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 101Ivan  RoudykIvan RoudykDJ/Producer/A&R/Label Owner/Electrica Records Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don't have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number 2242 ↓3895203house 
 102Melodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychMelodic Dj / Producer ||| PolyptychBooking: booking@polyptychmusic.com All Enquiries: michon@polyptychmusic.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com Romantic Progressive Tech Music From Russia with Love Founder of Label @polyptychmusic Analog Mastering Studio @analogmastersagency Beatport2192 ↓314232progressive 
 103Танок на майдані КонґоТанок на майдані КонґоKiev http://www.tnmk.com/2160 ↓12646hip-hop 
 104KAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KKAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KThe record label company ''KAPRIMULA Label Group'' is based by the Russian musicians G.E.N.O.M. and Dzhugo MC in 2015 in the territory of Kazan city The policy of publishing house comprises all directions electronic, instrumental and experimental music th2116 ↓8310633tech 
 105DemokracyDemokracy2073 ↓85525have 
 106Nameless DancersNameless DancersNAMELESS DANCERS – the studio group which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. Music of this collective – specific synthesis of l2042 ↓793514disco, 
 107Dmitry KurmyshevDmitry KurmyshevKurmyshev, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t imagine a day-ti1998 ↓63402ambient 
 108Egor KhmelevEgor KhmelevRequests: ekhmelev@yahoo.com Moscow1966 ↓69220nuskulfunk 
 109ritmo/ритмоritmo/ритмоMoscow http://vk.com/ritmomoscow1947 ↓69456electronic 
 110theflowisbettertheflowisbetterСайт The Flow http://the-flow.ru/1943 ↓4342hip-hop 
 111Julia VolkovaJulia VolkovaMoscow1922 ↓9011dance 
 112Tekstil MusicTekstil MusicTekstil Music - promoters, Djs & electronic musicans community based in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Owned by @DenisShubin and @MuntBerry. Sankt-Peterburg http://tekstilmusic.com/1848 ↓103452techno 
 113Olga MaximovaOlga MaximovaMoscow/Paris booking: ommamoscow@gmail.com Moscow1837 ↓916072plavay 
 1140bus0busLet's dance right now. Moscow1819 ↓8717371techno 
 115Mr RaifilMr RaifilBack to work https://vk.com/fattain74 Saint-Petersburg1800 ↓103187349hip-hop 
 116Nikita LegostevNikita LegostevRussian Rap / Hip-Hop Artist Moscow http://st1m.ru1777 ↓40351hip 
 117237FM МОСКВА237FM МОСКВА237REC sub label: http://soundcloud.com/237familyspecial artist collective: http://soundcloud.com/antenna237 http://soundcloud.com/antenna-ch booking: 237family[@]gmail.com 237 Family - is an independent community of avantgarde-minded musicians, stree1769 ↓13516deep 
 118Igar MiasnikovIgar MiasnikovIgor Miasnikov aka Terroreast. Birthplace: Northern Russia. One of the most cruel and merciless artists of the modern Drum & Bass scene. An unstoppable one man army and mysterious figure whose face is covered by a mask. His music is literally the mass des1766 ↓5726627drum 
 119።።።። ፨፨፨፨።።።። ፨፨፨፨Russian duo (Uberman/Hello Danger + Fascad) thestratta@gmail.com ፤፤፤፤፤፤1758 ↓1068578drum 
 120Solyanka MoscowSolyanka Moscow"Most open private club in Moscow" - NY Times "It is Amazing! Stock up on Vogues and vodka" - Dazed & Confused Magazine "Ranks at the top of the list for music, atmosphere, everything" - Black Book Magazine S-11 is a creative association based in1731 ↓1693italo 
 121Eugeny VasutinEugeny VasutinDJ / Producer / Remixer Remix Request : Nopopstarmusic@gmail.com Hello, my Nopopstar. I am a dj/producer, I produce tech and deep house music. My production published on such labels like: Black Hole, Hotfinger/303lovers, Zulu, Vudu, Starlight, Mini1716 ↓1116736house 
 122Anton KhomenkoAnton KhomenkoFuck genres, let us be sincere and open-minded. BEATLOW. RELEASES: VAG x STEK - 32 Pads http://djvag.bandcamp.com/album/vag-x-stek-32-pads STEK - The Cypher Beats EP Vol.1: http://beatlow.bandcamp.com/album/the-cypher-beats-vol-1-by-stek STEK - The 1683 ↓2235062electronic 
 123Ivan GudkovIvan GudkovTolyatti http://kidgoodman.bandcamp.com1675 ↓2631120nudisco 
