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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Alexey EgorchenkovAlexey Egorchenkov--------------------------------------------------------- Booking: http://evolutionartists.co.uk Remixes and production manager: kasra@criticalmusic.com --------------------------------------------------------- It all began in 2003. 2007 turned out to b49003371134electronic 
 2Roman LitvinovRoman LitvinovBooking: booking.mujuice@gmail.com Moscow http://www.mujuice.com/174527269electronic 
 3KRYSHA MIRA | ROOF TOP TRIBEKRYSHA MIRA | ROOF TOP TRIBEBOOKING: 5116017@gmail.com Moscow City http://www.residentadvisor.net/club-detail.aspx?id=2077915759136343electronic 
 4Hyperboloid RecordsHyperboloid RecordsFF>> fam: @acidmafia @pixelord @saburov @annafruit @tropical-interface @fingalick @ccaaddeeuu @gillepsy @raumskaya @summer-of-haze @813 @nphonix @fireforeffect @bakuura @thomas-white @slickshoota @seablaze @bwwwoys @seafloormusic @el_ched @chrissytrax @ko14284565379electronic 
 5Sasha ListSasha ListPersonal Booking: dj_list@live.ru DJ List is a popular Russian DJ and an electronic musician. He is well known for his DJ sets special for their rich electronic sound which leave exquisite and charismatic aftertaste. DJ List is perhaps the most demanded9270279electronic 
 6Unbalance / Overbalance / A.R.T.S.Unbalance / Overbalance / A.R.T.S.bookings: mayra@thrustagency.com Techno music always was a substance, made of contrasts - it was born in Motor City, befriended man and machine, combined live emotions and technical precision. These features should be the best to describe music from Russ904742985electronic 
 7Medzhidov RahaMedzhidov RahaMoscow8882759electronica 
 8Sergey NazarenkoSergey Nazarenko[ E-Э / N-Н / I-И / CH-Ч / K-К / I-И / N-H ] guidance to the other side... Released before now: SOLO: Enichkin - The Test (D-A-R-K REC.) Enichkin - A particle of Infinity (5th Element REC.) Enichkin - In memory of Love.. (Avatar REC.) Enichkin - Guide t68443713electronic 
 9Resonance MoscowResonance MoscowRESONANCE – авторская программа Никиты Забелина, посвященная электронной музыке в России и странах постсоветского пространства. Каждую субботу с 11 вечера до полуночи на волнах радиостанции Megapolis 89.5 FM Moscow https://linktr.ee/resonancemoscow5943185232electronic 
 10Инженер/Heisenberg/Cyclic/Kindisch/ Baile Music/Whyostro/HighwayИнженер/Heisenberg/Cyclic/Kindisch/ Baile Music/Whyostro/HighwayKirill Kalashnikov a.k.a. Wyro started making beats back in distant 1999 while he was living in small Siberian city Surgut. Surrounded by snow and cold winter wind he started exploring Fast Tracker audio software and building his unique music style - warm554449115electronic 
 11PropagandamoscowPropagandamoscowPropaganda is local’s favorite place to eat, to have a drink or to dance till early morning. It’s friendly and inviting. Located in the heart of Moscow city centre, it first opened its doors in 1997. As a cafe, it has developed its unique reputation throu47108118electronic 
 12Ethereal SoundEthereal SoundMoscow based electronic music record label to relaunch in 2030. Moscow https://www.junodownload.com/labels/Ethereal+Sound+Russia33564812electronic 
 13Andrey RyzhkovAndrey RyzhkovProducing music ITB since 2007. Music I repost also somehow was influenced by me Moscow http://kovkovmusic.com3236200324electronic 
 14Alex DMNDZAlex DMNDZScratch Dj, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, 1\2 DMNDZ al1@dmndz.com Omsk29121138electronic 
 15Ayrat NurkaevAyrat Nurkaevmy family: @heartcoreclub @get_buzi @vzor_collective @abstrasensionrec @hyperboloid @philosophyrecordings booking/remixes/mastering/beats/ghost production - mostapace@gmail.com. 1996. getting support and feedbacks from artists like: Culprate, Rustie, P2632176243electronic 
 16Mendeleev BarMendeleev BarMendeleev Bar is speak easy type of bar with the author's cocktail menu from the famous russian mixologist Roman Milosteviy. Secret entrance is located in a tiny noodle shop "Lucky Noodles". NO table reservation , NO guest list , NO bouncer just Face-cont262431electronic 
 17deletedeleteM8 http://igloomag.com/reviews/delete-predatory-things-of-a-minute-mindtrick25285810electronic 
