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 1HeinakonHeinakonThanks for more than 18000 plays! vk.com/ucarrera vk.com/hardiology formerly known as "cayenn" 43 http://promodj.com/heinakon317202322gabber 
 1Dmitry KomarovDmitry KomarovMoscow https://hearthis.at/dmitry.dimdim/29520151world 
 1Andrey RyzhkovAndrey RyzhkovProducing music ITB since 2007. Music I repost also somehow was influenced by me Moscow http://kovkovmusic.com3231200824electronic 
 1Artur BayramgalinArtur BayramgalinArtur Bayramgalin was born in 1974 in Ufa (Russia). As son of popular Ufa artist, Artur was destined towards music at an early age. At the age of 22, Artur made a name for himself on the Russian music scene performing with many of top artists. During rece643200743smooth 
 1DmitryDmitryhttp://716label.bandcamp.com/album/716-029-hagu2-hagu2 Izhevsk457200726electronic 
 1yoosyoosNunca es tarde Angarsk https://yus.github.io1486200332nrit 
 1Mikhail VaganovMikhail VaganovWelcome! MBS hip-hop|rap artist Kirov http://vk.com/id407617457238200331trap 
 1Roman  MarchenkovRoman MarchenkovRoman Marchenkov [ Heyspace ] is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia - the city, bursting with creativity of those who live in it. Spending his formative years in a cultural center of such caliber helped forming903200223techno 
 1dj bobbydj bobbyIzhevsk18720022latin 
 1Deepalma / Sub Urban  / DeepWitDeepalma / Sub Urban / DeepWitDéepalma Soul // Sub Urban // DeepWit // Toolroom Records // Christian Lamper - Musician, Dj, soundtrack designer and producer (since 2005). The productively developing Russian musician comes from Cologne, Germany. During his career, Christian went 128720018toolroom 
 1Thomas MannThomas MannWorldWide Internet radio station from Moscow, Russia. If you want offer your tracks for radio rotation or add to soundcloud tracklist, please email, link below. Moscow https://europarussia.ru173420001254chanson 
 1DJ SpotDJ SpotHip-Hop DJ from Russia (Saint-Petersburg) DJ Spot is Hip-Hop. Born in beautiful Russian city - Saint-Petersburg and still grind here. He is selfmade MC, DJ, Beatmaker and Sound Engineer. His passion for hip-hop music started of school in 1996. He Start2551200013hip-hop 
 1Vasily BvoiceVasily Bvoicehttps://www.facebook.com/bvoice.official http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/bvoice https://pro.beatport.com/artist/bvoice/15279/tracks   Whether it is as a DJ, music composer or promoter, Vasily Bvoice is one of Moscow’s most active figures in the undergro743120006music 
 1Vladimir ZamanskyVladimir ZamanskyPionersky39920003hip-hop 
 1Andrey SemenovAndrey SemenovMoskow http://leprosorium.ru53019993deep 
 1MARCHUK ALEKSEYIMARCHUK ALEKSEYIСанкт-Петербург1133199867drum 
 1DJ 1985 aka DJ 1983 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 0000 aka...DJ 1985 aka DJ 1983 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 0000 aka...MIXXX OUTLET BY DJ 1985 (RUSSIA) Chelyabinsk1888199858acid 
 1Sergey GolubSergey GolubNeostatics Sounds (RUS), Founded in 2013, our main format : others trance, house, electronic, trap, dubstep, bigroom, edm Sub Label Soundserfing Records (RUS), Founded in 2014, which produces exclusive releases for the promotion of the direction : tranc7471997257house 
 1Yaroslav ZagorskiyYaroslav ZagorskiyMoscow http://www.mixcloud.com/djelbarbudo/20719971techno 
 1Incognito NightIncognito NightI find happiness in music. Repost = Respect. I will be glad to interesting suggestions. ROSTOV-on-DON159319965hip-hop 
 1Дореволюцiонный  СовѣтчикъДореволюцiонный СовѣтчикъКуртуазный повѣса и смутьянъ Уѣздный городъ N.2317199142comedy 
 1Gasa Deep SunsetGasa Deep SunsetSankt Peterburg http://www.mixcloud.com/gasadeepsunset/567199011electronic 
 1Vlad AndriyanovVlad AndriyanovPetersburg43319875experimental 
 1Капитанский РомКапитанский Ром951198612piano 
 1Dubwork Le FreakDubwork Le FreakAn independent record label that focuses on the production of quality house music and disco. It focuses on the world market of digital music distribution. Moscow1225198430deep 
 1Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb http://stayupforeverrecords.com2621198262techno 
 1Evgeniy SemenchenkoEvgeniy SemenchenkoPerception of sound is the project of a sound producer Evgeniy Semenchenko from Moscow. During this project existence there has been a great number of tracks released on different labels (Nocturnal Global, Moonbeam Digital, Kraft Records, Flat Belly Recor95919828house 
