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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Fomichev DmitriiFomichev DmitriiBAMBULE Music Director BOOKING: +7(926) 950 67 59 Moscow http://vk.com/fomichevdj581146131disco 
 2valiquevaliqueThey call me 360 degrees producer - I quite agree. Booking/remix requests: valique@gmail.com Latest Valique releases: Valique - Variations EP/Masterworks Music https://www.junodownload.com/products/valique-variations/3850679-02 Valique - No Other Sun/WA51064426disco 
 3Nameless DancersNameless DancersNAMELESS DANCERS – the studio group which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. Music of this collective – specific synthesis of l20423514disco, 
 45 Vymir5 Vymir5 Vymir - rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Their debut album 'Mistolinia' was in TOP-10 Ukrainian releases in 2014. In 2016 the band supported the Belgian band Balthazar in Kyiv and headlined the Comma Stage festival. 5 Vymir has performed at the other major16166830disco 
 5Sergey MezaSergey MezaDisco Stue. http://www.facebook.com/sergeymeza Moscow100115121disco 
 7WoodlookWoodlookψ Jaira rec ψ Chill Out Planet Records ψ Children Area Alliance ψ Korolev http://childarea.ru/4526962disco 
 8CLUB142CLUB142Record Label Moscow3961452disco 
 9Ivan ZhbanovIvan Zhbanov<a href="http://soundcloud.com/upupupmusic" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">UP!UP!UP! music</a>&#13; &#13; DJ Imago (Иван Жбанов) — создатель и управляющий музыкального лейбла UP!UP!UP!, участник проекта Alpha-Beta и отличный ди-джей. Под сеты Imago танцу3858103disco 
 10Anton BeznosukAnton Beznosukbeznosuk.ru Moscow http://beznosuk.ru2683115disco 
 11Maksim KupperMaksim KupperPlastinki Nizhni Novgorod1711983disco 
 12Chop-Chop RadioChop-Chop RadioChop-Chop Radio On Air www.chopchop.me Mosсow http://www.chopchop.me15705disco 
 13zool & virzool & virsaint-petersburg14834disco 
 14Korney KorneyKorney KorneyMoscow11438116disco 
 15cristiano vincenzinicristiano vincenziniroma9595disco 
 16Dj PaltoDj PaltoMoscow932765disco 
 19Dmitry TrifonovDmitry TrifonovI am a DJ, VJ and electronic producer from Russia. Сontact with me: dmitry.trifonoff@gmail.com Petrozavodsk661272disco 
 20Vasy СухановVasy СухановСанкт-Петербург636887disco 
 21Plotnikov AlexeyPlotnikov AlexeyCherepovets http://vkontakte.ru/mysticalsoul592064disco 
 22Ilija Frapp Mr. FrappIlija Frapp Mr. FrappMoscow491275disco 
 23Pink RabbiPink RabbiMoskva492721disco 
 25Wow BandWow BandWow Band is a live band from Moscow inspired by all the classics of jazz, soul and funk music with some nu-soul and hip-hop flavor. There are eleven of us and we have something to show u. Vocal: Alexander "Legend" Babenko, Ulyana Glushkova Fender Rhodes:4164disco 
 26Andrey GusevAndrey GusevTogliatti39442disco 
 27Maris VeselagoMaris Veselago3813disco 
 29Arthur  ArapovArthur ArapovHello! I was born in the USSR in 1974. Living in Samara. I writer, poet, composer and musician. Lyrics - filled with philosophical meaning, deep meaning. Has made frequent appearances on stage in various bands and individually. First started writing song297321disco 
 30Roman ZemtsovRoman ZemtsovMoskva2902disco, 
 31Denis KobyshevDenis KobyshevMoscow241713disco 
 32Alexander Donskich von RomanovAlexander Donskich von RomanovSinger. Composer. Writer. St. Petersburg202932disco 
 33SADO OPERASADO OPERASt.Petersburg1922disco, 
 36Alexandr BuyanAlexandr BuyanMoskva122041disco 
 37группа Йеменгруппа ЙеменSait-Petersburg http://vk.com/yemengroup7428disco 
 38Strofe KageStrofe KageYakutsk742disco, 
 39Control SoundControl Sound402disco,