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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1murd&ssabmurd&ssabRussian drum&bass host. Since 2018 Ex. Tamrecords. Since 2001. Owner: Bes (Gydra) Management: Garud (Teddy Killerz) Saint-Petersburg http://neuropunk.ru22878134605drum 
 2ReceptorReceptorAll Enquiries: contact@receptormusic.net Moscow1562014024drum 
 3Gancher & RuinGancher & RuinGancher & Ruin (Eatbrain, NMA, Position Chrome, PRSPCT): Saint Petersburg natives and identical twins Alexey & Dmitry Goncharenko are 2 Drum & Bass / Hardcore producer DJ's that have made a serious mark on the scene in the last 2 years. Their interest i155749765drum 
 4Dmitriy SabekiyaDmitriy Sabekiyabooking@intelligentmanners.com Saint Petersburg http://www.intelligentmanners.com13650481299drum 
 5Andrey TerekhovAndrey TerekhovBooking / Remix mailto: bookeastcolors@gmail.com Cold Love / Waves: https://eastcolors.bandcamp.com/album/cold-love-waves Starting his career in 2010, D&B producer Andrey Eastcolors, from St.Petersburg Russia, has been consistently busting out a series 116691103133drum 
 6Anton RudoyAnton RudoyFor booking please contact: ozma@timeofnight.com One of the leading St. Petersburg drum&bass producers with more than 10 years of career in the field of broken rhythms. Having started his career in 2005 by writing a techno, he gradually moved into dnb, m742698236drum 
 7Andrey BurtaevAndrey BurtaevMoscow https://www.vk.com/esskosmos7255141141drum 
 8Unhealthy EntropyUnhealthy EntropyPeace, Love... Eternity. Moscow http://kosmosmusic.ru5315124289drum 
 9V GV G████ █ RD http://x-33-music.com31762728drum 
 10ARTIST@BEATMAGIK.COMARTIST@BEATMAGIK.COMBeatMagik - Music producer, DJ. Since 2011. Founder\CEO of Music Record Label @ElementaryMuzik 1/2 of DMNDZ @DMNDZMUZIK Co-Founder of production team "Diamond Style" Side Projects: @AcediaSounds \ @EncoreRU ANY INQUIRY \ BOOKING - artist@beatmagik.com 27837516drum 
 11Igar MiasnikovIgar MiasnikovIgor Miasnikov aka Terroreast. Birthplace: Northern Russia. One of the most cruel and merciless artists of the modern Drum & Bass scene. An unstoppable one man army and mysterious figure whose face is covered by a mask. His music is literally the mass des183426627drum 
 12።።።። ፨፨፨፨።።።። ፨፨፨፨Major League / Formation Records / Refraction Music / YSF Drum&Bass Producer/DJ (ex Uberman/Hello Danger) thestratta@gmail.com ፤፤፤፤፤፤17868549drum 
 13Evgeniy SergeevEvgeniy SergeevAIM : limitasymmetric Saint-Petersburg1734373349drum 
 14nu4mnu4mE-Mail: nu4m.music@gmail.com NU4M - among everyday known as Ilya Akberov. Always testing interest in music came to Ilya Drum & Bass in 2007. Careful attention to the details of the mechanics of the genre and a lot of experience in writing Drum & Bass Ily116810037drum 
 15Evgeniy LaasEvgeniy LaasName: Evgeniy Laas AKA Digital:Twist Producer from Russian Raveland. Moscow,Raveland :) http://digitaltwist.pdj.ru/1142745drum 
 16MARCHUK ALEKSEYIMARCHUK ALEKSEYIСанкт-Петербург1108200337drum 
 18Andrey BaskinovAndrey BaskinovLipetsk942169drum 
 19Respect FamilyRespect FamilyOn April 22, 1999 the presentation of compilation by St. Petersburg drum&bass producers called RESPECT took place in the underground GRIBOEDOV club. It was the 1st such compilation in the history of Russian capital of culture. It was compiled and released81012443drumfunk 
