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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Lady WaksLady WaksLady Waks is a one woman industry. Promoter, Producer (best producer, Breakspoll 2013), DJ (best DJ at Breakspoll 2014, 2015) Saint P115392029breaks 
 2Andrey KulikAndrey KulikAndrey Mute is a russian producer from Moscow. Is well known as an inspirer creator of Access Denied Project . Each of his tunes within the bounds of Access Denied gets a breathtaking success and nowadays their tunes are ones of most highly-rated and pop8534794breaks 
 3Gennady TrufanovGennady TrufanovF-WORD is acknowledged representative of russian breakbeat culture in the world electronic dance music scene. Well-known by quality of his own production and remixes with magnificent level of DJ skills, he absolutely deserved standing on high position amo45174629breaks 
 5Elastic FishElastic Fishhttp://www.myspace.com/elasticfish Moscow187268breaks 
 6ID 001ID 001Magnitogorsk1366602breaks 
 7Vladimir BodnarVladimir BodnarSaint-Peterburg http://vk.com/id1245153811352987breaks 
 8Sergey LyutikSergey LyutikFrom what we can tell, Sergey Lyutik is an up-and-coming multi-genre artist rising out of Shanghai. When listening to his music, you can really hear the influence of Shanghai’s environment in there. A track to take note of is “Wish u were here”. Have a li12639134breaks 
 9Sergey  PostSergey Posthttps://www.instagram.com/sergey_post/ https://www.facebook.com/sergey.post Krasnodar1253819breaks 
 10Sergey LadanovSergey LadanovРоссия1062937breaks 
 11Sergey LisenkovSergey LisenkovSiberia, Novosibirsk http://madfox.pdj.com/752139breaks 
 12Roman HeinekenRoman HeinekenSPB412524breaks 
 13Dima MerculDima MerculNovosibirsk http://promodj.com/mixofstyles37642breaks 
 14Alexander ZaycevAlexander ZaycevSankt-Peterburg30397breaks 
 15Peter HydravlikPeter HydravlikYUGRA26310breaks 
 16Andrey IvanoffAndrey IvanoffIzhevsk24198breaks 
 17Artyom ChuchakinArtyom ChuchakinNovosibirsk22792breaks 
 18Artem BaraevArtem BaraevSaint-Petersburg http://artembun.promodj.ru/20520breaks 
 19John ShewJohn Shewhttp://johnshew.promodj.ru - promo dj page with my mixes http://vkontakte.ru/id3190773 - my vkontakte.ru page Ivanovo http://johnshew.promodj.ru17292breaks 
 20Jean UncoilJean UncoilMoscow17911breaks 
 21Alexander ChausAlexander ChausSamara http://fokojazis.com/13115breaks, 
 22Michail FominMichail FominIzhevsk http://uptime.all.dj135510breaks 
 23Ivan DolgikhIvan DolgikhIshim9264breaks 
 24Dmitry KarpovDmitry KarpovКурганская область8233breaks 
 25Arthur OsipyanArthur Osipyanarthur@osipyan.ru https://vk.com/spectrum Taganrog8252breaks 
 26VertiqueVertiqueSaint-Petersburg http://vertaks.ru8262breaks 
 28Chris DChris DSaint Petersbourg6301breaks 
 29Alex ViewkkoAlex ViewkkoMoscow505breaks 
 30Philip KorobovPhilip KorobovSaint-P412breaks 
 31Dmitriy StupenDmitriy StupenProvince of Murmansk471breaks 
 33Max FirebladeMax FirebladeMoscow3112breaks 
 35Konstantin PylinKonstantin PylinMoskva1162breakstep 
 36Eugene GusarovEugene GusarovTogliatti101breaks