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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Highway RecordsHighway RecordsHighway Records, established in 2008 and run by Mike Spirit, is Moscow-based label, which unites talented Russian sound producers (SCSI-9, Spieltape, BarBQ, Dave Pad, Asaga, Agraba, etc.) and a huge international crew — such top notch artists from all ove36107146752deep 
 2Anton IshutinAnton Ishutinishutinmusic@gmail.com Owner : Pepper Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/peppercatlabel Black Cat Recordings https://soundcloud.com/peppercatblack Disco Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/disco-cat-records booking in Russia: morozovonline@gmail.com +7 9051975664627deep 
 3Maks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov (born 26 January , 1984) known professionally as Fresh Produce, also known as Romantika Sound. Maks Mashkov is a Russian record producer, remixer, , musician and Dj. Melodies of the summer, the southern sun and blue ocean, caught by the midda407027118deep 
 4Russian Indie Electronic Music wikiRussian Indie Electronic Music wikiHuman Resources Record Label. Since 2008. Moscow City. Private collection of Intelligent Dance Music and Electronic sounds. STREAM & DOWNLOAD: ♛ New Releases always FREE download ♞ Follow SPOTIFY Playlist ♝ APPLE Music ☟☟☟ Moscow http://humanreso2866199190deep 
 5237FM МОСКВА237FM МОСКВА237REC sub label: http://soundcloud.com/237familyspecial artist collective: http://soundcloud.com/antenna237 http://soundcloud.com/antenna-ch booking: 237family[@]gmail.com 237 Family - is an independent community of avantgarde-minded musicians, stree1769516deep 
 6This is Tech Guide with David DivinThis is Tech Guide with David Divin<b>«Tech Guide»</b> - Radio Show, which started in October 2011. Visiting podcast-known and eminent artists of the world <b>Techno, Deep Tech and Neotrance</b> scene. On a visit was: <b>Dani Sbert, Gorge (Pit Waldmann), LetKolben, Max Cooper, Ron Shatte, 145718581deep 
 7Dubwork Le FreakDubwork Le FreakAn independent record label that focuses on the production of quality house music and disco. It focuses on the world market of digital music distribution. Moscow1234200030deep 
 8Vitaliy StodolyaVitaliy StodolyaRussian producer and label owner. In 2007 founded the label http://soundcloud.com/konura Recordings. Released on such labels as: Guess Records, King Street Sounds, Hed Kandi, Hotfingers, Open Bar, Ospina Digital, Disclosure Project Recordings, Dutchie M122252829deep 
 9Plant 74 RecordsPlant 74 RecordsPlant 74 Records by Tripmastaz. http://www.beatport.com/label/plant-74/21574/tracks1044054deep 
 10Artem HarchenkoArtem HarchenkoMoscow http://www.r-tem.com10414246deep 
 11Daniel MagreDaniel MagreDj & producer from Russia. Resident at Buddha-Bar Saint Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg http://daniel.magre.pdj.ru88210623deep 
 12Alexander SmithAlexander SmithMoscow709678deep 
 13Alexey  ZhaglinAlexey ZhaglinIn search of the perfect beat I found my own rhythm Moscow6743931deep 
 14Support RecordsSupport RecordsSUPPORT RECORDS. Progressive House, Dubstep, Tech House, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance. Send Your Demos To music@supportrecords.net Website http://www.supportrecords.net www.supportrecords.net http://www.supportrecords.net62165518deep 
 15Andrey SemenovAndrey SemenovMoskow http://leprosorium.ru53619993deep 
 16Julia SeleznevaJulia SeleznevaSt.Petersburg and Moscow4902823deep 
 17Dmitriy ChernovDmitriy ChernovMy original name Dmitriy Chernov (Russia) Write music deep & tech house National Techno, Kommunikation Records, Tretmuehle, Complex Textures, GSS records. Beatport link:http://www.beatport.com/artist/deem/285717 mail:ddeem83@gmail.com46019776deep 
 18Jantika and Katarina JulyJantika and Katarina JulyJantika and Katarina July&#13; DJ, Producer, Remixer duet from Moscow!&#13; _________________________________&#13; FOR BOOKINGS /&#13; REMIXING /&#13; INFO / CONTACT:&#13; <a href="mailto:Jantika.and.Katarina.July@gmail.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"39328013deep 
 19Sergey MishakovSergey MishakovFounder GFM Recordings.n the very childhood Sergey was deep into music, beginning with ROCK, further on his preferences shifted more into JAZZ &amp; FUNK. In the year of 2000 he started dj-ing at the Volgograd 103,1 RadioStation, totally dedicated to elec36615328deep 