 20ушкоушкоподойди к холодильнику он пошумит подойди ко мне я спою песню добро пожаловать на мою страничку друг ч6271826drum 
 21Leo ProLeo ProRostov-on-Don5786521drum 
 22Aleksey YurshinAleksey YurshinDrum & Bass, Jungle, Intelligent D&B Music DJ, Podcaster, Broadcaster... Visit DDFM Radio - https://www.ddfm.org/ Direct Drumz FM - 24/7 Best D&B DJ-Sets & Newest Podcasts Non-Stop From Storozh! Tune Up NOW! Enjoy! TuneIn - http://tunein.com/radio/Direct-422537171drum 
 23D8*D8*Perm` https://vk.com/d_eight41110218drum 
 24Olga FroltsevaOlga FroltsevaDj Frolya (real name Olga Froltseva) was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg. Music is everything in her life - dance, movement, love, creativity. She learned to play vinyl when she was sixteen in 1996 and she bought after a few of her favorite releases..4054101drum 
 25Artyom SpitsynArtyom SpitsynWelcome to my Soundcloud page! Live-promo mixes: https://hearthis.at/ci-energy/ Kirov387845drum 
 26m25m25aim - m25rezh Реж355799drum 
 27Sasha LoonaSasha LoonaSTIM AXEL STIM AXEL - the leading Russian vocal drum-n-bass project. Career Project started in late 2005, when the two get on the track of compilation "Bes98RUS" (TAMRecords), and then almost immediately submitted to the "Pirate Station 4 RV" (Radio Rec321213drum 
 28Alexander SkipetrovAlexander SkipetrovMoscow28093012drumnbass 
 29Alex GridAlex GridAlexey Gridnev real name and surname of the artist. Alex was born in Siberia, in not the big city of Bratsk, where frost, snow drifts and the lack of culture drum & bass music. Alex engaged in their own development, in terms of creativity. In dreams of th2758518drum 
 30LeonidLeonid• She and she alone! ... Music-Only she never cheated on me, we love it forever • ____________________________________________________________________ Everyone who is here and listening to all the things that I do thank you very much! Spb http://vk.co2635373drum 
 31Alexandr  BogdanovAlexandr BogdanovЭклектичный подход к подпольной электронной музыке. В деле с 2009 года. Основатель Shuriken Crew. Выступал на одной сцене с Aphrodite (UK), Tantrum Desire (UK), Neonlight (GER), Bugge Wesseltoft (NOR), Teddy Killerz, Gydra, iBenji, Thomas Mraz, Сонши Але232125111drum 
 32Misha FlameMisha FlameSaint-Petersburg2301512drum 
 33Milan  MilkovMilan MilkovDCA i Kite i Jaja Prod. svaki dan. Bekfleš klika anemične devojčice, taj prrr gugutka Svi bitovi su pologuzi Contact : milkim999@gmail.com Novi Sad20814168drum 
 34Evgenii TerbisovEvgenii TerbisovIGNESCENT (RU) Hospital Records (UK) Med School Music (UK) All Enquiries: curtisoff@gmail.com Moscow20823334drum 
 35Marat,Dmitriy,PavelMarat,Dmitriy,PavelTRINITY project from the city Ekaterinbrg, Russia was founded in 2010. Project participants have three producers - Marat MARQUS, Paul TRESH and Dima D-ROQUE Was first introduced to drum & Bass music in 1999, have heard such musicians as Kemal & Rob Dat2073914drum 
 36Sasha SimaginSasha SimaginI want to leave a trace in history! Moscow https://www.mixcloud.com/sasha-paladion/20618716drum 
