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Рейтинг русскоязычных музыкантов SoundCloud

 1Dima UstinovDima UstinovFor more mixes visit http://www.mixcloud.com/taras3000 Dima Ustinov is a Moscow-based composer, sound-producer and disc jockey, also known under aliases TARAS3000 and Dima Yaponets. This is a showcase of different projects and collaborations. For an286416280ambient 
 2Yury NilsYury NilsYuri Nils – DJ NILS (Moscow, Russia) – professional musician, DJ and musical compiler, specialist in comfort electronic music. Long-term resident DJ at the legendary Moscow club, KRYSHA MIRA, and active participant in the dynamically developing SLOWDANCE 27942641ambient 
 3Pavel :)Pavel :):D Москва2693312ambient 
 4Dmitry KurmyshevDmitry KurmyshevKurmyshev, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t imagine a day-ti2007432ambient 
 5Aleksandra PoliakovaAleksandra PoliakovaPoly represents the Russian minimal scene. She is a resident at Saint-Petersburg based club @Stackenschneider and co-founder and resident of Tur. Saint-Petersburg18163376ambient 
 6Psy is in my mindPsy is in my mindMoscow162513ambient 
 7Vitaly SemenovVitaly SemenovРУССКИЙ Привет всем!!! Представляю Вашему вниманию своё музыкальное творчество. Здесь, Вы можете прослушать мои песни под гитару про любовь и про жизнь, на русском языке, а также, здесь Вы найдете треки электронной музыки различных жанров и песни на анг1081505107ambient 
 8Андрей - The capkeepDilapidatedMerry-andrewАндрей - The capkeepDilapidatedMerry-andrew-Артист -Музыкант -Исполнитель -Композитор -Продюсер -Писатель -Актёр своих образов и стилей -Путешественник -Фотограф -Изобретатель -Божество -Любовь -Жизнь -Семья -Творчество -Будущее -Смысл жизни Омская область/Омск http://cpddma.bandcamp.com/77892035ambient 
 9Daniil VavilovDaniil VavilovVladimir653623ambient 
 10Dmitri BørnDmitri BørnSt Petersburg https://www.mixcloud.com/UnlogicThing/323337ambient 
 11Lunar Abyss Deus Organum & sidesLunar Abyss Deus Organum & sidesKarjala3072129ambient 
 12TimofeyTimofeyThis is official page of siberian ambient musician Tim32. Welcome! There are a few words about what my music is and on which soil it grows on. My music consists of few different themes and frankly I can't predict where it's going next year, but space and 280100327ambient 
 13vitia cybvitia cyb254125216ambient 
 14Rudy EnsuenoRudy EnsuenoEkaterinburg http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/ensueno1941322ambient 
 15KARELOWKARELOWDJ / HUSBAND / FATHER / MATE Moscow https://youtu.be/I3MaX_1zstE18952135ambient 
 16Eugene KushnerEugene KushnerComposer from Siberia You may support me via paypal: half212@yandex.ru Novosibirsk http://promodj.com/EugeneKushner1714634ambient 
 18Sergey BulychevSergey BulychevAmbient music is a genre of music based on timbre modulation and emphasises atmosphere over traditional musical structure. Contemporary ambient formed several varieties, from the lightest transparent textures to the more rigid and experimental powerfull s1634319ambient 
 19Pavel GurinPavel Gurinsound engineer samara http://oshikito.promodj.ru/16233326ambient 
 20Victor StellarVictor StellarVictor Stellar was born on September 1, 1971, in Russia, in Moscow. He began the creative activity in 1998. Victor the composer and sound director, working in a genre of electronic music, loves to experiment with the sound. Discography: 2005 Virtual w150138ambient 
 21Kit PlehanovKit PlehanovMoscow1372513ambient 
 22arkady martoarkady martoMoskow1311048ambient 
 23Boris VBoris VKazan922261ambient 