 20Annie 2NICAAnnie 2NICADj Salamandra - Unique person and absolute selfmade on russian house-scene. Having given seven years to style drum'n'bass, having changed on all key russian raves and having release out two solo albums – Sound of The Sun (2005) and Supah Star (2007) on pr33715814deep 
 21Dmitry EfremovDmitry Efremovdjefremov@icloud.com Moscow http://promodj.com/djdmitryefremov3362910deep 
 23Vanko SamarVanko SamarVanko Samar was born in Samara (Russia) in 1982. In 2008 Vanko Samar began to experiment with electronic music. First releases in 2010: Pepperjam Records (Netherlands), Melodic Records (Columbia), Electric Romeo Records (Germany). In 2011 Vanko was succ31719298deep 
 24Elastic  soundElastic soundMoscow313110deep 
 25Natalia TurinaNatalia Turinavk.com/nataliturina St - Petersburg3099012deep 
 26MaximMaximShirshnev - one of the leading DJs, sound producers of Russia, a resident and guest in the most fashionable nightclubs. According to the results of the 2008 vote "MUSIC TOP 100DJ'S", SHIRSHNEV ranks 35th in Russia. In 2012 entered the TOP 100 PROMODJ. 285815deep 
 27Vasily GoodkovVasily GoodkovAugust 16, 1990 in the city of Saratov, Russia, was born Vasily Goodkov. His love of music began at the age of 12, studying at a music school in the class of a wind instrument oboe. After studying for three years, he decided to go further, and graduated f2781566deep 
 28Pavel VishnyakovPavel VishnyakovChelyabinsk27011757deep 
 29Fedor FominFedor FominMoscow http://fedorfomin.com24338deep 
 30Max RiverMax RiverMoscow http://promodj.com/maxriver2357524deep 
 31Alexey KolganovAlexey Kolganovambient / dub / techno feel free to contact me — 110ml.music@gmail.com Moscow2265213deep 
 32Niko ParsNiko ParsNice music only Moscow22511230deep 
 33Gate 51 RecordsGate 51 RecordsMoskow http://www.gate51.ru217538deep 
 34Mixed EmotionsMixed Emotionsvinyl fetishist | oldschool bootyshaker | host of mixed emotions radio show Moscow http://mixedemotionsfm.com21354817deep 
 36Q-Code MusicQ-Code MusicMoscow1911628deep 
 37Nick ShangiNick ShangiNick Shangi one of the creators and inspirers of the I'MPULSE label. Nick Shangi aka Activy began his DJ career in 1998 Penza City, RF. He has a unique taste and sophisticated sense of Techno & House music. His sets are precise mixings, compilations are1905369deep 
 38Ildar Bernoulli Eldar StuffIldar Bernoulli Eldar StuffMoscow185412deep 
 39Maxim  SeliverstovMaxim SeliverstovThe label «Seliver» is established in 2010, its founder is Max Seliverstov. People often call him «one-man band». His first instrument is a drum, still the main and sometimes only the one is a sound synthesizer. It helps him to produce any sounding at any15987621deep 
 40Dj Shum OfficialDj Shum OfficialSkype shumdj Krasnodar1521501deep 
 41Alexandr ZaytsevAlexandr ZaytsevMoscow1491332deep 
 42Alexei BoguslavskyAlexei BoguslavskyDJ | Producer since 1993 Yaroslavl http://www.robothouse.ru1483188deep 
 43sergey  odegovsergey odegovDj, musician, vinyl records collector, founder of Cosmocomics - Sergey Odegov. His musical preferences are Disco Funky Soul and Broken Beat. He prefers vinyl sound to all the other ways of playing music Nizhnekamsk http://www.traxsource.com/search?term=Co1466306deep 
 44Kolya NikelKolya NikelPerm145613deep 
 45EditHeadEditHeadi hope you deep ;) Moscow https://www.mixcloud.com/freeflow/1431387deep 
 46Konstantin GustokashinKonstantin GustokashinMusican,dj,composer. Kazan https://promodj.com/djprom-elektron14271516deep 
 47Denis PavlovDenis PavlovMSK13913482deep 
 48StanislavStanislavdo a liitle dance, make a little love playin' only vinyl for over the 15 years! cooperation: rikuta@mail.ru Baikal1372233deep 
 49Ilya ZaitsevIlya ZaitsevMoscow1332525deep 
 50Andrey CrossAndrey CrossDJ & club promoter since 1997 from Russia. Andrey grew up listening Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and compilations of acid techno & electroclash. He was the resident of several clubs and opened techo clubs & dj's bars. Organizer of many events club and open air133671deep 
 51Slava VeraxoSlava VeraxoRussian DJ from Moscow +79260662600 sl1m3r@mail.ru Moscow http://slimthedj.pdj.com13038817deep 