 124Русский РэпРусский Рэп1674 ↓30525hip-hop 
 125Igor MikhalchenkovIgor MikhalchenkovSmolensk1659 ↓26455wulkan 
 1265 Vymir5 Vymir5 Vymir - rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Their debut album 'Mistolinia' was in TOP-10 Ukrainian releases in 2014. In 2016 the band supported the Belgian band Balthazar in Kyiv and headlined the Comma Stage festival. 5 Vymir has performed at the other major1616 ↓926830disco 
 127Serge TabachnikovSerge TabachnikovSamara http://nobodyone.ru1610 ↓69137rock 
 128Therr MaitzTherr MaitzRussian independent music band Moscow http://ok.ru/therrmaitz01610 ↓6346237indie 
 129Synth-Petersburg promotionSynth-Petersburg promotionpromotion-events #futurepop #retrowave #synthpop #synthwave #chiptune Saint-Petersburg1594 ↓2666135synthpop 
 130Incognito NightIncognito NightI find happiness in music. Repost = Respect. I will be glad to interesting suggestions. ROSTOV-on-DON1593 ↓619965hip-hop 
 131EugeneEugeneDJ, producer & singer. Nizhniy Novgorod1591 ↓1109911progressive 
 132DJ 1985 aka DJ 1983 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 0000 aka...DJ 1985 aka DJ 1983 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 0000 aka...MIXXX OUTLET BY DJ 1985 (RUSSIA) http://www.mixcloud.com/dj1985/ Chelyabinsk1569 ↓68200241acid 
 133Psy is in my mindPsy is in my mindMoscow1567 ↓3913ambient 
 134Alex v0daAlex v0daMegacity1529 ↓10293724techno 
 135Alexander ZolotovAlexander ZolotovEkaterinburg http://warmplace.ru1523 ↓68955sunvox 
 1367.1.6/label7.1.6/labelMusic doesn't recognize today borders, doesn't see frameworks and has no nationality. Creative realization in sound an embodiment to aspire to fall outside the limits for a long time styles and the genres, the new era in the field of sound creation allows1521 ↓76184241witch 
 137a ia iI write poems and sleep till lunch Saint Petersburg http://www.43ai.ru1514 ↓63785hip-hop 
 138Vincent  WildVincent Wild❏❍◄ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ►∞❍▲PZDC▲❏(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) Moscow http://www.mixcloud.com/winick/1513 ↓1193621rave 
 139Семён СлепаковСемён СлепаковПродюсер и главный автор шоу «Наша Russia» (ТНТ), сценарист шоу «Комеди клаб» (ТНТ), входит в авторскую группу спецпроектов на Первом канале («Весна с Иваном Ургантом», «Новый год на Первом», «Новогоднее шоу Максима Галкина») В прошлом — капитан команд1511 025bard 
 140Sergey BoykoSergey BoykoBookings/Remixes: info@djboyko.com Boyko - DJ, musician and sound producer. Matchless artist, a charismatic nature. He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste. By right, one of the top he1506 ↓5749543house 
 141Chernikovskaya HataChernikovskaya HataUfa1500 ↓10020alternative 
 142Vyacheslav SedovVyacheslav SedovWelcome to my little world of my music art. Here I upload my music works, that I compose, record and myxing by myself. Hope that you enjoy my music, and I always glad to see your feedback, it's important for me.)Have a nice day.) Sankt-Peterburg http://vk1490 ↓97194514electronic 
 143DOPECLVBDOPECLVB1487 ↓126116hiphop 
 144matvey larionenkomatvey larionenkoSt Petesburg1469 ↓581015Pop 
 146if weif weВся моя радость лежит где-то рядом Saint-Petersburg http://ifwe.info/1464 ↓11819615ifwe 
 147This is Tech Guide with David DivinThis is Tech Guide with David Divin<b>«Tech Guide»</b> - Radio Show, which started in October 2011. Visiting podcast-known and eminent artists of the world <b>Techno, Deep Tech and Neotrance</b> scene. On a visit was: <b>Dani Sbert, Gorge (Pit Waldmann), LetKolben, Max Cooper, Ron Shatte, 1457 ↓5218581deep 
 148The Future Is Ours! Andrew BRThe Future Is Ours! Andrew BRFounder of Future Jungle Music booking and demos futurejungleru@hotmail.com You Ravin - I'm Ravin ! #FutureJungleMusic #FutureRave #Fjmusic #JungleVideo #FutureJungle #140Jungle #JungleBreaks #FootworkJungle #HardcoreBreakbeat #Rave1453 ↓28182220future 
 149Vadim ShantorVadim ShantorMusic - the universal language of mankind. Saint-Petersburg1446 ↓75206trance 
 150Alexander PetrukAlexander PetrukYekaterinburg http://vk.com/raketa4000_ru1443 ↓782561soundtrack 