 1Dmitriy ChernovDmitriy ChernovMy original name Dmitriy Chernov (Russia) Write music deep & tech house National Techno, Kommunikation Records, Tretmuehle, Complex Textures, GSS records. Beatport link:http://www.beatport.com/artist/deem/285717 mail:ddeem83@gmail.com45219826deep 
 1Robert GaraevRobert GaraevHeavy Metal DJs - творческое музобъединение, сложившиеся благодаря нынешним московским реалиям. Музыкант, диск-жокей старой школы Дима Feelgood и диджей, журналист Роберт Порносуперстар познакомились еще в клубе Mix, но сошлись позже, благодаря жилищному 984196427electronic 
 1Ctrl Ur Soul MusicCtrl Ur Soul MusicSince 2008 We are http://soundcloud.com/jickz https://soundcloud.com/krabsogood http://soundcloud.com/daim Saint-Petersburg634195010house 
 1Артур ХельдАртур Хельдcomposing, mixing and mastering St-Petersburg http://sharmutta.wix.com/dubstep504194925bass 
 1PavelPavelPavel Mozgovoy (aka Mozg) is electronic music producer at different styles like drum'n'bass, dubstep, trip-hop, trance full-on. Feel free to contact me via souncloud Moscow27119468full-on 
 1Vyacheslav SedovVyacheslav SedovWelcome to my little world of my music art. Here I upload my music works, that I compose, record and myxing by myself. Hope that you enjoy my music, and I always glad to see your feedback, it's important for me.)Have a nice day.) Sankt-Peterburg http://vk1490194514electronic 
 1Alexey MitrokhinAlexey MitrokhinAll works in 320 kb/s is here: http://promodj.com/dj-raduga Человек создает первое впечатление о себе уже через 40 секунд, после визуального контакта... так что, написать можно все.. судить о человеке, как личности, можно...только по его поступка29219442sunny 
 1Sun Station RecordsSun Station RecordsSun Station exists to be a psychedelic music provider. We pack sonic journeys and deliver our sound as downloads and performances at parties worldwide. Messages on Soundcloud ignored. No demos accepted right now. Saint-Petersburg http://sunstation.ru6982194223psytrance 
 1JILLOJILLOJILLO is a young music producer and DJ writing music in the genre of Progressive House, Pop, Hip Hop. He was born 25 / December / 2000. He loved to listen to different genres of music when he was still a child. That's when he had a dream to become a DJ. T291819407house 
 1Slava IskanyanSlava IskanyanDissociactive is a Russian electronic music project from Moscow, formed in 2001 by Vyacheslav Iskanyan. Dissociactive first emerged in the underground programs Scream tracker and Buzz tracker, which led to creating the releases of tracks Fabrikikoz and La2804193322psytrance 
 1Vanko SamarVanko SamarVanko Samar was born in Samara (Russia) in 1982. In 2008 Vanko Samar began to experiment with electronic music. First releases in 2010: Pepperjam Records (Netherlands), Melodic Records (Columbia), Electric Romeo Records (Germany). In 2011 Vanko was succ31219308deep 
 1WinickWinick❏❍◄ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ►∞❍▲WINICK▲❏(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) Moscow1596192925rave 
 1Giraphone Records|Aufseit|mInim.allGiraphone Records|Aufseit|mInim.allBiography: Imagine a crumbling city, empty concrete cells that had recently been someone's apartments, not so long ago one could hear the laughter. Each week on this deserted city falls the mist when come into which you may hear amazing music. I can clea53019277minimal/deep 
 1Владимир БогатыревВладимир БогатыревМУЗЫКА - ЭТО ЖИВАЯ МАТЕРИЯ , ТАКАЯ - ЖЕ КАК ЛЮДИ . ОНА - РАСТЕТ И СТАРЕЕТ . ТОЛЬКО НЕ УМИРАЕТ ... Ростов на Дону - Москва399192615посвящение 
 1uaruuaruMsc Izh33219179detroit 
 1Alexander ZhakulinAlexander ZhakulinAlexander Zhakulin - musician, producer, DJ, founder and ex-member of the project Techno Phobia, who started his career in the distant 2010. In the field of Progressive Trance Productions, has repeatedly been awarded to support global celebrities such as:1075191517proglifting 
 1Alexey KotominAlexey KotominMUSIC, this is a strong manifestation of man. He will come with us throughout his life and will never betray or throw. Always next door. N.Novgorod1080189745dancehall 
 1jca 3jca 3Siemianowice Slaskie282189614house 
 1Max KorovaevMax KorovaevMoscow http://www.schoolsound.ru42618922dj 
