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 101PropagandamoscowPropagandamoscowPropaganda is local’s favorite place to eat, to have a drink or to dance till early morning. It’s friendly and inviting. Located in the heart of Moscow city centre, it first opened its doors in 1997. As a cafe, it has developed its unique reputation throu4710 8118electronic 
 102Фронтенд Юность (18+)Фронтенд Юность (18+)Вся правда о фронтенд-разработке. Всё, о чём боятся говорить — вы услышите здесь! Смузи, вейп, ES6, REACT — вас накроет волной хайпа Leningrad http://youknow.st/4709 15154technology 
 103Gregory EsayanGregory EsayanMusic composer. Trance & Progressive artist. Contact: gregoryesayanmusic@gmail.com Krasnodar4407 1053house 
 104АФФИНАЖ / AFFINAGEАФФИНАЖ / AFFINAGEГруппа «АФФИНАЖ» (Санкт-Петербург) Стиль: chanson-noir, indie, acoustic, dark-folk. Участники: Эм — вокал, гитара, укулеле; Сергей — бас; Саша — баян; Ом — тромбон. Группа основана в конце 2012 года в городе Санкт-Петербурге. Основой концепции стало со4335 041noir 
 105Zhadan & SobakiZhadan & SobakiKharkiv https://play.google.com/store/music/album/%D0%96%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D1%96_%D0%A1%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%B8_%D0%9F%D1%81%D0%B8_feat_%D0%AE%D1%80%D1%96%D0%B9_%D0%93%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B6%D0%B8?id=Blfbqkznwt7lns5dzbfpslifjgm&hl=ru4334 124355rock 
 106South Ural Music Alliance (SUMA)South Ural Music Alliance (SUMA)Fantli (SUMA) Russian dj and sound-producer. Distinctive representative of the proper House-scene from Ural region. Raw deep pads and competent approach to the choice of musical material began his formation during b2b performances that led to a true fri4233 3163dub 
 107find your beachfind your beachHuman Resources Record Label. Intelligent Electronic Music with Ocean View. Avant-garde DJ's library. Since 2008. *FREE for Bloggers. ♛ New Releases always FREE download ♞ Production Studios Sri Lanka. Bali. Moscow City. ♝ Supported by Good Story Sur4179 1677212deep 
 108МальбэкМальбэкMoscow4163 247Pop 
 109ENIQUEENIQUEMoscow http://vk.com/eniquesasha4120 036folk 
 110Владимир ЛунёвВладимир ЛунёвПевец, шоумен, композитор, пианист, преподаватель эстрадного вокала, саунд продюссер. Москва http://VladimirLunev.ru4110 58027Pop 
 111Maks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov (born 26 January , 1984) known professionally as Fresh Produce, also known as Romantika Sound. Maks Mashkov is a Russian record producer, remixer, , musician and Dj. Melodies of the summer, the southern sun and blue ocean, caught by the midda4059 ↓227118deep 
 112ZakirZakirzakir, dj and producer from russia, started his career as a dj in 2003. progressive house, tribal and latino house - It was these styles of electronic music that laid the foundation for his musical taste. he plunged into studio work for producing of hi4042 13939magnifique 
 113Радіо СкорботаРадіо СкорботаПодкаст із лякаючою назвою та із чарівним наповненням. Стати нашим патроном можна за цим покликанням ( https://www.patreon.com/radioskorbota ) Підтримати проект фінансово можна за цими реквізитами - 4149 4393 1703 1429 - приват банк https://www.patreon3976 2229comedy 
 114On-The-GoOn-The-GoGeneral inquiries and PR: info@musicdevelopmentrussia.com Booking: bazhanova@musicdevelopmentrussia.com Moscow3912 3282progressive 
 115Andrey PlekhanovAndrey PlekhanovAndrey Plekhanov aka HoT is a DJ and Producer hailing from the western Russian city of Tula. e-mail for any questions: andreyakahot@mail.ru HoT originally started out in the world of production back in 1997 and by the year 2000 he was getting to grips w3884 ↓130157ragga 
 116ДжиганДжиганMoscow http://www.geegun.ru3829 264hip-hop 
