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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Matisse & SadkoMatisse & SadkoMatisse & Sadko, Robert Falcon feat. Wrabel - 'Another Side' is out now :: http://stmpd.co/MSAS St. Petersburg https://vk.com/matissesadko51722259dance 
 2Eight One Three 🍭Eight One Three 🍭Man who still believe in dreams , love and happiness <3 Moscow https://www.loopmasters.com/genres/151-Future-Pop/products/11058-Pop-Arcade3247084286dance 
 3ХЛЕБХЛЕБhttp://www.youtube.com/user/studsovetshow Moscow12910233dance 
 4Vladimir ErshovVladimir ErshovFor booking, remixing requests and related enquiries please contact to Alexey Nikolaev (alexeysonar@gmail.com) ______________________________________________________________________ Music accompanies Vladimir Yershov (PROFF) his whole life. Since a very933810065dance 
 5Елена ТемниковаЕлена ТемниковаЕлена Темникова — популярная российская певица, телеведущая и дизайнер. Контакты для прессы: pr@temnikova.ru, www.temnikova.ru. Москва http://www.temnikova.ru6413058dance 
 6DJ ARISTOCRAT / ARISTOCRATDJ ARISTOCRAT / ARISTOCRATProducer, composer, mixing and mastering engineer. The founder of the musical label and studio "Proartsound Music". Feel free to contact me about productions, gigs and other music-related inquiries. Main style: House Favourite styles: Future House, Deep306342242dance 
 7SABBAT CULTSABBAT CULTBooking: sabbatcult@yandex.ru SUPERIOR.CAT.PROTEUS / GONE.Fludd / IROH / CAKEBOY / D. FLIPPER / M00ИCHILD / BRAGONE / 50K / WHITEPONY / SIDXKICK / WAVE / TORENO https://t.me/sabbat_cult28195325dance 
 8Alexey  SolovevAlexey SolovevSkype:Soloveydjs mail: Soloveydjs@yandex.ru web: djsolovey.com Moscow http://solovey.pdj.ru/24314946dance 
 9Julia VolkovaJulia VolkovaMoscow1972011dance 
 10Artem ZlobinArtem Zlobin172124474dance 
 11Max RubyMax RubyMoscow http://promodj.com/maxruby135620534dance 
 12Mikhail SukiasyanMikhail SukiasyanMoscow http://mfcrecords.ru/1235143243dance 
 13Andrey PopovAndrey PopovFrom Russia With love :) http://djmexxbeat.pdj.com1114027dance 
 14Alexey KotominAlexey KotominMUSIC, this is a strong manifestation of man. He will come with us throughout his life and will never betray or throw. Always next door. N.Novgorod1080189745dancehall 
 15+ digital publishing organisation ++ digital publishing organisation +Не было бы при других обстоятельствах + digital publishing organisation + Организация "ВРАГ", Москва9747618dancehall 
 16Cheese PeopleCheese PeopleSamara http://cheesepeoplemusic.ru86032145dance 
 17Sergey PimenovSergey PimenovRussian electronic music producer Rostov-on-Don http://www.applifto.ru84152510dance 
 18Deep CosmoDeep Cosmoabstract/atmo/sad/trip-hop/hip-hop/chill/electro Kaluga https://vk.com/deep_cosmo8033146dance 
 19Alex EnderAlex EnderRussia's "Alex Ender" is one of the next top generation deejay/ producers that broke through to global acclaim in 2018. As a perfectionist and control freak, Alex knows very well that each production and/or remix must be perfect to the last detail. Even 78610824dance 
 20Виктор ЦойВиктор Цой759012dance 
 21ALEX CURLYALEX CURLYProducer / Composer / Sound-Producer / Music maker Saint-Petersburg http://vk.com/alexcurly7343322dance 
 22Evgeny GlotikovEvgeny Glotikov2007 - 22nd place in the rating of TOP100DJ RUSSIA. 2008 - 2009 As a result of the TOP100DJ RUSSIA 2008 vote Dj JIM was in the top 10 best DJs in Russia and took 8th place. 2010 - 13th place TOP100DJ RUSSIA. ftom 2011 and Now JIM in the First place in Ru5603937dance 