 151Andres ShuffleAndres ShuffleTHX FOR FOLLOWERS AND YOUR COMMENTS http://vk.com/andres_shuffle1402 ↓18186325minimal 
 152POKO_COXPOKO_COXMoscow http://vk.com/pokocoxmusic1399 ↓3518213new 
 153ONE GREAT RUSSIAN В.ВОТåКONE GREAT RUSSIAN В.ВОТåКRussian Music Producer & Graffiti Artist. Booking / Collaborate: WXTAKS@GMAIL.COM If you like what you hear, drop me a message! WXTAKS©2020 PLANET EARTH http://t.me/WXTAKS0071378 ↓13549840world 
 154Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1374 ↓43188435dubstep 
 155Evgeniy SergeevEvgeniy SergeevAIM : limitasymmetric Saint-Petersburg1372 ↓34353286drum 
 156synecdoche montauksynecdoche montaukMoscow http://www.monoleak.ru/1354 ↓21128folk 
 157Victor SlateVictor SlateNative of St Petersburg, Victor Slate is an acclaimed musician both at home and on the world scene. Victor successfully combines hosting two internationally broadcast shows with a vibrant DJ career. In 2008 he received a “Best DJ Debut” award form the pre1348 ↓928468house, 
 158Psychea (band)Psychea (band)Psychea band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Since 1996. Группа Психея из города Санкт–Петербург, Россия. Синс 1996. Saint–Petersburg http://psyshit.ru1340 ↓129331психея 
 159Toolroom / Be Adult Music  /Toolroom / Be Adult Music /Be Adult Music // Kommunity // Sub Urban // Toolroom // Manuscript // Shifted Music Records // Christian is Musician / Remixer / Producer / Composer since 2005. Currently living in the Russian Federation. Hometown Cologne. During the career Christia1295 ↓64201218toolroom 
 160Avetis MirzayantsAvetis Mirzayants9 Грамм (9 Gramm) Также известен как MC Avetis Russian rap artist Yekaterinbrug city http://www.bustazzrecords.com1293 ↓44133hip-hop 
 161KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow1293 ↓1418922progressive 
 162dikommdikommSaint Petersburg1291 ↓871162house 
 163Russian TechnoRussian TechnoThe Label was started by Vadz in late 2007. It’s conception is true, unique techno and electro music with character, coming from Russia. Some of our older releases are hosted at Internet Archive as high quality VBR MP3, and still available FREEly. You can1267 ↓2672019techno 
 164Tim AminovTim AminovMoscow1253 ↓1275025dark 
 165Yuri MesrYuri MesrMoscow1223 ↓1394168world 
 166Vitaliy StodolyaVitaliy StodolyaRussian producer and label owner. In 2007 founded the label http://soundcloud.com/konura Recordings. Released on such labels as: Guess Records, King Street Sounds, Hed Kandi, Hotfingers, Open Bar, Ospina Digital, Disclosure Project Recordings, Dutchie M1222 ↓2252829deep 
 167ritmo sportivoritmo sportivo<b>WE ARE</b>&#13; we are independent emotional music label based in Moscow&#13; &#13; <b>COLLECTIVE</b>&#13; <a href="http://soundcloud.com/i-tone" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">I-Tone</a>&#13; <a href="http://soundcloud.com/thallus" rel="nofollow" targ1222 ↓44926afterhours 
 168слушай экзорцистслушай экзорцистслушай экзорцист vk.com/slushayekzortsist1201 ↓10049hip-hop 
 169Dubwork Le FreakDubwork Le FreakAn independent record label that focuses on the production of quality house music and disco. It focuses on the world market of digital music distribution. Moscow1194 ↓130199630deep 
 170DJ ShumDJ Shumdubstepler Moscow http://djshum.ru1182 ↓90119616neuro 
 171Gordey ErmakGordey Ermak_ Fokuz _ Celsius _ Icarus _ Disturbed _ Respect _ Surround Sound _ Deadlines _ Black Seeds _ Insekto _ Melting Pot _ Tilt _ Mindtech _ Subculture _ NexGen _ Intelligent _ T3K _ Silk _ Eternia _ Soundium X _ Contraband _ contact: stereotypednb@mail.ru1174 ↓5945744alternative 
 172Evgeniy LaasEvgeniy LaasName: Evgeniy Laas AKA Digital:Twist Producer from Russian Raveland. Moscow,Raveland :) http://digitaltwist.pdj.ru/1171 ↓76575drum 
 173JILLOJILLOJILLO is a young music producer and DJ writing music in the genre of Progressive House, Electro House, Big Room. He was born 25 / December / 2000. He loved to listen to different genres of music when he was still a child. That's when he had a dream to bec1155 ↓4112292house 
 174OLEG KOSTROWOLEG KOSTROWMusic composer in bands 'SuperSonic Future' and 'Messer Fur Frau Muller' MOSCOW1146 ↓10356553Pop 
