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 1Vladimir  BashmakovVladimir BashmakovEx-Driver DJ/Producer Ex-Driver aka Vladimir Bashmakov is a DJ and producer from Russia, Moscow. Since he started his DJ career back in early 2006 he had gigs all over Russia and neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, and being one on of th11548144trance 
 2Pavel KuzmenkoPavel KuzmenkoPavel Kuzmenko, also known as Paul Key is a Russian DJ/Producer. He was born on 12th August, 1983 in the city Khabarovsk, Far East Russia. His first meeting with music was in the mid-90's when he start listen Dream Dance compilations. He starts listen5584063trance 
 3Sergey GolubSergey GolubNeostatics Sounds (Exia Recordings) & Soundserfing Records (Exia Recordings). Is an independent russian record labels, committed to promoting and spreading of electronic music in digital format. Style : trance, house, drum, tecnho, electronic, breaks and 188121623trance 
 4EurekaEurekaEureka is a professional russian operatic soprano, who graduated from Gnesin Academy of music. But opera seemed not enough for her, and in 2010 she started a project in TRANCE MUSIC with Alexander Kondrushin - Russian composer who studied composition at1424914trance 
 5Dennis GraftDennis GraftUfa http://promodj.com/dennisgraft702003trance 
 6GlennGlennvape and runescape Camano Island463524trance 
 7ROMMROMMProducer / Remixer / DJ from Russia, Progressive trance, house, chillout Rostov-on-Don http://promodj.com/ROMANDJ17924trance 
 8SergeySergeyThis is a new Russian label that works exclusively in the styles of psy trance , GOA , FULL ON Owners label's - Acid Singularity , that gathered and make an unusual, exciting music styles. You can send us the music marked "Demo" on e-mail of a label : fr121813trance 
 9Maxim EvstraticovMaxim EvstraticovPerm1226trance 
 11Space CarrotSpace CarrotMoscow502trance 
 13Alexander ZonovAlexander Zonov"Rhino" with @victorguez is OUT NOW on @digital-empire-records https://fanlink.to/RHINO "Broken" is OUT NOW on @HoTLrecords Session #4: Ibiza https://www.beatport.com/track/broken-original-mix/9596138 "Seven Voices" with @victorguez is Out now on @Redou0031trance