 23Sergey VlasenkoSergey VlasenkoMoscow band Squarking Jazz by Sergey Vlasenko refers to the inner prehistoric man who remembers the days when the rhythm carried away into the spirit worlds, and songs were able to cause rains in the days of drought. The man could not speak, could not bui4504711dance 
 24Григорий (Grigorij) Басов (Basov)Григорий (Grigorij) Басов (Basov)Town Dobropolie Donetsk region http://gbasov.wixsite.com/mymusic440149948dance 
 25Vladimir StepanovVladimir StepanovHello and Welcome! I'm Vladimir Stepanov (ElectroNobody). My music is all about soundtracks for games and movies. My new space album "Circles Of Orion" is out Now on RetroSynth Records! https://electronobody.bandcamp.com/releases Mastered by Josh Mone4147144dance 
 26Vitaliy StodolyaVitaliy StodolyaSaint-Petersburg http://konurarecordings.com/387139112dance 
 27Tony GrahamTony GrahamDark Chi Risses - The musician, House,bass the producer! Saint-Petersburg37517198dance 
 28ITNIAITNIAWorld http://itniamusic.com37112946dance 
 29Сэйн СэйнСэйн СэйнDEMO MUSIC - INDIE RAP Музыка до которой ты ещё не доехал . Россия. Нижний Новгород https://vk.com/spidersein NiNO36418959dance 
 30Artem  MartynenkoArtem MartynenkoDJ & Sound Producer from Russia krasnoyarsk http://promodj.com/Dj-Martynoff29059dance 
 31Oleg IlyushinOleg IlyushinDance music trends change annually. To maintain a stable disk jockey career for 25 years in a row is already an outstanding achievement. DJ Oleg Ilyushin (known in the past as a dj Vint and now producing music as Illusion) began his career in St. Petersbu2589566dance 
 322 SORT2 SORTMach mit. Mach's nach. Mach's besser. https://vk.com/2sort24416045dance 
 33DJ Andersen AndreyDJ Andersen AndreyReal name: Andrey Was born on: 23 June 1980 in Moscow Music style: Deep House, Electro, Electrohouse/Electroclash, House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tribal www.djandersen.com moscow http://djandersen.ru/23311132dance 
 34Lenin Was A ZombieLenin Was A Zombie"LWAZ" is a crazy disco-trash ensemble from the very heart of Siberia, tovarisch! Novosibirsk232046dance 
 35NG RADIO SHOWNG RADIO SHOWХристианская танцевальная интернет-радиостанция. Весь аудио контент звучащий в эфире "NG RADIO SHOW" несёт религиозно-развлекательный характер и принадлежит авторам и исполнителям исповедующим христианство. http://www.ngradioshow.ru/22538420dance 
 36Sasha SteelSasha SteelMusic is the answer. Saint-Petersburg221537dance 
 37AlexanderAlexanderMake One For ghost productions requests: makeonemusic@gmail.com follow me: http://vk.com/makeonemusic http://www.facebook.com/makeoneofficial twitter.com/makeonemusic Since the project started tracks by Make One have been supported by TOP WORLD DJ's lik2027913dance 
 39DmitryDmitrySaint - Petersburg1761067dance 
 40Алекс МалиновскийАлекс МалиновскийMoscow16823220dance 
 41Anton NikolaevAnton NikolaevFor all my followers and visitors: thanks for likes, listening and comments. Moscow http://dj.beatport.com/antonnikolaev15133322dance 
 42eitizboieitizboiSouth Ural1492211dance 
 43Victor OdoevskyVictor Odoevsky1442323dance 
 44Crazy_DJs_Team_Russia_SPBCrazy_DJs_Team_Russia_SPBhttps://vk.com/djgluk Saint-Peterburg1419592dance 
 45Andrey KondratievAndrey KondratievDJ, Promoter & Producer 1999 jungle on my mind. Began to collect vinyl and play in clubs. drum and bass, acid jazz, dub, funk, trip hop 2006 Created a powerful drum and bass community. Our team did big event: Bukem in Session, Pirate Station, World of dru13422422dance 