 37Marat ValidovMarat Validov°°°Releases: ● NSS (RU) - Indigo (2008) - As we run (2009) - D12 (2009) ● Audio Boutique (RU) - Porto (2010) ● Mind Inside Recordings (RU) - While she was sleeping (2010) ● Echowide Music (ES) - Orange (2011) - Untitled things (2011) Kazan189199drum 
 38A: TakeA: TakeMy name is A.Take. I am electronic music dj from Moscow, Russland. On the most popular dance radio station in Moscow Megapolis 89.5 fm, leading own radio show called "Luch Radio" dedicated to various directions of drum & bass music. Always support for new1865624drum 
 39Vadim PolkovnikovVadim PolkovnikovSamara http://www.inhumane.pdj.ru1856418drum 
 40NEPHRITENEPHRITEArtist Labal : Respect Records Sound System: Witches Sabbath Samara1697226drum 
 41Compas PolysorbCompas PolysorbCompas Polysorb is a project of exclusively author's electronic music of Nikita Otzyv and Artem Seliverstov (Moscow, Russia). Creativity of the project is focused on deep house and tech house music. Looking for collaboration of music production, djing e16765911drum 
 42SYSTEMSHOCK bandSYSTEMSHOCK bandOmsk1659026drum 
 43Pereval DyatlovaPereval DyatlovaNeftekamsk1595743drum 
 44Gregory VasilchukGregory VasilchukKrasnoyarsk14821816drum 
 45Konstantin KotKonstantin KotVladivostok1363179drum 
 46nounaimnounaimaim: nounaim Saint-Petersburg13609drum 
 47AlekseyAlekseySaint - Petersburg https://chordsearcher.bandcamp.com129856drum 
 48Pavel KotovPavel KotovBryansk1217923drum 
 49-Alive--Alive-thx for following and commenting http://vkontakte.ru/id16379801 Tchaikovsky1203914drum 
 50Vladimir MelnikovVladimir MelnikovWicked badman from Saint-Petersburg. Once a month, live Dubstep Radioshow ''VIBE'' @ 11th Radio. I will dancing, at your Burial. Saint-Petersburg,Kupchino1172156drumnbass 
 51Anita HospesAnita HospesAnita Hospes - dj from the Russia, Moscow. Style: tech house, deep house, drum & bass Moscow http://promodj.com/anita-hospes1111253drum 
 52Savely ZeleninSavely Zeleninin еуха Perm1108697drum 
 53AlexanderAlexanderAIM nslspb ICQ 260555216 Saint-Petersburg http://vkontakte.ru/id157581082533drum 
 54Vitalii SysoevVitalii SysoevI Vitalii. I live in Russia. I compose music in the directions TRANCE, TECHNO, HOUSE. My music was issued on cds and in the internet, also on radio in mix of DJs http://promodj.com/Baintermix/foto/853096#foto7096924 Produced on many labels ( over 40 ) h10086430drum 
 56Richard WagnerRichard WagnerMoscow894091drum 
 57Vadim  ZharinovVadim ZharinovСтарт был в 2006 году в году в городе Мурманск, заказав первые 10 пластинок из Англии. Пополняя виниловый запас на студенческие деньги, Вадик потихоньку начал играть в местном клубе, где звучала музыка только этого носителя. За 5 лет накопил неплохую колл825133drum 
 58Sergey GanjaSergey GanjaSaint-Petersburg791191drum 
 59Victor ShkolnikovVictor ShkolnikovMoscow771724drum 
 60clock workclock workchelyabinsk753073drum'n'bass 
 61Andrew VolginAndrew VolginMoscow733771drum 
 62Альберт  ГойхманАльберт ГойхманRap/Hip-Hop Beats/DnB/ExperimentalHipHop/ Instrumentals/Rapcore from Israel Tel Aviv727253drum 
 64Dmitriy ProkhorovDmitriy ProkhorovMoskva7113554drum 
 65John DowJohn DowHello world :)6801drum 
 66Yaroslav AkhromovYaroslav AkhromovBrazilian liquid drum'n'bass You can officially buy my music here: http://www.junodownload.com/artists/DJ+Yarus/releases/ Moscow http://www.junodownload.com/artists/DJ+Yarus/releases/643424drum 