 52Global DanceGlobal DanceGlobal Dance – крупнейшее букинг агентство в России, на счету которого уже более 1000 концертных туров с участием как российских, так и зарубежных артистов/djs. Global Dance осуществляет профессиональную поддержку при выборе артиста/dj, исходя из Вашего 116871deep 
 53Kirill StelsKirill StelsElectronic music producer/DJ from Siberia. Just in love with music =))) Siberia https://t.me/Siberiandeep11045934deep 
 54Denis VolshebnyDenis VolshebnyMoscow1092271deep 
 55Alexander KhodkinAlexander KhodkinFrom St. Petersburg, Russia. After 10 years of passion drum'n'bass music, became interested in house music. Also love jazz, hip-hop and classic hot vibes! Production soon! Saint-Petersburg922322deep 
 56Nastya  GreenNastya GreenMoscow91168deep 
 57Evgeny CorbEvgeny CorbKrasnodar89852deep 
 58Christina KsiChristina KsiNizhniy Novgorod881292deep 
 60Anastasios DimitriadisAnastasios DimitriadisMusic, Fast Cars & Sports Россия http://tasoz.d.all.dj864622deep 
 61dj Calvindj CalvinMagnitigorsk866661deephouse 
 62Alexey KrasnovAlexey KrasnovMoscow84331deep 
 63Rahavanya RashidovRahavanya RashidovThe ZERO FREQ Project has been created as a result of Raha (Dual Deep) and Ivan Enot (Support House) collaboration. It was started in February, 2010 in St.Petersburg (Russia) at Druzhba Bar where Zero Freq presented their debut album followed by Sunday U801965deep 
 66Brodnikov MichaelBrodnikov MichaelMoscow77492deep 
 68Artem KorolkovArtem KorolkovMoscow74612deep 
 69roman mioroman mioRoma Mio - Russian sound producer and event promoter. Famous for recipes of eclectic house-music. Sets played in almost all the clubs demanded the country and Europe. A resident of the legendary large-scale dance fests: Global Gathering, DancePlanet, Tend73274deep 
 71Stan ChetverikovStan Chetverikov3xA Balkan Connection Emphase Nellie Silk Moscow7125514deep 
 72Sergey LesovoySergey LesovoyKaliningrad http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/sergod692081deep 
 73Dmitry StarkosDmitry StarkosKhabarovsk691921deep\ 
 74Dj Aleksey PopovDj Aleksey PopovFacebook: facebook.com/djalekseypopov Instagram: instagram.com/djalekseypopov Twitter: twitter.com/djalekseypopov YouTube: youtube.com/djalekseypopov Moscow http://promodj.com/DjAlekseyPopov6716115deep 
 75Mary MercuryMary MercuryMoscow671089deeptechhouse 
 76ZappaZappaSaint Petersburg57702deep/space 
 77Denis DvinskikhDenis DvinskikhSankt-Petersburg/Moscow561462deep 
 78Denis DvinskikhDenis DvinskikhSankt-Petersburg/Moscow561452deep 
 79mikerivera mikeriveramikerivera mikeriverast.petersburg552301deep 
 80ivan sivan smsk522092deep-house 
 81Alexander KalabaevAlexander KalabaevLoony Welt (Alexander Kalabaev) is a newcomer producer and dj from Russia. He was born in the city of Izhevsk in 1990. It is in Izhevsk , the capital of electronic music, where a good idea occurred to one of its citizens to create a music project Loony W51244deep 
 82Max OrlovMax OrlovEkaterinburg-Moskow503282deep&disco 
 83Андрей БодрейАндрей Бодрей095493391deep 
 84Vadim IvanovVadim IvanovVadim Dark [dj/produccer] Vadim Ivanov, as known as VadimDark, began his career in 2008 in Chita (Eastern Siberia).From the very beginning he demonstrated an extraordinary approach to work and earned respect among the colleagues and listeners. Since 2011481352deep 
 85Denis SablinDenis SablinMoscow472204deep 
 87Nata SheNata SheMoscow http://www.djshe.com4302deep 
 88Koryakin DimkaKoryakin Dimka438612deep 
 90marina  Nepomnyaschayamarina NepomnyaschayaSt. Petersburg http://pishyarec.com42879deep 
 93Drunk CatDrunk CatProvince of Tyumen383532deep 
 94Sasha-Key Sasha_KeySasha-Key Sasha_KeyEkaterinburg38482deep 
 95Ura KlimovUra KlimovEssentuky371823deep 
 96Stanislav YepovStanislav YepovDuring several years of professional practice Breter reveals the variety of deep house faces and creates his own style. He pays much attention to material choice and the concept of mixes, treating them as works of art. Syktyvkar351072deep 
 97Andrey DyakovAndrey DyakovMoscow http://www.dyakov.com35161deep 
 98Aleksey BobilevAleksey Bobilevleksey was growing and the music always been with him. Been a kid he was collecting some audio plates & recordings... When he was 10,starting musical school.When he was young,he never miss any events in the city,find himself in this business,helping to34864deep 
 99max zumanmax zumanNeverLand34562deep