 1Sergey FrancSergey FrancDJ/PRODUCER. Moscow46818845progressive 
 1KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow127218832progressive 
 1Jackin BrothersJackin Brothers"Jackin" Brothers" creative collective, written and produced since 2013. Aleksey Koshcheyev (DJ Ekacho) and Ivan Uzdyaev (Spectrum Vision) Россия1265188211street 
 1Rap/ Hip-Hop/ UndergroundRap/ Hip-Hop/ UndergroundYekaterinburg106518822hip-hop 
 1Uncle TrainUncle TrainBack to work https://vk.com/fattain74 Saint-Petersburg1776187949hip-hop 
 1Ilya VetrovIlya Vetrovhttp://promodj.com/ilya-veter https://pro.beatport.com/artist/ilya-vetrov/184925/tracks E-mail: djvetroff@gmail.com http://vk.com/ilya_vetroff354187944free 
 1FrancisFrancisFrancis is a DJ and producer from Moscow, Russia. He has a way of building up his set until the crowd goes absolutely wild! Francis started DJing in 2000. Over the past 10 years, Francis has developed his own unique mixing style while having the ability t468187815beat 
 1Dmitry SviridovDmitry Sviridovmusician, instrumentalist , beatmeaker , hip-hop producer From Moscow Moscow http://vk.com/piramida_production496187245house 
 1Дмитрий АнучинДмитрий АнучинDj, Musician. FingerMan t.e.Anuchin Dmitry was born in Russia in the town of Rybinsk, from 8 years old began to develop programs for writing electronic music Booking and Remixing fingermanid@gmail.com Rybinsk762187110cheerful 
 1Max GorbushinMax GorbushinPrema Bhakti - the music, changing the hearts. Prema Bhakti it's a dancing and not dancing music which Max Gorbushin writes under this name from 2007 year. Prema Bhakti is a composer, soundproduсer and DJ in one person. Max Gorbushin has started to writ38918712electronic 
 1Alexander CherkasovAlexander CherkasovThe graduate of school of electronic musicians and producers in Tula city (Rus) - «Re-Zone» (2008) RADIO-SET ON LINE(2009-...) UNDER BEAT PROMO(2011-...) ----------------------------------- Release: Record Label: Chason - Atlantis (Record Chill Out v94918609chillout 
 1Creative OneCreative One1085185975progressive 
 1Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1351185835dubstep 
 1This is Tech Guide with David DivinThis is Tech Guide with David Divin<b>«Tech Guide»</b> - Radio Show, which started in October 2011. Visiting podcast-known and eminent artists of the world <b>Techno, Deep Tech and Neotrance</b> scene. On a visit was: <b>Dani Sbert, Gorge (Pit Waldmann), LetKolben, Max Cooper, Ron Shatte, 145718581deep 
 1The Future Is Ours! Andrew BRThe Future Is Ours! Andrew BRFounder of Future Jungle Music booking and demos futurejungleru@hotmail.com You Ravin - I'm Ravin ! #FutureJungleMusic #FutureRave #Fjmusic #JungleVideo #FutureJungle #140Jungle #JungleBreaks #FootworkJungle #HardcoreBreakbeat #Rave1441185721future 
 1Андрей ВоропаевАндрей ВоропаевОмск429185325chance 
 1SergioCIFRASergioCIFRAMoscow http://vkontakte.ru/sergiocifra303185317island 
 17.1.6/label7.1.6/labelMusic doesn't recognize today borders, doesn't see frameworks and has no nationality. Creative realization in sound an embodiment to aspire to fall outside the limits for a long time styles and the genres, the new era in the field of sound creation allows1496184241witch 
 1Twin PixTwin PixHello World Moscow39318394breakbeat 
 1Andres ShuffleAndres ShuffleTHX FOR FOLLOWERS AND YOUR COMMENTS http://vk.com/andres_shuffle1368183825minimal 
 1alex jalex jHi, I'm an electronic music producer from Russia. Please listen through my tracks and leave some feedback to help my skills gain. Thanks! Currently signed to: Baroque Records Elliptical Recordings 2MR2 Records Freitag Recordings Moscow728183712electro-house 
 1Vikole Yanson YansonVikole Yanson YansonI like to composer music) Enjoy my music and I hope you like it! St. Peterburg1080183514hip-hop 
 1| Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap |   Pop | Tech House| Dance Music || Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap | Pop | Tech House| Dance Music |Dzhugo MC - the musician of the Kazan Prison Musical Laboratory. Began the musical career in a term of imprisonment in prison of a high security for especially serious crime. In the same place founded studio, was engaged in self-training, the composition 1200182419alternative 
