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 1South Ural Music AllianceSouth Ural Music AllianceFantli (SUMA) Russian dj and sound-producer, distinctive representative of the proper House scene from Ural region. Raw deep pads and competent approach to the choice of musical material began their formation during b2b performances that led to a t409911283dub 
 2Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1377188435dubstep 
 3MC DjadajMC DjadajMoscow1369350dubstep 
 4Gavriil BordyukovGavriil BordyukovGavlirius, Gavriil A. Bordyukov, was born and grown up in Moscow. He got an ear for music during researching his father's collection. Gavriil had creative approach out of the box thinking from the childhood up. Keenly appreciating sound fluxes, he've lear5182451dub 
 5Mikhail  CosmosMikhail CosmosТворческое объединение Cosmosound берёт своё начало с 1998 года , тогда ещё как компания Космос продакшн , образованная Михаилом Космосом известным продюсером и пропагандистом прогрессивной электронной музыки в России. По замыслу М.Космоса, лейбл "Космос 5071735Dub 
 7MariaMariamore music on http://www.mixcloud.com/maria_dissolved/ Chelyabinsk http://www.mixcloud.com/maria_dissolved/3451812dubstep 
 8Vitaly VereskunovVitaly Vereskunov●ANAGLIF(Vitaly Vereskunov) - EDM musician/DJ CONTACTS: ►Contact EMail - anaglifmusio@gmail.com vereskunov@outlook.com ►PromoDJ - https://promodj.com/anaglif2000 ►VKontakte - https://vk.com/anaglifofficial ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/Anaglif_ ►Faceboo21913029dubstep 
 10Anton KapranovAnton KapranovBarnaul7113415dubstep 
 13TønsTønsHi. Right here you can listen my brand new music. Also you can check my VK page. Enjoy201419dubstep 
 15Alexey SerguninAlexey SerguninMoscow https://www.pond5.com/ru/index.php?page=my_uploads12015dubstep