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 1Alexander DafAlexander Daf------------------------------ LABELS ------------------------------ Aleph Zero Avatar Records Electronic Soundscapes Microcosmos Records Sutemos ------------------------------ CONTACT ------------------------------ daf@sunstation.r95822220psychill 
 2Valentin MorgenValentin MorgenRemix/Booking requests PM. Sochi http://equipboard.com/valentine_acidova80336322psybreaks 
 3Roeth &  GreyRoeth & GreyIt was back in the early ‘90s that Daniel Roeth began spinning vinyls and playing acid trance & hard techno at underground parties in Moscow night clubs as a DJ. In 1993 he temporarily stopped DJ-career to build “IntroSpect. Porta Tracks” studio, where he6057411psytrance 
 4EdellEdellEdell is Edi Reifman , born in Ukraine in 1981 and live in Israel since 1991. in 1995 Edi discovered the psytrance music and fall in love! Since then he knew this will be a longer addiction in life. In 1998 he started to DJing with the purpose to create 4152642psychedelic 
 5Eugene SudarevEugene SudarevAmbient project MindGum was founded in 2008 by Sudarev Eugene from Russia, Moscow. The first experience of writing music came in 1998 and started with the program «fast tracker». Years passed, changing sequencers and varied styles of music. And 10 years3513212psychill 
 6Acidsamovar RecordsAcidsamovar RecordsAcidsamovar Records is a Russian record label, based in Moscow. Its purpose is to release and help develop Russian and foreign experimental electronic musicians. Breakcore, IDM, experimental electronic, ragga-core, hard drum'n'bass, rhythm noise, grindcor3402115psycore 
 7Natasha UrmanNatasha UrmanMoscow302841psychill 
 8Dmitry StogovDmitry StogovMoscow3001029psychedelic 
 10Boris MakarenkoBoris MakarenkoGanesha (Boris Makarenko) is a new project from Russia (Moscow). He started his psychedelic experience in 1996 visiting goa trance parties. Then in 2005 he began to arrange full on parties in Moscow clubs inviting the most popular artists from all over th25012310psychedelic 
 11George & IvanGeorge & IvanThe Pan Psychic project is: Georgy aka Geo, Ivan Fedorenko (joined in 2006), Alexei Kravchenko (left in 2005). The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (Russia). The first public performance took place in spring 2000. Pan Psychic is the first proj2291212psychedelic 
 12Tribal WalkersTribal WalkersTribal Walkers project began in 2007. It focused on the production of the mixture of classical psychedelic, trip and progressive trance with atmospheric tribal and minimalist elements. From the beginning it was a collaboration of two guys from Moscow, Ig2194110psychedelic 
 13Ganesha Digital ParadiseGanesha Digital ParadiseGanesha – Digital Paradise EP Title: Digital Paradise EP Artist: Ganesha Label: Morningstar/Geomagnetic.tv Catalogue: GEOEP013 Format: Digital Download / CDR Genre: Psy -Trance / Goa / Full-on Release: 2011 World Wide # Name Time Bpm92763psy 
 14Deeplook Fe5tival EPDeeplook Fe5tival EP[geoep018] Deeplook – Fe5tival EP Title: Fe5tival Artist: Deeplook Label: Morningstar/Geomagnetic.tv Catalogue: GEOEP018 Format: Digital Download / CDR Genre: Progressive / Trance / Techno / Full-on Release: 2011 World Wide # Name 69303psytrance 
 15Alex  AntiAlex AntiMoscow3829psyhoacidpop 
 16Andrey ChilikinAndrey ChilikinMoscow261172psychedelic 
 17Acidova, Too Dusty, AkashAcidova, Too Dusty, Akash800psybreaks