 1Basement Jazz EnsembleBasement Jazz EnsembleBasement Jazz Ensemble is a group from St. Petersburg, Russia which was founded in autumn 2008. It consists of a talented musician, sound engineer and producer Vitaliy Stodolya (aka <a href="http://soundcloud.com/Eventual-Groove" rel="nofollow" target="_b4861182233broken 
 1Junior FamilyJunior FamilyJunior Family is a house music producers team. It's also a team of copyright and licensing specialists. Junior Family (as a music project) produces high-quality commercial house in a collaboration with worldwide known DJs and producers (WAWA, Nick Fioruc368182128house 
 1yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/24911818337progressive 
 1Артемий  ИногдаАртемий ИногдаКраснодар http://vk.com/bredogdaimoibeatog690181622instrumental 
 1EmausEmausMoscow http://www.djemaus.com34717981house 
 1musician, singer-songwritermusician, singer-songwriterOdessa373179023indie 
 1XXV кадрXXV кадрKyiv http://vk.com/xxv_kadr1748178642hip-hop 
 1Vadim SavchenkoVadim SavchenkoVadz / S.V.G. / Suseki / Neon Rider, etc... Russian Techno label Taganeiro894178092storytelling 
 1Ayrat NurkaevAyrat Nurkaevmy family: @heartcoreclub @get_buzi @vzor_collective @abstrasensionrec @hyperboloid @philosophyrecordings booking/remixes/mastering/beats/ghost production - mostapace@gmail.com. 1996. getting support and feedbacks from artists like: Culprate, Rustie, P2632176243electronic 
 1Aleksey MalinovskyAleksey MalinovskyMoscow60317514alexxvo 
 1Phantom Music ProductionPhantom Music Productionphantommusicproduction@gmail.com Moscow1198173860hip-hop 
 1Aleksei GorbachevAleksei GorbachevPlay Hard Music Saint-Petersburg705173823hip-hop 
 10bus0busLet's dance right now. Moscow179517371techno 
 1Maxxim MazaiMaxxim MazaiMaxxim La Mishka, Anjunadeep, Juicy Music, Radiant., Bosom From the cold and mysterious Mother Russia comes an unexpectatly great and deeply warm sound. As a veteran DJ of the electronic scene in Moscow Maxxim has played in many parts of the World. The3109172910melodic 
 1Tony GrahamTony GrahamDark Chi Risses - The musician, House,bass the producer! Saint-Petersburg37417198dance 
 1Alessiee AlessieeAlessiee AlessieeMoscow https://vk.com/alessieeofficial581171426alternative 
 1Папа Зи▲☮■ Papa ZIПапа Зи▲☮■ Papa ZI/вибрации музыки как средство общения с внешним миром ॐ /the vibrations of music as a means of communication with the outside world ॐ SZD474170730hip-hop 
 1Bad Trancer (aka Target Beat)Bad Trancer (aka Target Beat)My creative activity began for a long time. Still when in the light of an every possible sort of eJee's, Techno eJee's, with Hip Hop eJee's, fruit of the fifth version widely operated... Where that a floor of year I only studied interface Fruity Loops 5, 721169813psy 
 1Anton AnuchinAnton AnuchinRybinsk411169115house 
 1Deep House PetersburgDeep House PetersburgFounder : soundcloud.com/nick_esthetique Saint-Petersburg https://flat.audio/deephousespb24471690122electronic 
 1Sergey GolubSergey GolubNeostatics Sounds, Founded in 2013 (RUS). Is an independent russian record label, committed to promoting and spreading of electronic music in digital format. Style: trance, psytrance, house, electronic/downtempo, breaks, dubstep, trap and more... We are 374168729trance 
 1Vanya KoreyaVanya KoreyaVanya Koreya Techno DJ / Producer Carbone records FAH Obsession Insane Industry Das Kollektive BAD REPUTATION PLS.UK NEW YORK HAUNTED MEPHYST Saint - Petersburg http://www.traxsource.com/artist/339108/vanya-koreya754168410trance 
 1Maxxim MazaiMaxxim MazaiMazai aka Maxxim Label artist: Radiant., Juicy Music, Papa Records, ICONYC, Enormous Tunes, PPMusic, Universal Music, La Mishka etc. He has performed all over the world: Cannes, Valetta, Tallin, Landshut, Baden Baden, Strasbourg, Hong Kong, Cairo, Sharm E3004167528progressive 
 1Taki KechaouTaki KechaouMoscow381163317house 
 1Alexander OspanovAlexander OspanovComposer, videographer, DJ. Moscow302162249easy 
 1Chris ShuttleChris ShuttleThe name Chris Shuttle first thundered on the Russian techno stage in 1998. His sets are 100% uncompromised techno. Maximum energy output onto the dance floor and impeccable selection of material create an unrepeatable drive that is the hallmark of Крис 39516067techno 
 1konstantin duhovnyikonstantin duhovnyimail me: k.duhovnyi@gmail.com live,mix,sound engineer,composer. Moscow http://konstantinduhovnyi.bandcamp.com/712158926electronic 
 1Eugene SitkinEugene SitkinYekaterinburg19115641abstracthiphop