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 1Anton IshutinAnton Ishutinishutinmusic@gmail.com Owner : Pepper Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/peppercatlabel Disco Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/disco-cat-records booking in Russia: morozovonline@gmail.com +7 905 224 16 54 Booking in Egypt michael@eregypt.com +202 33031535558628deep 
 2HipstercastHipstercastCo-owned by Attaboy, the cult of contemporary independent music hipsters from Indie to House and Underground sound. The unique combination of style and sound in each of the episodes, brought fame and popularity of podcasts in Russia and Ukraine. Hipsterca138104684deep 
 3Anton KuznetsovAnton KuznetsovAMC web source : WEB - antohamc.ru Inst - instagram.com/antohamc YT - youtube.com/antohamc VK - vk.com/antoha_mc FB - facebook.com/antohamc Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/antohamc Moscow http://antohamc.ru5163198deep 
 4Alexey SonarAlexey SonarHis performance behind the decks is a must-see happening for everyone who is a competent fan of electronic dance music. An inherent feeling of the dancefloor, outstanding energy and distinguished choice of music mark Alexey Sonar out of the humdrum mass o39235115deep 
 5Quality Deep ElectronicsQuality Deep ElectronicsThe Moscow's Deepology label is known for releasing high quality modern deep-house music in it's various forms and appearances. Founded by DJ's Electric and One it is one of the suppliers of the finest deep and underground house music on the international3805268514deep 
 6Andrey PopovAndrey PopovFrom Russia With love :) http://djmexxbeat.pdj.com1115222deephouse 
 8Artem HarchenkoArtem HarchenkoMoscow http://www.r-tem.com10354246deep 
 9Plant 74 RecordsPlant 74 RecordsPlant 74 Records by Tripmastaz. http://www.beatport.com/label/plant-74/21574/tracks981032deep 
 10OLEG STUFFOLEG STUFFOleg Serebryakov was born on January 28th, 1977 in St.Petersburg, Russia. He’s better known as Oleg Stuff – a very talented musician, composer and producer. He was obsessed with the music from the very childhood.Meeting with DJ Michael Pugo atthe end of 193114316deep/art 
 11Nikolay DanilinNikolay DanilinNikolay Danilin is a Russian Dj & Producer who's well known as Kolya.His big love to house music makes him study and be involved into production to this day.In 2013 KOLYA became the first winner from Russia in the competition Burn Studio Residency which t9163512deep 
 12Tip DTip D'Oris#producer #electronic #music #technoman St. Petersburg https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Tip_D_Oris?id=Acpiiy54ajnouncadxgdfqwfa6q6932922deep 
 13World Party TravelWorld Party TravelMoscow66152deep 
 14Support RecordsSupport RecordsSUPPORT RECORDS. Progressive House, Dubstep, Tech House, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance. Send Your Demos To music@supportrecords.net Website http://www.supportrecords.net www.supportrecords.net http://www.supportrecords.net63365518deep 
 15Olga FroltsevaOlga FroltsevaDj Frolya (real name Olga Froltseva) was born and raised up in Saint-Petersburg. Music is everything in her life - dance, movement, love, creativity. She learned to play vinyl when she was sixteen in 1996 and she bought after a few of her favorite release3863632deep-tech 
 16EvgenyLightEvgenyLightThank you to visit my page! Try to second part here: https://soundcloud.com/dazeman Based in Rostov, Evgeny is originally from Norilsk (Northern Russia). In 2002 he moved to the south and joined the Phubriq project (<a href="http://phubriq.ru" rel="nofol3828516deep 
 17Dmitry EfremovDmitry EfremovWorldwide Bookong: djefremov@icloud.com +79672135429 Real Name: Dmitry Efremov Dmitry is a modern sort of DJ being able to read people playing music that gives emotion a chance to speak. He managed to transcend genres finding favor with music lovers of3348110deep 
 18ELL DAREELL DAREMoscow3342971deep 
 19Annie Dj SalamandraAnnie Dj SalamandraDj Salamandra - Unique person and absolute selfmade on russian house-scene. Having given seven years to style drum'n'bass, having changed on all key russian raves and having release out two solo albums – Sound of The Sun (2005) and Supah Star (2007) on pr33115613deep 
 20VictorVictorDJ/Producer Moscow3311562deep/tech/house 
 21Powered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupPowered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupMusic is created on the Recording Studio "Kazan Prison Music Lab" The Studio is located in a Russian prison. Here, musicians fulli immersed in the creative process, and give sound all the time, using a qualitative approach. Kazan http://www.traxsource.co328146731deep 
 22DubreeDubreeChernogolovka https://www.mixcloud.com/dubree31825911deep 
 23Vanko SamarVanko SamarVanko Samar was born in Samara (Russia) in 1982. In 2008 Vanko Samar began to experiment with electronic music. First releases in 2010: Pepperjam Records (Netherlands), Melodic Records (Columbia), Electric Romeo Records (Germany). In 2011 Vanko was succ31619288deep 
 24Natalia TurinaNatalia Turinavk.com/nataliturina St - Petersburg3138562deep 
 25Elastic  soundElastic soundMoscow309110deep 
 27Gate 51 RecordsGate 51 RecordsMoskow http://www.gate51.ru226538deep 
 28Ruslan SeverRuslan SeverRuslanSever, Moscow/Ufa (RU) Ufa223685deep 
 29Alexey KolganovAlexey Kolganovambient / dub / techno feel free to contact me — 110ml.music@gmail.com Moscow2155213deep 
 31Alexander DruzhininAlexander DruzhininPerm1585011deephouse 
 32SlavaSlavaMusician, composer, arranger. miripiruni [] gmail.com Thanks for listening! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 St. Petersburg http://mixcloud.com/miripiruni9520923deep 
 33Ruslan EdRuslan EdI love trance & progressive, working in Fl & Reason, In a photo, little DJing Magnitogorsk9236492deep 
 34Alexander KhodkinAlexander KhodkinDj Hap From St. Petersburg, Russia. After 10 years of passion drum'n'bass music, became interested in house music. Also love jazz, hip-hop and classic hot vibes! Production soon! Saint-Petersburg842412deep 
 35Nastya  GreenNastya GreenMoscow80158deep 
 36PARSHOOTAPARSHOOTARussian singer, actress, songwriter Moscow http://parshoota.com72219deep 
 37Max OrlovMax OrlovEkaterinburg-Moskow533282deep&disco 
 39Ruslan LyubkoRuslan LyubkoYoung from Samara sound producer,musician,singer-ReverBeat Moscow http://vk.com/reverbeat25837deep 
 41NAME C.A.T.NAME C.A.T.I AM NAME . We represent the movement. C.A.T. (Comin any thrill). Young people committed to excellent, so we offer you to listen to what is experienced by young people almost every day. Moscow https://vk.com/cat.crews13136deep 
 42Alex SoulinskyAlex SoulinskyNizhniy Novgorod12611deep 
 43Wout  De BruyckerWout De BruyckerNinove1034deep 
 45Андрей ЧерниченкоАндрей Черниченкомосква132deep 
 46ilya dadonovilya dadonovSaint-Peterburg http://vkontakte.ru/dadonoff111deep 
 47Vadim ShumaevVadim ShumaevSankt-Peterburg1221deephouse