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 1Vendace RecordsVendace RecordsVendace Records is a dance label based in Moscow city of Russia. On Vendace Records we release just quality, innovative and definitely dance music! We already have onboard talented producers from Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Japan, Moldavia. Vendace Records 7788127563progressive 
 2Maxxim MazaiMaxxim MazaiMazai aka Maxxim Label artist: Juicy Music, Papa Records, ICONYC, Enormous Tunes, PPMusic, Universal Music, La Mishka etc. He has performed all over the world: Cannes, Valetta, Tallin, Landshut, Baden Baden, Strasbourg, Hong Kong, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, 2992167727progressive 
 3yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/22671759336progressive 
 4Melodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychMelodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychBooking: booking@polyptychmusic.com All Enquiries: michon@polyptychmusic.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com Romantic Progressive Tech Music From Russia with Love Founder of Label @polyptychmusic Analog Mastering Studio @analogmastersagency Beatport21924232progressive 
 5EugeneEugeneDJ, producer & singer. Nizhniy Novgorod15919911progressive 
 6KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow129318922progressive 
 7SourCream OfficialSourCream OfficialSourCream is arranger, composer, remixmaker, and ghost-producer. He began to make the first experiments in music more than 15 years ago. He collaborates with other artists and also creates his own tracks in different styles. SourCream continues to improve874446progressive 
 8Leonid ShalomLeonid ShalomRussian producer also known as Leon 78 and focused on modern trance and progressive music. Released on @ArmadaMusic and @ColdharbourRecordings Please feel free for asking all of your questions. I am always available to answer each person: music@leon78.co83510907progressive 
 9CravingCravingCraving is an electronic dance music duo of two Russian-based guys named Denis Fedotov and Ilya Karpov. The sound of Craving features mostly bright, progressive melodies. The very first original tracks as well as remixes by Craving became hugely s716569progressive 
 10Tip DTip D'Oris#producer #electronic #music #technoman St. Petersburg https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Tip_D_Oris?id=Acpiiy54ajnouncadxgdfqwfa6q6982922progressive 
 11Dave ShtornDave ShtornDave Shtorn - Producer, Dj, head of Magic Room labels group (inc. labels Magic Room, Space Room and Deep Room)532736progressive 
 12Ilya RomanovIlya RomanovNovosibirsk4996014progressive 
 14Sergey FrancSergey FrancDJ/PRODUCER. Moscow47719114progressive 
 15Artem StolyarovArtem StolyarovEngels472152progressive 
 16Melodic TechnoMelodic TechnoMassTek Full name: Albert Fahriyev and Dmitry Goncharov Bio: Duo from Chelyabinsk, Russia Ufa https://vk.com/masstekofficial45716328progressive 
 17aka Dj NaDiaka Dj NaDiDj NaDi is a female dj and producer from Russia having begun her music career in 2004, Dj NaDi has soon achieved a great success and, in short time, began to go on gigs across Russia and foreign countries. In that time DJ NaDi understood that she wanted t442436progressive 
 18Viktor Agent SmithViktor Agent SmithMoscow4083538progressive 
 19Konstantin ChelakhovKonstantin ChelakhovRussian dj and producer from Murmansk. Chelakhov has been churning out quality tracks since 2012 and during this time he found himself working alongside other notable artists and releasing on top labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Clinique Recordings, BQ 39636014progressive 
 20Denis TrollwoodDenis TrollwoodTrollwood is solo project by Denis Bogachev from Russia, Moscow. After getting into psychedelic music back in 1999, he involved in producing his own tunes and started the project in 2005. Since then he focused on morning psychedelic progressive trance, co3319111progressive 