 18Алексей БезбожновАлексей БезбожновSaint Petersburg http://blckct.bandcamp.com/24204057electronic 
 1922 2222 22Moscow http://vk.com/ritmomoscow2048258electronic 
 20Anton KhomenkoAnton KhomenkoFuck genres, let us be sincere and open-minded. BEATLOW. RELEASES: VAG x STEK - 32 Pads http://djvag.bandcamp.com/album/vag-x-stek-32-pads STEK - The Cypher Beats EP Vol.1: http://beatlow.bandcamp.com/album/the-cypher-beats-vol-1-by-stek STEK - The 177035859electronic 
 21Sanchez Thursdays LiveSanchez Thursdays LiveSanchez Thursdays has become legendary in this city’s nightlife tradition. Known over the years as a place where people can come together and create friendships, where relationships have been made and broken. Many things such as music and fashion trends h1681375electronic 
 22Vyacheslav SedovVyacheslav SedovWelcome to my little world of my music art. Here I upload my music works, that I compose, record and myxing by myself. Hope that you enjoy my music, and I always glad to see your feedback, it's important for me.)Have a nice day.) Sankt-Peterburg http://vk1490194514electronic 
 23Deep House PetersburgDeep House PetersburgVK: vk.com/deephousespb FLAT.FM: flat.fm/deephousespb Saint-Petersburg129738669electronic 
 24UNION 77UNION 77Kozhevnikov. I'am UNION 77 & much more. http://union77.ru115935320electronic 
 25Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Moscow111389515electronic 
 26БАТЕРСБАТЕРСБАТЕРС Saint-Petersburg110448electronic 
 27Robert GaraevRobert GaraevHeavy Metal DJs - творческое музобъединение, сложившиеся благодаря нынешним московским реалиям. Музыкант, диск-жокей старой школы Дима Feelgood и диджей, журналист Роберт Порносуперстар познакомились еще в клубе Mix, но сошлись позже, благодаря жилищному 984196427electronic 
 28DubreeDubreeHello! I'm Vitalik Dubree. I'm into music of all kinds. I have two small children, though, so new tracks will not be appearing often. All the ones on this page can be freely downloaded. My dj-set on mixcloud. And my side project with my wife @openpoetry. 9426117electronic 
 30Sergey SlakkerSergey SlakkerWelcome home Album is here https://band.link/eo1ZH Astrakhan/Moscow http://slakker.ru89211242electronic 
 31konstantin duhovnyikonstantin duhovnyimail me: k.duhovnyi@gmail.com live,mix,sound engineer,composer. Moscow http://konstantinduhovnyi.bandcamp.com/718156922electronic 
 32Mariya SolodkovaMariya SolodkovaMulty (Mariya Solodkova) - electronic musician, producer and singer. Booking: mashamulty@gmail.com Moscow https://vk.com/mashamulty6512798electronic 
 33Alexander SensoricaAlexander SensoricaThe project SENSORICA was established more than 19 years ago. Alexander Shukaev, talented composer and sound producer creates a unique, esthetic music of very different styles.Today it can be chill out, tomorrow – it will be trance, then – breaks or house6491016electronic 
 34Мертвым  СномМертвым СномЖанр:Synthwave / Horror https://vk.com/mertvym616520electronic 
 35El ToroEl Toro58512116electronic 
 36GASA & Deep SunsetGASA & Deep SunsetSankt Peterburg http://www.mixcloud.com/gasadeepsunset/567199111electronic 
 37Pavel KuzmenkoPavel KuzmenkoPavel Kuzmenko, also known as Paul Key is a Russian DJ/Producer. He was born on 12th August, 1983 in the city Khabarovsk, Far East Russia. His first meeting with music was in the mid-90's when he start listen Dream Dance compilations. He starts listen5504284electronic 
 38Official PageOfficial PageМарія Бурмака — Народна артистка України! Організація концертів: +380672910700 Kyiv http://www.burmaka.kiev.ua/512238electronic 
 39the blacksmokerthe blacksmokerRoman Batrakov - Guitar, composition, mixing Mike Moiseev - DJ, composition Experimental, Electronic, Post-rock, Space-rock, Ambient, IDM, Instrumental They appear as black, chimney-like structures that emit a cloud of black material. Black smokers4968046electronic 
 40Viacheslav ChernovViacheslav ChernovBooking cykl.recordings@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/thisisworx https://soundcloud.com/cykl_rec Moscow4718145electronic 
 41Evgeniy ZaletnyEvgeniy ZaletnyTechno DJ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Member of Heraldic.SPb Crew. Sankt-Peterburg4683141electronic 
 42DmitryDmitryhttp://716label.bandcamp.com/album/716-029-hagu2-hagu2 Izhevsk461200625electronic 