 117ROCK PRIVETROCK PRIVETМы в VK: https://VK.COM/ROCKPRIVET Наш Авторский Проект: https://VK.COM/NAILSHARYROCK Закинуть Рублей на Съёмки Нового Выпуска: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410015295363302 МЫ в INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/ROCKPRIVET MЫ в FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook3793 047rock 
 118Sergey SmirnovSergey SmirnovDj, Bboy, Hip-Hop Culture, organiser, producer of "Mama Sugar" IHOW (Pro Waacking dancer), 3S Dj's Crew: Dj Mista Sweet, South Dj Scream, Soul Dj Smirnoff. Syndicate crew, Kirishi/SaintPetersburg, Russia Kirishi, Saint-Petersburg3752 ↑153863hip-hop 
 119UndinaUndinaUndina (her real name is Irina) was born in Engels of the Saratov Region, received a musical education in the local music school where she learned to play the piano. Later she showed an interest in playing the guitar, singing and composing songs. She star3748 ↓155020undina 
 120Радио  СвободаРадио СвободаЗвуковые облака Радио Свобода – это золотой фонд лучших подкастов и радиопрограмм Русской службы. Беседы с ньюсмейкерами и экспертами на самые актуальные темы – на нашем аккаунте «Интервью Радио Свобода» - https://soundcloud.com/vz8ti1ohwcz0 Все новости д3702 ↑117917американские 
 121Umber VamberUmber VamberUmber Vamber project has been started at 2012 in Moscow by Artem Leontev and Dmitry Bobrov. Idea was to create deep atmospheric, psychedelic music. Night tales with cosmic and forest tunes to bring listeners in different mysterious, dimensions and landsc3524 ↓19922psychedelic 
 123Kirill TolmatskiyKirill TolmatskiyIn 2000, Detsl has made his debut in the largely underground and unknown Russian rap scene with the album "Who Are You", rapidly shot to fame after his song, called "Friday," won the hearts of teenagers nationwide. He also took part in a Pepsi advertising3437 ↑19721hip-hop 
 124Therr MaitzTherr MaitzSelf-composed indie pop and alternative music with international appeal. Developing ideas rooted in Thom Yorke, U.N.K.L.E, The XX and other ground breaking artists Moscow3389 ↓105therr 
 125Ethereal SoundEthereal SoundMoscow based electronic music record label to relaunch in 2030. Moscow https://www.junodownload.com/labels/Ethereal+Sound+Russia3356 4812electronic 
 126GelER and Sasha FlashGelER and Sasha FlashNovosibirsk - Omsk http://whatweplay.ru3317 126techno 
 127Девшахта/Ночной фронтендДевшахта/Ночной фронтендПодкаст сообщества devschacht о веб-разработке, с уклоном во фронтенд. Поддержать проект https://www.patreon.com/devschacht https://medium.com/devschacht3289 090technology 
 128Один в каноеОдин в каноеLviv https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/%D0%9E%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BD_%D0%B2_%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B53271 11124folk 
 129НОРМНОРМПодкаст о переменах. Даша Черкудинова и Настя Курганская говорят о том, как меняется мир и всё самое важное в нём. https://t.me/ThatsNORM https://music.yandex.ru/album/63252593266 1134storytelling 
 130Аудио-медитации и разговоры по душамАудио-медитации и разговоры по душамYour Om — онлайн-платформа Даши Белоглазовой. Это статьи и онлайн-курсы #OmUniversity про жизнь в гармонии с собой и Вселенной. Moscow http://yourom.ru3239 032religion 
 131Andrey RyzhkovAndrey RyzhkovProducing music ITB since 2007. Music I repost also somehow was influenced by me Moscow http://kovkovmusic.com3236 200324electronic 
 132V GV G████ █ RD http://x-33-music.com3185 2728drum 
 133SOULOUDSOULOUDMoscow https://vk.com/souloud3174 21728r&b 
 134Hromadske RadioHromadske RadioГромадське радіо — незалежна «розмовна» радіостанція, яку можна чути в Інтернеті та в FM і УКХ-діапазонах у різних містах України. Hromadske.radio - мультимедійна платформа в інтернеті - свіжі новини, репортажі, подкасти, документальні відео-проекти. Гр3165 1927826podcast 
 135NELNELОрганизация концертов NEL Nelconcert@gmail.com MOSCOW3138 1217nel 
