.com/TalesOnWax/ For booking any other questions or just to say hi - hello [at] shimanski [dot] co Saint-Petersburg https://vk.com/talesonwax2713311house 
 19КорнейКорнейHi,stranger!Contact : korney_code@list.ru Thank you for listening! Санкт-Петербург25128921house 
 20Stan WilliamsStan WilliamsMoscow http://stanfm.ru210634house 
 22Ваня  КореяВаня КореяВаня Корея DJ / Producer Labels: DETH records ( Canada ) Comfusion Records ( Spain ) Carypla Records ( UK ) Wanna Dance Music ( Spain ) Pixbae Records ( Panama ) Sweet Stuff Records ( Germany ) Spliced Vinyl Recordings ( Canada ) Shadow Music.Recording19813965house 
 23Andrey Surkov (SUMA)Andrey Surkov (SUMA)1272251house 
 24Stas ExstasStas Exstasfacebook.com/exstazoriginal http://vk.com/stas_exstas1174438house 
 25Dima YoungDima YoungDJ DIMA YOUNG - more than 10 years, is the exclusive resident of the top clubs in Moscow: "OPERA", «SKAZKA», «POSHFRIENDS», «FABRIQUE» and many others. A friend and brother, as well as the resident singer of all projects «RUKI VVERH!» SERGEI Zhukov: DJ-Ba9514126house 
 26Sergey RodrigezSergey RodrigezSergey Rodrigez Tech & Deep House music From Russia with love Sochi859828house 
 27DANIL NOVIKOV.DANIL NOVIKOV.Danil Novikov musician from Russia. Nicknames: D.nix , Rain Freeze . Contact: musicnovikov@mail.ru Surgut https://vk.com/danilnovikov617219house 
 28PavlovPavlov10.11.18 Теплоinside, Berlin bar https://www.facebook.com/events/2162318170702074/ 03.03.18 / Теплоinside, Roots bar & bistro 09-12.06.18 / BK-49 ▶Alter stage ▶ Chill-out 27.07.18 / base movement / rndm bar 14.09.18 Citizen, Istanbul 15.09.18 Noh radio,551554house 
 29Redfox AudioRedfox AudioWelcome to Redfox Pvt. Ltd. ! We offer quality audio productions for your tv and radio commercials. Need a song or a track mastered? We’ve got you covered.We are available 24/7 to help with your production needs. Colombo http://www.redfoxworld.com52023house 
 30Roberto MorretiRoberto MorretiMoscow461234house 
 31Kiss BerryKiss BerryI hope to hear from you soon, and i would appreciate any advice or comment. Moskva http://www.kissberry.ru/44964house 
 32Nikolay KorolyovNikolay KorolyovLa-la-la.... Hi from RUSSIA!!! I am songwriter in main for female vocal. Sometimes i sing my song myself. My favourite styles are R&B, Trance, House and Rock. SANKT-PETERBURG399335house 
 33Iskander GaynullinIskander GaynullinOtzvuki (Echoes) is some noise of emptiness.&#13; me as dj Someone mixes - &#13; http://soundcloud.com/dj-sum1&#13; <a href="http://www.mixcloud.com/dj_Someone" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.mixcloud.com/dj_Someone</a>/ Kazan http://www.mixcl35820house 
 34John LooJohn LooDJ/Producer Saint-P Instagram @johnloooo Saint-Petersburg34987house 
 35Oleg KonchenkovOleg KonchenkovHi! My name is Oleg & I enjoy to play music. Tyumen34151house 
 36Anton NeotnasAnton Neotnasneotnas music: https://soundcloud.com/neotnas mixes + podcasts: mixcloud.com/anton_neotnas Chelyabinsk2732house 
 37CORO EMAUSCORO EMAUSConkal, Yucatan24368house 
 39Sergey FedykinSergey FedykinС 2014 года резидент FIRESIDE BAR & LOUNGE. (Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg) Создатель программы "House Music Energy", которая звучит на таких радио как: Europa Plus 107.0 FM KYIV - по вторникам и воскресенье в 21:00 L Radio 101,7 FM - по пятницам в 20:15 12113house 
 40Kirill ShershnyovKirill ShershnyovSaint Petersburg11430house 
 41add novikovadd novikovspb946house 
 42Nikita KunitskiyNikita KunitskiyTula8105house 
 43Maxim KislovskyMaxim KislovskySankt-Peterburg803housemusic 
 44David OnianiDavid Oniani601house 
 45technozavtrakitechnozavtrakiTechnozavtraki is the best morning partyes in Kazan (Russia).Djs play techno and house music of the world's top producers. Resident Djs are Toshie Anthony and Alexey Vahterov. Welcome at Our Morning Space every Friday and Saturday! Kazan http://vk.com/tec401house 
 46Anton GorovoyAnton GorovoyНачал карьеру с 2006 года Недавно основал проект SOUND. Проект SOUND это дружный коллектив состоящий из таких диджеев как DJ Antonio Rodrigues, DJ Tatram, DJ MiRoOn, DJ Madness. Основным направлением проекта SOUND является Progressive house, Vocal house,359house 
 47Dr. FischerDr. FischerMoscow267house 
 48Roman RomanovRoman RomanovMaykop http://romanromanov.promodj.ru212house 
 49A Distant ThoughtA Distant Thought2182house 
 50Aduardo  GustavoAduardo Gustavo0010house 
 51Oleg MaximovOleg MaximovPetrozavodsk002house 
 52serg extonserg exton002house 
 53~ BAZUKA ~~ BAZUKA ~000house