 22Ivan Sticky Jam Music anf Arkona-CreatioIvan Sticky Jam Music anf Arkona-Creatiostickymusic.ru Moscow2772023progressive 
 23TonyOnTonyOn______________ Music is salvation Moscow http://www.tonyon.ru/2279118progressive 
 24Andrey Makarov, Vyacheslav KosjakovAndrey Makarov, Vyacheslav KosjakovProject NADA HOUSE has been based in 2010, when Two persons (Andrey Makarov, Vyacheslav Kosjakov) have decided to begin joint creativity. Despite different musical preferences, all of us have developed the especial sounding which harmoniously combines el226184progressive 
 25Akim BaronAkim BaronSamara2201295progressive 
 26Andrew SoletskiAndrew SoletskiAndrew - a man traveling studio. One of the veterans in the progressive house and techno scene. He always stood in the dungeon producers from Russia as an artist and DJ with perfectly aligned sets with the elements of the space trips and deepest hypnotic21939410progressive 
 27Alexei NefedovAlexei NefedovOrenburg20247progressive 
 28SergeySergeyLife starts with a beat….the heartbeat. Music is in us and part of us. We are united by the beats. Sergey, also known as ASTRAL AXIS is one of the Russian sound producers. Music style is mostly trance and progressive. Signed the contract with El1902416progressive 
 29NikitaNikitaDJ and Producer from Moscow, Russia Mixing it up since 2009 Contact me : nikitozz08@gmail.com Join me in an unforgettable journey of MORE IS ENOUGH Moscow http://vk.com/nikita_shiryaev1861746progressive 
 30Vlad GusleeVlad GusleeStereo Africa http://vk.com/vladguslee15211174progressive 
 31ZhannaZhannaBorned in Moscow, Zhanna has started DJing since 2004. Inspired by psy mornings tunes and interested in sound producing she started her own project. Working mostly with progressive sounds so far, her future will hold also journeys lands of chill and night11415311progressive 
 32Dennis GraftDennis GraftUfa http://promodj.com/dennisgraft11320810progressive 
 33Phontaste RecordsPhontaste RecordsLabel Phontaste Records is a new name in club culture. We will regularly please you with high-quality material both for the play in clubs and for home listening. Our label is ready to release music in such styles as Progressive House, Tech House, Deep11013329progressive 
 34Anton PenkinAnton Penkinhttp://founderofsound.promodj.com1097913progressive 
 35Kamil YegelevKamil Yegelevgood boys always stay at home on friday night Moskva http://yegelev.com1042248progressive 
 36Gunsta DigitalGunsta DigitalSaint - Petersburg906217progressive 
 37Pavel VishnyakovPavel VishnyakovChelyabinsk904401progressive 
 38Fixer RecordsFixer RecordsYekaterinburg http://myspace.com/fixerrecords8802progressive 
 39ONLY EXCLUSIVE RECORDSONLY EXCLUSIVE RECORDSContact us: oe-records@mail.ru Official Site: oe-records.com World83347progressive 
 40OrganicoOrganicoSymmetrical Nature Records St.Petersburg http://gplus.to/himmi711862progressive 
 41Nikita YurievichNikita YurievichSankt-Peterburg671011progressive 
 42ATKATKOne of the new official releases from Indiealliance Records, join us: http://www.soundcloud.com/indiealliance Tracklist: 01. Sweet Bitterness (Tune Off Original Mix) 02. Sweet Bitterness (Ambient Mix) 03. Sweet Bitterness (Michael Doney Remix) 04.5825progressive 
 43Dmitry SDmitry SMoscow4910313progressive 
 44Slicity SlicitySlicity Slicityгород Екатеринбург+Санкт-Петербург4832211progressive 
 45Ilya TruskovskyIlya TruskovskyMoscow47542progressive 
 46IlyaIlyaNovosibirsk http://www.mixcloud.com/illuminati/452716progressive 
 47Nik DobrevNik DobrevAPARTEID rock band progressive, alternative authentic lirycs cover versions moscow city Moscow city http://www.APARTEID.com4523613progressive 
 48David KhayatDavid KhayatMoscow45504progressive 
