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 1Dmitry KurmyshevDmitry KurmyshevKurmyshev, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t imagine a day-ti1973402ambient 
 2Psy is in my mindPsy is in my mindMoscow143313ambient 
 3Илья БеловИлья БеловDark voice of Angelique - one man project. Ilyah Beloff is the author of all music and texts. The singer, instrumentalist and arrangement creator. Genre : Mix of actual music streams (#Worldmusic, #IDM, #Experimental, #Breakbeat, #Drum_and_bass, #Hardcore37176528ambient 
 4Дмитрий БёрнДмитрий БёрнTrue beauty is on the sharpest edge between blameless and hideous, between precise and crudity, order and chaos. It’s not easy to notice since the people, objects, and phenomena endowed with this kind of beauty are completely self-sufficient and don’t cla3083110ambient 
 5TimofeyTimofeyThis is official page of siberian ambient musician Tim32. Welcome! There are a few words about what my music is and on which soil it grows on. My music consists of few different themes and frankly I can't predict where it's going next year, but space and 28199727ambient 
 7Roman PavlovRoman Pavlovsoon... Saint-Petersburg http://etherealpilgrim.com651019ambient 
 8Lomonosov SergeyLomonosov SergeyMoscow https://vk.com/lomonosovsergey24015ambient 
 9Andrew ChernovAndrew Chernovtwitter.com/roadtohorizon201235ambient 
 10Ilya ChernyavskiyIlya ChernyavskiyIlya Chernyavskiy is an #Russian #songwriter, #keyboardist and #guitarist, and co-founder of the #electronic #duo #Bloodstream which he formed with Vadim Mintusov in 2011. Moscow https://vk.com/black122315741ambient 
 12Andrew KochnevAndrew KochnevKrasnotur'insk9435ambient 
 13Aleksey ZemlyanovAleksey ZemlyanovKaliningrad91332ambient 
 14IlyaIlyaХабаровский край6156ambient 
 16Sergei IvanchenkoSergei IvanchenkoMoscow2153ambient 
 17Igor VeterIgor VeterSt.Petersburg http://echo-es.ru0022ambient