 136Yury NilsYury NilsYuri Nils – DJ NILS (Moscow, Russia) – professional musician, DJ and musical compiler, specialist in comfort electronic music. Long-term resident DJ at the legendary Moscow club, KRYSHA MIRA, and active participant in the dynamically developing SLOWDANCE 3088 2734ambient 
 137Ilya BongonationIlya BongonationThe project is closed. Now only BONGONATION. peace! https://soundcloud.com/bongonation Moskow3065 15536darkpsy 
 138Oleg BelousoffOleg BelousoffAstronaut Ape is a electronic music act formed by experienced music producer Oleg Belousov from Russia. Now he is well known around the world by cosmic sounds of his atmospheric and danceable music. Astronaut Ape released four albums and made a compilati3061 857chill 
 139TDK LeaderTDK LeaderHometown: RND; Azov. Sweet Love Beatz - first instrumental project since June of 2009 till march of 2014. The Dawraft - second instrumental project since December of 2012. Rostov-on-Don http://vk.com/dawcrew3033 4936hiphop 
 140Maxxim MazaiMaxxim MazaiMaxxim La Mishka, Juicy Music, Radiant., Bosom From the cold and mysterious Mother Russia comes an unexpectatly great and deeply warm sound. As a veteran DJ of the electronic scene in Moscow Maxxim has played in many parts of the World. The Netherlands3025 171310melodic 
 141Dima UstinovDima UstinovSupport me by buying my music on Bandcamp! https://dimaustinov.bandcamp.com/ Dima Ustinov is a multimedia artist, composer and curator. He is working with improvisation and communication systems in music. For any questions and requests contact: taras93006 16275ambient 
 142Maxxim MazaiMaxxim MazaiMazai aka Maxxim Label artist: Radiant., Juicy Music, Papa Records, ICONYC, Enormous Tunes, PPMusic, Universal Music, La Mishka etc. He has performed all over the world: Cannes, Valetta, Tallin, Landshut, Baden Baden, Strasbourg, Hong Kong, Cairo, Sharm E3004 167528progressive 
 143DJ ARISTOCRAT / ARISTOCRATDJ ARISTOCRAT / ARISTOCRATProducer, composer, mixing and mastering engineer. The founder of the musical label and studio "Proartsound Music". Feel free to contact me about productions, gigs and other music-related inquiries. Main style: House Favourite styles: Future House, Deep2996 40142dance 
 144KostyaKostyaHip - Hop classic Samara2983 89936hip-hop/beat 
 145Andrey KiselevAndrey KiselevAndrey Kiselev started his musical career in 2008. Initially, the main focus, he chose for himself Progressive Trance. He really liked it when students feel the music, enjoyed it and got inspiring emotions. He organized a private party for his friends and2966 4344house 
 146JILLOJILLOJILLO is a young music producer and DJ writing music in the genre of Progressive House, Pop, Hip Hop. He was born 25 / December / 2000. He loved to listen to different genres of music when he was still a child. That's when he had a dream to become a DJ. T2918 19407house 
 147SoulbringerSoulbringerPower, beauty, hardness, atmosphere and originality - the main qualities that Soulbringer appreciates music! This man is different truly wonderful taste! - (C) Seneca. Soulbringer musical project dates back to 2009 and it turns out has been operating for 2917 111938goa 
 148Alex DMNDZAlex DMNDZScratch Dj, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, 1\2 DMNDZ al1@dmndz.com Omsk2912 1138electronic 
 149Alai OliAlai OliSaint-Petersburg2907 6437indie 
 150Billy MilliganBilly Milliganhttp://billymilligan.ru2874 37627rap 
 151SABBAT CULTSABBAT CULTBooking: sabbatcult@yandex.ru SUPERIOR.CAT.PROTEUS / GONE.Fludd / IROH / CAKEBOY / D. FLIPPER / M00ИCHILD / BRAGONE / 50K / WHITEPONY / SIDXKICK / WAVE / TORENO https://t.me/sabbat_cult2806 5325dance 
 152Slava IskanyanSlava IskanyanDissociactive is a Russian electronic music project from Moscow, formed in 2001 by Vyacheslav Iskanyan. Dissociactive first emerged in the underground programs Scream tracker and Buzz tracker, which led to creating the releases of tracks Fabrikikoz and La2804 193322psytrance 