 67Yuri RomanovYuri RomanovSaint-Petersburg632417drum 
 68Alexander ProskurinAlexander ProskurinOne of the first wave russian Jungle / DnB DJ's, who started up his career in the late '90s. A co-founder alongside DJ Bes (GYDRA) of the respected russian drum'n'bass/neurofunk label TAMRECORDS.RU (2001) Dj Step participated at some of the biggest DNB603045drum 
 69Alecsandr AleynikovAlecsandr Aleynikovhttp://www.myspace.com/kashdj Vladivostok587824drum 
 70  583472drum 
 72Aleksey DubovikAleksey DubovikDJ & vinyl collector from Russia, St. Petersburg Resident of oldest liquid funk & deep dnp promo - 2DEEP Saint - Petersburg http://vk.com/theshift561625drum 
 73Yaroslav GrechnevYaroslav GrechnevDj Gaudy Promo: Insane Community Style: Drum&Bass, Hardcore Format: CD Dj Gaudy (Ярослав Гречнев) в 2002 году стал участником музыкального проекта ElectroExercise. В 2006 году создаёт промо-группу «Insane Community» и уже выступает в стат561844drum 
 74OCTOPUS BASSOCTOPUS BASSOctopus Bass is a young community of djs in Chelyabinsk city of Russia. We`ve united to push good drum&bass music in our city.  Octopus Bass: DJ Alarm, DJ Anti, DJ Fox, DJ Saint Man. The date of birth - May 25th 2009. Here you can find some of the 55131drum&bass 
 76Alexander MuzzyAlexander MuzzyMoskva http://selfplayers.com/4805drum 
 78Alexander LoginovAlexander LoginovSaint Petersburg463278drumstep/dubstep 
 79George PchelkinGeorge PchelkinAnother guy. Moscow http://pchelk.in442785drum 
 81Artem ZlobinArtem ZlobinYekaterinburg42168drum 
 82Andrey BushninAndrey BushninMoscow421317drum 
 83Dmitry PrytzDmitry PrytzSaint-Petersburg414324drum 
 84Ivan BaybaraIvan BaybaraDirty Bass - D'n'B/Dubstep DJ & producer. It's safe to say that Dirty Bass is the founder of Novgorod D'n'B-culture. Participated in huge number of activities in particular such as: The World Of Drum & Bass Sessions, Residents Offkey Night, DaNBa, Drumat41881drum 
 85Artem KulakovArtem KulakovMoscow http://kulakov.media391926drum 
 86Denis AlexandrovichDenis AlexandrovichSubtransit Records is a Digital label, which specializes in Drum'n'Bass music. Sankt-Peterburg http://subtransit.spb.ru/3922drum 
 87Iskander GaynullinIskander GaynullinOtzvuki (Echoes) is some noise of emptiness.&#13; me as dj Someone mixes - &#13; http://soundcloud.com/dj-sum1&#13; <a href="http://www.mixcloud.com/dj_Someone" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.mixcloud.com/dj_Someone</a>/ Kazan http://www.mixcl381121drum 
 88Dmitry BurovDmitry BurovMoscow371683drum 
 90Anoshkin StanislavAnoshkin Stanislav363877drum 
 92Pavel  TimoshenkoPavel TimoshenkoSaint-Petersburg304182drum 
 93Alexander VladimirovAlexander VladimirovKrasnoyarsk301612drum 
 94Anthony BartoneAnthony BartoneMoscow29822drum 
 95Rustam DikRustam DikAtmospheric drum and bass Perm29174drum 
 96Roman PlotnikovRoman PlotnikovSaint-Petersburg29332drum 
 98Oleg DmitrievOleg Dmitriev⚫ Dj ⚫ Beatmaker ⚫ Vinyl collector DJ, музыкант, рэйвер и просто ценитель качественных ломаных ритмов. Постоянный участник различных андерграунд мероприятий, опенэйров и рэйвов в промышленных зонах. Бывал с гастролями в Иркутске, Барнауле, Горном Алтае,25203drum 
 99Piki FalesssPiki FalesssMoscow2412drum 
 100Denis AlexandrovichDenis AlexandrovichSankt-Peterburg23436drum