 43Platoon QuickPlatoon QuickThe Project PQ17 was created by the Russian music producer Platoon Quick back in 1996. He workes as a techno and electro act in several well known clubs and raves in St. Petersburg. A couple of his tracks entered some russian electronic record labels yet.45119720electronic 
 44Sergey MongaytSergey MongaytMoscow42937115electronic 
 45nienvoxnienvoxгород Екатеринбург42413012electronic 
 46Pasha ShiyanPasha ShiyanSevastopol4107611electronic 
 48MAYANAMAYANADJ/Producer from Moscow DecaDance - Monthly Podcast #DecaDanceByMayana Moscow https://taplink.cc/mayanamusic40229615electronic 
 49Timur CHECKTimur CHECKT.Check - one of the leading performers of "good rap" at the moment in Russia. His tracks are imbued with the solar energy of reggae/soul/funk and the humanism of Eastern philosophy. T.Check's work goes beyond "positive music" - they feel a powerful urban3985919electronic 
 50Ivan SmirnovIvan SmirnovThe Universe is Around. Moscow http://ontheplanet.ru39014045electronic 
 51Max GorbushinMax GorbushinPrema Bhakti - the music, changing the hearts. Prema Bhakti it's a dancing and not dancing music which Max Gorbushin writes under this name from 2007 year. Prema Bhakti is a composer, soundproduсer and DJ in one person. Max Gorbushin has started to writ38918712electronic 
 52Ilia Hellert-RozanovIlia Hellert-RozanovMoscow380336electronic 
 53EvgenyLightEvgenyLightThank you to visit my page! Welcome to my other projects: https://soundcloud.com/dazeman https://soundcloud.com/12-inch-love Based in Rostov, Evgeny is originally from Norilsk (Northern Russia). In 2002 he moved to the south and joined the Phubriq proje3687218electronic 
 54MIGZ FestivalMIGZ FestivalOn Septemeber 2011 MIGZ 2011 will take place. The year of 2011 will see the 4th edition of MIGZ. For the previous three years it has gained numerous followers and a positive feedback in mass media. Like many other European festivals MIGZ combines electr35914301electronic 
 55+++++++++ Moscow http://plusplusplus.fm/3564204electronic 
 56Kostya KKostya KДиджей, музыкант и автор ежемесячного подкаста о вкусной и странной музыке "Вкусовщина". DJ, musician and author of monthly podcast about experimental and leftfield music. Moscow https://t.me/vkusovshina_podcast34717815electronic 
 57Black SheikhBlack Sheikh//// Moscow345240electronic 
 58Паша ЖдановПаша Ждановhttp://vk.com/oblako_ada3381036electronic 
 60Anton DudarevAnton DudarevCohesive duet with a mobile mental, tries to restrain his madness, and steered it in a safe direction with the help of electronic shamanism. * Witchstep and unrestrained ethno-punk * Orthodox dubstep and vedic trip-hop * Tibetan trash and Zen mayhem 30938514electronic 
 61ILZP ILZPILZP ILZPBased on the south side eawww KRASNODAR30829215electronic 
 62LBRNTH | &bit | Art.WorxLBRNTH | &bit | Art.WorxAndrey 8bit is famous as a designer and event-organizer and above all - talented and charismatic DJ with a distinct and racy music taste. From his school years Andrey was absorbed by trip-hop, acid jazz and all kinds of experimental electronic music and t30311912electronic 
 63galun / глагольgalun / глагольGlagol' is an independent record label based in Moscow, Russia, created in 2017 by Galun. http://glagolrecords.com296723electronic 
 64ITSUITSUITSU - project by Artyom Markaryan, musician and sound designer from Moscow. His music style at the intersection of genres IDM, minimal and ambient. Pays a lot attention to detail and atmosphere of each track. By using analog synths he creates dense, clea29514631electronic 
 67NUM13NUM13Saint-Petersburg http://num13.ru29060529electronic 
 68LBRNTH | &bit | Art.WorxLBRNTH | &bit | Art.WorxAndrey 8bit is famous as a designer and event-organizer and above all - talented and charismatic DJ with a distinct and racy music taste. From his school years Andrey was absorbed by trip-hop, acid jazz and all kinds of experimental electronic music and t28311322electronic 
 69Группа МУХАГруппа МУХАГруппа «МУХА» 2006-2018 Создана Антоном и Александрой - барабанщиком и певицей. Москвичом и сибирячкой. Первое время «МУХА» существовала как дуэт. Барабанщик стал композитором, звукорежиссером и саунд-продюсером, а певица - автором текстов и... Тоже ко28258231electronic 