 153PLCPLCKrasnodar http://vk.com/iamplc2771 7044hip-hop 
 154Katty DrummatixKatty DrummatixYoung, but very perspective project, started in 2015 by Katty Bardish. Talented girl, actress, professional musician and sound producer from Russia. This girl has unbelievable level of learning. Only for 2 months she completely learned almost all needed t2759 141363Rap 
 155ARTIST@BEATMAGIK.COMARTIST@BEATMAGIK.COMBeatMagik - Music producer, DJ. Since 2011. Founder\CEO of Music Record Label @ElementaryMuzik 1/2 of DMNDZ @DMNDZMUZIK Co-Founder of production team "Diamond Style" Side Projects: @AcediaSounds \ @EncoreRU ANY INQUIRY \ BOOKING - artist@beatmagik.com 2756 7416drum 
 156Pavel :)Pavel :):D Москва2745 312ambient 
 157MSQ * Gigolo * Boysnoize Rec * Brokntoys * New FleshMSQ * Gigolo * Boysnoize Rec * Brokntoys * New FleshMoralez is owner of vinyl imprit @mosaiquelabel. Owner of mastering studio: https://soundcloud.com/dcsmastering Find stuff on Gigolo Records, Brokntoys/Eidetic, Boysnoize Records, Snuff Trax/In The Dark Again, Fundamental, Mosaique, New Flesh (Umwelt La2738 4313trax 
 158DAKOOKA(ДАКУКА)officialDAKOOKA(ДАКУКА)official2724 051Pop 
 159YOUTH 1984YOUTH 1984We are Russian dark electronic oriented label. Stay tuned to get all the new albums/interviews/videos first. https://youth1984.bandcamp.com2717 024witch 
 160Ayrat NurkaevAyrat Nurkaevmy family: @heartcoreclub @get_buzi @vzor_collective @abstrasensionrec @hyperboloid @philosophyrecordings booking/remixes/mastering/beats/ghost production - mostapace@gmail.com. 1996. getting support and feedbacks from artists like: Culprate, Rustie, P2632 176243electronic 
 161Mendeleev BarMendeleev BarMendeleev Bar is speak easy type of bar with the author's cocktail menu from the famous russian mixologist Roman Milosteviy. Secret entrance is located in a tiny noodle shop "Lucky Noodles". NO table reservation , NO guest list , NO bouncer just Face-cont2624 31electronic 
 162yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/2622 ↑201788337progressive 
 163Zion MusicZion MusicПоиск и продвижение артистов + Promo + Distribution + Booking = $$$ Moscow http://zionmusic.ru2612 19427Pop 
 164Yuri GavrilovYuri GavrilovMoscov2611 647house 
 165Breezey MuzikBreezey MuzikProd. Credits:Migos/Rich The Kid/PeeWee Longway/Lil Duke/Migo Domingo/Yung Mazi/Jose Guapo/KC Da Beatmonster/MPA Shitro//Young Bo/Yung Tone/Young Cooley/J Money/Fly Boy Pat/KpOnDaBeat/Yung D.I./JuSo$a/Yung Euro/Zone 6 Sosa/Mr. Sipp/Uncle Murda/Etc... LEA2609 7247hip-hop 
 166Capital BassCapital BassCapital Bass has launched at the end of 2006 at Moscow’s 16Tons Club with the participation of Kode9. The parties continued with performances from such British sound-system music defining artists as Skream, Loefah, Plastician, Mala/Digital Mystikz and Ben2596 40619adverbs 
 167MusicKollektiv.orgMusicKollektiv.orgThe Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms2587 224techno 
 168Ivan  RoudykIvan RoudykDJ/Producer/A&R/Label Owner/Electrica Records Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don't have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number 2576 ↓1111235house 
 169DJ SpotDJ SpotHip-Hop DJ from Russia (Saint-Petersburg) DJ Spot is Hip-Hop. Born in beautiful Russian city - Saint-Petersburg and still grind here. He is selfmade MC, DJ, Beatmaker and Sound Engineer. His passion for hip-hop music started of school in 1996. He Start2551 200013hip-hop 
 170Русская МузыкаРусская Музыкаhttp://promodj.com/russmuz20162533 145hip-hop 
 171Танок на майдані КонґоТанок на майдані КонґоKiev http://www.tnmk.com/2530 ↑20646hip-hop 
 172deletedeleteM8 http://igloomag.com/reviews/delete-predatory-things-of-a-minute-mindtrick2528 5810electronic 
 173Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb http://stayupforeverrecords.com2477 ↓1197963techno 
 174Alexander StepanovAlexander StepanovMoskva2460 324hip-hop 