 49Victor ZmeiVictor ZmeiMoscow45252progressive 
 50Martin EnzoMartin EnzoMoscow401334progressive 
 51Alexander & Yuri ParkhomenkoAlexander & Yuri ParkhomenkoSankt-Peterburg3901progressive 
 52SergeySergeyRussia http://barma-tune.pdj.ru/35792progressive 
 53DmitryDmitryChe http://promodj.com/TrueLABEL5333311progressive 
 54Denis FractalDenis Fractal321662progressive 
 55Ilya GorshkovIlya GorshkovKazan311961progressive 
 56Ruslan HalogenRuslan HalogenRostov-on-Don http://161.fm27102progressive 
 57Sincere SoundSincere Sound26177progressive 
 58Kudesnik & PriSeKudesnik & PriSe2010, февраль | Kudesnik & PriSe feat. Eva Kade - Ancient Dreams (SINGLE) [National Sound Records] Support: М.Pravda, Aly & Fila, Stack & Di 2009, ноябрь | Kudesnik & PriSe feat. Eva Kade - Ancient Dreams (Vocal Mix) (SuperClub Vol. 2, VA) [National 2653progressive 
 59Alexander  VaulinAlexander VaulinMoscow23154progressive 
 60TFA RecordsTFA RecordsMoscow2302progressive 
 62Artem KornilovArtem KornilovKazan http://redcross.pdj.com2003progressive 
 63Soundseekers MusicSoundseekers MusicSoundseekers is the musical project created by two talented young men, directed by creation of qualified electronic music and its promotion. Moscow http://vk.com/soundseekers1817progressive 
 64Yura KarpenkoYura KarpenkoMoscow http://vk.com/yura.karpenko17782progressive 
 66Sergini TechiniSergini TechiniMoscow14313progressive 
 67Alex Ro55aAlex Ro55aRostov-Na-Donu13612progressive 
 68Andrey MisyakovAndrey MisyakovZlatoust1303progressive 
 69Alex DiakonovAlex DiakonovIn 2000s Russia brought to the world many talanted electronic musicians. One of them are Musical Religion. The project was started in 2003 by Alex Dyakonov, Rodion Grozovsky (he left the project in 2008) and Peter Schetanov, and still brings music excitem1301progressive, 
 70Alexander&Dmitry RotationAlexander&Dmitry RotationSamara1283progressive 
 71Sergey BolconskijSergey BolconskijVladimir http://tortuga.promodj.ru/11146progressive 
 72Anton TrofimovAnton TrofimovMartian Eclipse, whose real name is Anton, began to show his interest to music in the childhood, trying to understand the principle of making music, but it was in vain. All this things accumulated in him, but in the age of 13 he met famous Djs, acquaintan1104progressive 
 73Dmitry NemirovDmitry NemirovMoscow9179progressive 
 74Roman AntonovRoman AntonovNyzny Novgorod http://promodj.com/amnezia2009945progressive 
 75Micah RuskyMicah RuskyMixing & Mastering Saint Petersburg91163progressive 
 76Russian TunesRussian TunesRostov-on-Don901progressive, 
 77Channel oneChannel onePerm8197progressive 
 79Igor bogdanovIgor bogdanovБогданов Игорь Николаевич для Друзей просто: Гарик! Рабочий Псевдоним DJ Graff, с недавних пор DJ Graff-SPB. - Впервые встал за вертушки в 1999 году - за что и по сей день благодарит своего друга DJ Axel. в его послужном списке работа со многими небе8131progressive 
 80Andrey BatalovAndrey BatalovVotkinsk8551progressive 
 82Ron PolskiRon Polski701progressive 
 83Dima  VaninDima VaninMoskva751progressive 
 84Vitaliy KremerVitaliy KremerPerm6152progressive 
 86Evgeniy DaletskiyEvgeniy DaletskiyDolgoprudny501progressive 
 87Dmitry SinhDmitry SinhRegion of Krasnoyarsk http://sinh.pdj.ru/531progressive 
 88Dmitri SpiridonovDmitri Spiridonovwho cares? Moscow412progressive 
 89Ara EAra EMoskva401progressive\tech 
 91Mikhail M!STMikhail M!STTyumen302progressive 
 93Igor ArapovIgor ArapovKrasnoyralsk311progressive 
 94Ian AlavatskiyIan AlavatskiyYekaterinburg202progressive 
 95Kirill PanteleyevKirill PanteleyevSankt-Peterburg211progressivehouse 
 96Alexandr Kolosov Alex KollosAlexandr Kolosov Alex KollosSyktyvkar201progressive 
 98Maxim SafiyarovMaxim SafiyarovKirov http://adinap.promodj.ru/114progressive 
 99Sergey PskovitinSergey PskovitinSeverouralsk104progressive 
 100Александр СмирновАлександр СмирновСпб102progressive