 24okapeeokapee.Unmirror album in 2019 Moskow https://music.yandex.ru/artist/7333963811799ambient 
 25Roman PavlovRoman Pavlovsoon... Saint-Petersburg http://etherealpilgrim.com80919ambient 
 26ilya stepanischevilya stepanischevlabels: Alphacut Facture NexGen Opposide Pinecone Moonshine Respect Family St.Petersburg7265ambient 
 27MikaMikaSaint Petersburg715614ambient 
 28Fedor NovikovFedor NovikovMoscow701226ambient 
 29Anton / MikhailAnton / MikhailAnton Glebov (Space Holiday Rocks, FPRF) Mikhail Gavrilov (FPRF) Novosibirsk63207ambient 
 30Alexey GaidukAlexey GaidukVoronezh http://le5h.deviantart.com/541027ambient 
 31Sega ZhukovSega ZhukovMoscow487430ambient 
 32Alexey LermontovAlexey LermontovTomsk463725ambient 
 34Multipal KhazarianMultipal KhazarianReal electronic music beyond the genre borders. Never play the same program twice. Constructing every set in real time. Moscow423313ambient 
 37Tal ShulmanTal ShulmanChef and photographer. Music is the answer.❤️ M0scow341673ambient 
 38Nikita AbramovNikita AbramovDj, producer, event manager. https://vk.com/nikita_godzilla3318014ambient 
 39Aziz AzizovAziz AzizovMy new music now is here: https://clyp.it/user/t5ozp13i I've used all my free time here on SC. Short Bio I was inspired by my father's (Chingiz Azizov) paintings, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Thchaikovsky, Beethoven and Karunesh.. Biography: Actually, 312731ambient 
 40den bukasden bukasSankt-Peterburg311431ambient 
 41Pasha GiggzPasha GiggzTula285121ambient 
 42Aleksey VoronovAleksey VoronovMusic with Ardour, Hydrogen and some of my instruments. Simple music in simple terms. =) Saint Petersburg273889ambient 
 44IvanIvanSt. Peterburg26405ambient 
 45Ruslan AkobirovRuslan AkobirovKrasnoyarsk259410ambient 
 46Roman IvanovRoman IvanovMoscow223913ambient 
 47Maxim KladovMaxim Kladov_________________________ contact: m@nsnq.info Korolev http://www.nsnq.info194014ambient 
 48Женька M.Женька M.my tracks, xz Дзержинск http://vk.com/kapitan_yeban18279ambient 
 49AlexAlexSuper-producer from Moscow! Fresh mixes available on http://6144.pdj.ru/ My 8 bit stuff here: http://8bc.org/members/6144/ My LastFM page: http://www.lastfm.ru/music/6144 Follow me! http://twitter.com/6144 http://6144.pdj.ru/1848ambient 
 50Sergey SmirnovSergey SmirnovSaint - Petersburg18432ambient 
 51anton baranovanton baranovMoscow based location sound recordist and sound designer. Moscow173225ambient 
 52PushistikPushistikSaint-Petersberg http://vk.com/pushistikvk172416ambient 
 53Kirill ZhuravlevKirill ZhuravlevDrum & Bass and Breaks producer Moscow http://xevil.pdj.ru17378ambient 
 56Sergey PoluseSergey PoluseSt Peterburg1667ambient 
 57Aleksandr MalininAleksandr MalininKrasnoyarsk16666ambient 
 58Ruslan KhayrullinRuslan KhayrullinMoscow14179ambient 
 59Serge PolanskySerge PolanskySamara13035ambient 
 61Deep_DimentionDeep_DimentionMoscow http://ambione.ru1301ambient 
 64Aleksey ZemlyanovAleksey ZemlyanovKaliningrad91331ambient 
 65Chewing SawdustChewing SawdustMoskva8852ambient 
 66Sergey MorozovSergey MorozovNizhniy Novgorod8411ambient 
 67Not JustNot JustPskov7579ambient 
 68SergeySergey:) Perm http://vk.com/gravityanchor788ambient 
 69Nevskiy ProspektNevskiy ProspektLaura can't be saved. Moskva6319ambient 
 70Eduard DolgovEduard DolgovSaint-Petersbirg6107ambient 
 71Gleb PanteleewGleb PanteleewYeisk6181ambient 
 72L-Vokrus 1.8L-Vokrus 1.8Moscow601ambient 
 73Oleg GaponovOleg GaponovRostov-on-Don402ambient, 
 76Max DorohovMax DorohovBelgorod372ambient 
 77Dmitry IgnatovDmitry IgnatovYegoryevsk / Moscow region201ambient, 
 78Irina KarmaIrina KarmaKorolev201ambient 
 79mooz prmooz prMoscow1010ambient