 175Ruslan GasanovRuslan GasanovGrotesque - "Random Acts" became the second best selling track on Beatport in 2018 in Minimal / Deep Tech chart. #17 Russian DJ in 2017 via dj.ru Top 100 Alfa Future Awards DJ in 2018 Founder of @rundellbeatz All requests: grotesque@rundellbeatz.ru Saint-2459 3242tech 
 176Maria MelnikovaMaria MelnikovaCoockoo is a young and eccentric, alternative rock band, based in London. Internet success in January 2009 with their provocative single Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K) brought instant popularity within the Russian underground music scene. Some might call them2457 ↓1407rock 
 177Elizar PirogovElizar PirogovSt. Peterburg2453 37521techno 
 178Taras T-killahTaras T-killahConcerts: +7915-0000-999 concerts@t-killah.ru Russian Hip-Hop, Dance Artist. Follow me - http://www.youtube.com/TkillahOfficial Moscow http://www.t-killah.ru2444 ↓1922маршал 
 179Алексей БезбожновАлексей БезбожновSaint Petersburg http://blckct.bandcamp.com/2420 ↓14057electronic 
 180Alexey  SolovevAlexey SolovevSkype:Soloveydjs mail: Soloveydjs@yandex.ru web: djsolovey.com Moscow http://solovey.pdj.ru/2411 4942dance 
 181Davud NyruevDavud NyruevMoscow http://centrgroup.ru2390 032zanuda 
 182Дмитрий ЛаврутовДмитрий Лаврутов10 Треков Лаврутова - еженедельная музыкальная программа на Sound Cloud. Ведущий - Дмитрий Лаврутов. Booking & PR: lavrutov@mail.ru Moscow2343 ↑202514podcast 
 183Дореволюцiонный  СовѣтчикъДореволюцiонный СовѣтчикъКуртуазный повѣса и смутьянъ Уѣздный городъ N.2317 199142comedy 
 184Tin SontsyaTin SontsyaУкраїнська рок-артилерія / Ukrainian Folk-Metall Kyiv2308 ↓1103841metal 
 185Flawless ElectronicaFlawless ElectronicaDMNDZ - Flawless Electronica. ANY INQUIRY \ BOOKING - WE@DMNDZ.COM Omsk https://play.spotify.com/artist/5SiYu8hQzDPsNdIpY1EqnJ2262 6363trap 
 186matvey larionenkomatvey larionenkoSt Petesburg2238 ↓11721Pop 
 187Radio NVRadio NVKyiv https://radio.nv.ua/2228 02936news 
 188Радость МояРадость Мояhttps://soundcloud.com/radostmoja2226 ↓1514ljubza 
 189βенера Ŧильβенера Ŧильэстетика опечаленного терроризма. darkseaveneratil@gmail.com aestheticsofthesorrowfulterrorism http://dvrksea.bandcamp.com/2190 ↓17724classical 
 190Denis GrigoryevDenis GrigoryevМосква2188 060hip-hop 
 191HDSH (ХЫДЫШ)HDSH (ХЫДЫШ)Kiev https://vk.com/hdshrap2168 ↓12875hip-hop 
 192MelodiyaMelodiyaMoscow http://www.melody.su2154 122238classical 
 193Tekstil MusicTekstil MusicTekstil Music - promoters, Djs & electronic musicans community based in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Owned by @DenisShubin and @MuntBerry. Sankt-Peterburg http://tekstilmusic.com/2152 7084techno 
 194Melodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychMelodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychBooking: booking@polyptychmusic.com All Enquiries: michon@polyptychmusic.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com Melodic Music From Russia with Love Founder of Label @polyptychmusic Analog Mastering Studio @analogmastersagency Beatport TOP100 Tracks Bea2149 ↓13832progressive 
 195Nikita LegostevNikita LegostevRussian Rap / Hip-Hop Artist Moscow http://st1m.ru2117 ↓3351hip 
 196KAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KKAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KThe record label company ''KAPRIMULA Label Group'' is based by the Russian musicians G.E.N.O.M. and Dzhugo MC in 2015 in the territory of Kazan city The policy of publishing house comprises all directions electronic, instrumental and experimental music th2105 10633tech 
 197Olga MaximovaOlga MaximovaMoscow/Paris Moscow2093 6263plavay 
 198DemokracyDemokracy2055 ↓1525have 
 19922 2222 22Moscow http://vk.com/ritmomoscow2048 258electronic 
 200Nameless DancersNameless DancersNAMELESS DANCERS – the studio group which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. Music of this collective – specific synthesis of l2025 ↓53514disco,