 175Vladimir  BashmakovVladimir BashmakovEx-Driver DJ/Producer Ex-Driver aka Vladimir Bashmakov is a DJ and producer from Russia, Moscow. Since he started his DJ career back in early 2006 he had gigs all over Russia and neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, and being one on of th1146 ↓838144trance 
 176MeytiMeytiАвтор и исполнитель, поэт и гражданин Moscow http://vk.com/meyti_community1145 ↓27053Pop 
 177237FM МОСКВА237FM МОСКВА237RECSP parent label: http://soundcloud.com/237family1145 ↓51763237fmsp 
 178Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Moscow1126 ↓5189515electronic 
 179estestest estestestestestest estestest"Наверное, это не easy listening и не интеллектуальная танцевальная музыка. Нам не хотелось бы, чтобы наши слушатели стояли в зале на сложных щах." Saint-Petersburg http://estestest.ru1123 ↓86129hip-hop 
 180Black SkiLLsBlack SkiLLswww.black-skills.com1120 ↓2943Pop 
 181Подкасты InLibertyПодкасты InLibertyЛекции и разговоры о свободном обществе Moscow http://inliberty.ru1107 ↓109946learning 
 182Alexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin - musician, producer, DJ, founder and ex-member of the project Techno Phobia, who started his career in the distant 2010. In the field of Progressive Trance Productions, has repeatedly been awarded to support global celebrities such as:1094 ↓74191317proglifting 
 183Fama 87Fama 87Lebyazhye1093 ↓11023315classical 
 184Vikole Yanson YansonVikole Yanson YansonI like to composer music) Enjoy my music and I hope you like it! St. Peterburg1082 ↓144183514hip-hop 
 185Alex MarchukAlex MarchukSt.Pitersburg1079 ↓52194731drum 
 186Artyem VolginArtyem Volginscratch nerd ;] Moscow/Ekaterinburg1078 ↓3830517hip 
 187Vitaly SemenovVitaly SemenovРУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - РУССКИЙ - Привет всем!!! Представляю Вашему вниманию своё музыкальное творчество. Здесь, Вы можете прослушать мои песни под гитару про любовь и про жизнь, на русском языке, а также, з1072 ↓13500103ambient 
 188Mikhail SukiasyanMikhail SukiasyanMoscow http://mfcrecords.ru/1071 ↓138178227dance 
 189Nic ZigZagNic ZigZagOfficial page Nic ZigZag<b></b> aka <b>ZigZag<b></b>&#13; Drum &amp; Bass producer from Russia</b> https://promodj.com/NicZigZag1070 ↓91193433silk 
 190Rap/ Hip-Hop/ UndergroundRap/ Hip-Hop/ UndergroundYekaterinburg1065 ↓13518822hip-hop 
 191Plant 74 RecordsPlant 74 RecordsPlant 74 Records by Tripmastaz. http://www.beatport.com/label/plant-74/21574/tracks1044 ↓52032deep 
 192Artem HarchenkoArtem HarchenkoMoscow http://www.r-tem.com1042 ↓524246deep 
 193Артем  СумыАртем СумыAt present the label finishes preparation for official opening. The Russian Dj/producer Artem Scrip Minimalist is some kind of a certain beginning... The Beginning conducting to destruction of an obstacle in the form of a disorder blossoming in set o1039 ↓37137112techno 
 194nu4mnu4mE-Mail: nu4m.music@gmail.com NU4M - among everyday known as Ilya Akberov. Always testing interest in music came to Ilya Drum & Bass in 2007. Careful attention to the details of the mechanics of the genre and a lot of experience in writing Drum & Bass Ily1038 ↓12710037drum 
 195Влад КаращукВлад КаращукKyiv1037 ↓53014Pop 
 196Alexander MolchanovAlexander MolchanovKaluga1033 ↓175413house 
 197Egor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovEgor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovDEEP & GROOVE - a new project that supports the trends of contemporary music and the main electronic platforms of the planet. They did not stop "there" and make every party something more than just a "DJ with controller", returning the tradition of "Amazi1027 ↓1291466trance 
 198DmitryDmitryhttp://bug.promodj.ru/1021 ↓187663drum 
 199подкаст про создание географически свободного бизнесаподкаст про создание географически свободного бизнесаTravelMBA - подкаст о предпринимателях, которые создают и развивают географически свободный виртуальный бизнес. Истории с гостями про предпринимательство, бизнес-лайфаки, развитие виртуальных компаний, создания удаленных команд, путешествия и жизнь в ра1007 ↓2338business 
 200SLAVA ZSLAVA ZCONTACT: KIMANDBURAN@GMAIL.COM Saint Petersburg993 ↓523612space