 71Vadim RuadinskiyVadim RuadinskiyBorn in Volzhskiy, Based in Moscow Musicman / DJ / Producer Tracks: Eskimo Twins - Ariam (Bizzeea Remix) out on DAYS OF BEING WILD Un-Tape story Longplay out on NEIN Records. MAN2.0 - PARTY IN MY SPINE (Bizzeea! remix) out on NEIN records Northern W274763electronic 
 73ArcHouse OfficialArcHouse OfficialMusician, sound producer, DJ Booking and other issues : djarchouse@gmail.com , Arcadiy . Moscow http://www.shazam.com/ru/artist/41317770/archouse2575627electronic 
 74SashaSashaMusaique Records Moscow2371403electronic 
 75Artem HarchenkoArtem HarchenkoMoscow http://www.kooqla.com2117118electronic 
 76Alexander KononovAlexander KononovMoscow207434110electronic 
 77Igor StepahinIgor StepahinYekaterinburg194215electronic 
 78Oleg ZhuravlevOleg ZhuravlevMoscow https://olegzhuravlev.com/1912468electronic 
 79Otto MikhailovOtto MikhailovСовременная наука недавно открыла, что на определенных пластинах отпечаток звука может быть ясно видимым. В действительности отпечаток звука ясно падает на все предметы, только он не всегда видим. На определенное время он остается на предмете, а затем исч1793057electronic 
 80Igor NigIgor NigHi! I'm Igor NIG! Welcome to my soundcloud page! Singer/Songwriter/Composer St. Petersburg1755244electronic 
 81Alexander LiventsovAlexander LiventsovAnix Gleo, is Alexander Liventsov, born in 1982, a programmer by training, a designer by occupation, in soul has a "mini-factory" which produces images and sounds. Studio is in Moscow. Here there is job, home, thoughts and struggle with them. In late c1664413electronic 
 82Tima SalomonTima Salomonableton live Province of Kemerovo1636711electronic 
 83Dmitry KalashnikovDmitry KalashnikovPrivet! Rostov-on-Don https://www.mixcloud.com/zchel1583552electronic 
 84carel essnesscarel essnesssound Moscow156722electronic 
 85andres shuffle OFFICALandres shuffle OFFICAL1543345electronic 
 86Slava BolgarenkoSlava Bolgarenko#musiclistener15410174electronic 
 87KirillKirillCollector and Dj from the far north of Russia. Researcher of the depths electronic music. Murmansk http://www.mixcloud.com/from_nord152209electronic 
 88Vladimir ModenovVladimir ModenovTatuuma is an electronic music project created by Vladimir Modenov based in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Vladimir's creative work was influenced by artist of various genres and styles - from Depeche Mode and Placebo to IAMX, Ladytron and Patrick 144387145electronic 
 89перезарядил.бластерперезарядил.бластерCyber Rock Говорят тексты этих песен были случайно набраны на разблокированном телефоне в кармане поношенных джинс. Но это не правда. Это и вовсе не мои песни. Все гораздо проще - я изобрел машину для квантовых скачков, перепрыгнул в параллельное измерен1422045electronic 
 90Anton SamokhinAnton SamokhinMoscow13421830electronic 
 91Dmitrii VikhornovDmitrii VikhornovMoscow13410622electronic 
 92Stas MankovStas MankovCats & Beats & Second Chances & New Romances Saint Petersburg1322292electronic 
 93Stas SculptorStas SculptorMind-sculptured music Moscow13030416electronic 
 94A. IvanovA. Ivanov#Glitch #Electronic #IDM #Abstract #Braindance #Electro I like to experiment with abstract soundscapes, generated tones and glitchy rhythms. Each new release for me is the next step to better sound quality, bettter production skills and summary of embodi12613932electronic 
 95Alex BabichAlex BabichLICK DA CAT Hi there! My templates are used by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Remady & Manu-L, Fran Garcia and hundreds of musicians and producers all over the world. My videos in Ableton Live are reposted by Ableton company, Novation. TOP 100 in Avicii's co1231820electronic 
 968owls8owlsmusic slut Moscow http://vk.com/favorina12213412electronic 
 97Фнтз  ЗппарапдФнтз ЗппарапдFitz Ellarald combines dreamy and captivating ambient sounds and washed-out melodies, mostly abstract and formless, diffusing in various glitches, pops and melodic noises, and resulting in a bright and lucid musical experience. Moscow https://dobrovolski.1216911electronic 
 98Sergey SazonovSergey SazonovSaint-Petersburg1211187electronic 
 99Ivan KrasotinIvan KrasotinSaint- Petersburg http://fb.com/krasotin121245electronic 
 100Igor VasilievIgor VasilievEkaterinburg http://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com/119617electronic