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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Umber VamberUmber VamberUmber Vamber project has been started at 2012 in Moscow by Artem Leontev and Dmitry Bobrov. Idea was to create deep atmospheric, psychedelic music. Night tales with cosmic and forest tunes to bring listeners in different mysterious, dimensions and landsc35249922psychedelic 
 2Alexander LarichevAlexander LarichevX-Team is a project of Larichev Alexander, based in Moscow. He was born in 1992 and his age didn't fit the age requirement for entrance to most clubs, however, Alexander has extensive experience and has already played on festivals with such masters of ps612128612psychedelic 
 3EdellEdellEdell is Edi Reifman , born in Ukraine in 1981 and live in Israel since 1991. in 1995 Edi discovered the psytrance music and fall in love! Since then he knew this will be a longer addiction in life. In 1998 he started to DJing with the purpose to create 4122642psychedelic 
 4Dmitry StogovDmitry StogovMoscow3011029psychedelic 
 6Boris MakarenkoBoris MakarenkoGanesha (Boris Makarenko) is a new project from Russia (Moscow). He started his psychedelic experience in 1996 visiting goa trance parties. Then in 2005 he began to arrange full on parties in Moscow clubs inviting the most popular artists from all over th25212311psychedelic 
 7George & IvanGeorge & IvanThe Pan Psychic project is: Georgy aka Geo, Ivan Fedorenko (joined in 2006), Alexei Kravchenko (left in 2005). The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (Russia). The first public performance took place in spring 2000. Pan Psychic is the first proj2341212psychedelic 
 8Tribal WalkersTribal WalkersTribal Walkers project began in 2007. It focused on the production of the mixture of classical psychedelic, trip and progressive trance with atmospheric tribal and minimalist elements. From the beginning it was a collaboration of two guys from Moscow, Ig2204110psychedelic 
 9Sergei ShutovSergei ShutovSt. Petersburg1061311psychedelic 
 10Alexander QuarantineAlexander QuarantineDuo project was created by Alexander and Olga Khasai in 2009. Born in Moscow in 1985, Alexander has been into electronic music since 1998. Totally addicted, he got personally involve in the scene ans started producing techno music from 2000 until 2008. In104634psychedelic 
 11Paul Bokov and Sasha MartinsenPaul Bokov and Sasha MartinsenMoscow psy-chill-trance project experimenting with massive and dense psychedelic sound, twisted soundscapes and deep vibrations. Moscow671912psychedelic 
 12Andrey ChilikinAndrey ChilikinMoscow251262psychedelic 
 13Nic PirogovNic PirogovExperience Project: Общая информация Участвует с 19.11.2007 Сайт группы http://www.doomsound..ru Члены группы Dj Farman, Quasimodo Похоже на Old Night Psychedelic, Goa trance, Dark trance Музыкальный лейбл Doom Sound, El Espanto Urbano rec msk http:/11181psychedelic 
 15Kontur PonyKontur Pony726psychedelic 
 16Lider-tLider-thttp://psynone.ru/ Moscow5122psychedelic 
 17riya_riyariya_riyaOmsk http://www.myspace.com/riyariya202psychedelic