 46bumbambashabumbambashatrue jamaican crew 3 artist's 2 produc's Rigos Bum Bam Basha PapaYouth El Toro and Black Jacket Production reggae on russian mad sick moscow1132328dancehall 
 47Vladimir BordoqueVladimir BordoqueMoscow931355dance 
 48Evgeniy BrovkoEvgeniy Brovkobeatmaker, soundesigner. Moscow781585dance 
 49Дмитрий ГрибовскийДмитрий ГрибовскийMinsk751189dance 
 50LevzLevzMoscow http://www.levz.site/666041dance 
 51ЕвгенийЕвгенийгород Екатеринбург58714dance 
 52Den ShenderDen Shender555145dance 
 53AlexAlexProvince of Vologda http://vkontakte.ru/alrud42846dance 
 54Ivan NoskovIvan NoskovKrasnoyarsk http://promodj.com/emotegum3829623dance 
 55OZLOZLOZL — rave project located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. OZL team is: Boroda MCMXXCII and Tony F. Also there is a lot of guest-appearances on tracks: vocals, guitar, scratch, saxophone, trumpet and others. OZL has released 2 full-length albums: "We are" (2374932dance 
 56Artyom PalevichArtyom PalevichBass-player with experimental spirit Moscow37409dance 
 57Ras OfiRas OfiMoscow3732dancehall 
 58Tosha TumanovTosha TumanovOrel3620410dance 
 60MeLafOnMeLafOnРоссия http://melafon.pdj.ru3317013dance 
 61Sergei  FranteSergei FranteNamaste everyone! i am young upcoming artist whos working in a different genres such as rap/hiphop, ragga music, house, techno, sometimes even rock and pop music. as an artist i do what i feel. I will post here some of my tracks which i either pe3311dancehall 
 62II'm MolkaMoscow32313dance 
 63Kirill KiselevKirill KiselevSaint-Petersburg291172dance 
 64A. BORAA. BORADJ, musician , promoter and organizer of major events , open-air and private parties . He choice style Minimal Techno and open talent as a DJ with it. Today BORA welcome guest at many clubs in Russia . yaroslavl24651dance 
 65Евгений СмецкийЕвгений СмецкийЛюблю музыку !!! Полтава http://www.smetskiy.com22299dance 
 66igoresha pancigoresha pancekaterinburg2201dance 
 67Джей-ти БратанДжей-ти БратанBishkek217515dance 
 68maxim kozheporovmaxim kozheporovUfa http://vk.com/kozheporov18819dance 
 69Oleg GontarOleg GontarChristian musical project Moscow171291dance 
 70Kulbikov VladimirKulbikov VladimirMoscow154935dancehall 
 71valeria nilovavaleria nilovaSt. Petersburg1488dance 
 72Alex PahuchiAlex Pahuchi14336dance 
 73MDMX × КАШМИРMDMX × КАШМИРMDMX × КАШМИР - дуэт саунд-продюсера и рэп артиста. MDMX - диджей, саунд-продюсер, бывший участник проекта "Wavemanx". Работает в таких стилях - как: EDM, Trap, Trapstep, Future Bass. Bass House. КАШМИР - рэп артист, продюсер. Бывший участник и основате1225dance 
 74Anton EmelyanovAnton EmelyanovDJ and sound producer from Moscow, Russia. Support by Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, DJ Feel, Amersy, Mikey Breaky, Sezer Uysal, JJ Mullor, Aaron Camz, KheDa, NURI, Carlo Astuti, Miss B, DR.K, DJ Rutts, John Stizzoli. Moscow http://antonteh.ru/11388dance 
 75Vyacheslav LogutinVyacheslav LogutinMoscow http://logutin.ru9933dance 
 76Vasily SmirnovVasily SmirnovMoscow9192dance 
 77Dmitry MaximenkoDmitry MaximenkoPenza806dance 
 78Boris NazarovBoris NazarovMoscow6218dance 
 79DmitryDmitryNovosibirsk http://www.cjxrust.pdj.ru631dancecore 
 80Nikolay SemibratovNikolay SemibratovMoscow55110dance 
 81Alexey AnavrinAlexey AnavrinChelyabinsk http://anavrin.all.dj/214dance 
 82Dima BelovDima Belovhey!!! peace of me and more more fun music relax ecstas drive orgasmic))) lets fun! yalla Saint-Petersburg223dance 
 83Deceit DeceitDeceit DeceitSaint-Petersburg201dance 
 85Maxim ZotovMaxim ZotovMoscow, Zelenograd http://megazotmz.ru101dance