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 101Velvet MusicVelvet MusicMoscow http://www.velvetmusic.ru2642 ↓24423Pop 
 102Sergey SmirnovSergey SmirnovDj, Bboy, Hip-Hop Culture, organiser, producer of "Mama Sugar" IHOW (Pro Waacking dancer), 3S Dj's Crew: Dj Mista Sweet, South Dj Scream, Soul Dj Smirnoff. Syndicate crew, Kirishi/SaintPetersburg, Russia Kirishi, Saint-Petersburg2637 ↓2654043hip-hop 
 103Pavel :)Pavel :):D Москва2619 ↓15312ambient 
 104Yuri GavrilovYuri GavrilovMoscov2609 ↓46647house 
 105MusicKollektiv.orgMusicKollektiv.orgThe Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms2608 ↓37224techno 
 106Ayrat NurkaevAyrat Nurkaevmy family: @heartcoreclub @get_buzi @vzor_collective @abstrasensionrec @hyperboloid @philosophyrecordings booking/remixes/mastering/beats/ghost production - mostapace@gmail.com. 1996. getting support and feedbacks from artists like: Culprate, Rustie, P2595 ↑1173843MMM 
 107Все будет хорошо! Не ссы...Все будет хорошо! Не ссы...Киев2590 ↑568019rock 
 108Hromadske RadioHromadske Radio«Громадське радіо» — незалежна «розмовна» радіостанція, яку можна чути в Інтернеті та в FM та УКХ-діапазонах у різних містах України. «Громадське радио» — независимый разговорный интернет- и радиовещатель. Ежедневно на «Громадськом радио» — последние и с2585 1823344podcast 
 109Capital BassCapital BassCapital Bass has launched at the end of 2006 at Moscow’s 16Tons Club with the participation of Kode9. The parties continued with performances from such British sound-system music defining artists as Skream, Loefah, Plastician, Mala/Digital Mystikz and Ben2538 ↓4140619adverbs 
 110АФФИНАЖ / AFFINAGEАФФИНАЖ / AFFINAGEГруппа «АФФИНАЖ» (Санкт-Петербург) Стиль: chanson-noir, indie, acoustic, dark-folk. Участники: Эм — вокал, гитара, укулеле; Сергей — бас; Саша — баян; Ом — тромбон. Группа основана в конце 2012 года в городе Санкт-Петербурге. Основой концепции стало со2518 ↑196041noir 
 111Фронтенд Юность (18+)Фронтенд Юность (18+)Вся правда о фронтенд-разработке. Всё, о чём боятся говорить — вы услышите здесь! Смузи, вейп, ES6, REACT — вас накроет волной хайпа Leningrad http://youknow.st/2499 ↑191761technology 
 112Kirill TolmatskiyKirill TolmatskiyIn 2000, Detsl has made his debut in the largely underground and unknown Russian rap scene with the album "Who Are You", rapidly shot to fame after his song, called "Friday," won the hearts of teenagers nationwide. He also took part in a Pepsi advertising2489 ↓559721hip-hop 
 113Maria MelnikovaMaria MelnikovaCoockoo is a young and eccentric, alternative rock band, based in London. Internet success in January 2009 with their provocative single Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K) brought instant popularity within the Russian underground music scene. Some might call them2465 ↓50407rock 
 114Zhadan & SobakiZhadan & SobakiKharkiv https://play.google.com/store/music/album/%D0%96%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D1%96_%D0%A1%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%B8_%D0%9F%D1%81%D0%B8_feat_%D0%AE%D1%80%D1%96%D0%B9_%D0%93%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B6%D0%B8?id=Blfbqkznwt7lns5dzbfpslifjgm&hl=ru2397 ↑20125045rock 
 115Billy MilliganBilly Milliganhttp://billymilligan.ru2390 ↓1337627rap 
 116YOUTH 1984YOUTH 1984We are Russian dark electronic oriented label. Stay tuned to get all the new albums/interviews/videos first. https://youth1984.bandcamp.com2350 ↓9025witch 
 117Alexey  SolovevAlexey SolovevSkype:Soloveydjs mail: Soloveydjs@yandex.ru web: djsolovey.com Moscow http://solovey.pdj.ru/2335 ↓214358dance 
 118SABBAT ORDERSABBAT ORDERSUPERIOR.CAT.PROTEUS - I DON'T LOSE (visual) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=OoTdMhF78Eg aka EnzymeKillah SABBAT CULT MOSCOW REGION: 132 (Tuchkovo) \ Moscow2330 ↓427255hip-hop 
 119Alexander StepanovAlexander StepanovMoskva2300 ↓21324hip-hop 
 120Davud NyruevDavud NyruevMoscow http://centrgroup.ru2288 ↓40032zanuda 
 121Дореволюцiонный  СовѣтчикъДореволюцiонный СовѣтчикъКуртуазный повѣса и смутьянъ Уѣздный городъ N.2260 ↓44199142comedy 
 122Progressive House & Techno Dj / Producer /// Polyptych - SomaticProgressive House & Techno Dj / Producer /// Polyptych - SomaticBooking: Worldwide - michonworldwide@gmail.com Russia & CIS countries - michonrus@gmail.com Press, radio, PR: michonmgmt@gmail.com Remix\production\collabs requests: musicmichon@gmail.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com General enquiries: michoninfo@gmail.2256 ↓20182135progressive 
 123KAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KAPRIMULKAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KAPRIMULThe record label company ''KAPRIMULA Label Group'' is based by the Russian musicians G.E.N.O.M. and Dzhugo MC in 2015 in the territory of Kazan city The policy of publishing house comprises all directions electronic, instrumental and experimental music th2243 ↓131333tech 
 124БЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬБЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬБЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ – відомі українські рок-романтики. Мужні чоловіки, які завоювали багато сердець своєю щирістю та вмінням відверто ділитись своїми почуттями. Музиканти залишаються вірними собі, не припиняють експериментувати та не визнають ніяких лімітів у ф2213 ↓62538storytelling 
 125Alai OliAlai OliSaint-Petersburg2190 ↓46436alternative 
 126Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb2119 ↓17197150acid 
 127DemokracyDemokracy2079 ↓2525have 
 128Yriy NilsYriy NilsYuri Nils – DJ NILS (Moscow, Russia) – professional musician, DJ and musical compiler, specialist in comfort electronic music. Long-term resident DJ at the legendary Moscow club, KRYSHA MIRA, and active participant in the dynamically developing SLOWDANCE 2062 ↓482394deep 
 129Nameless DancersNameless DancersNAMELESS DANCERS – the studio group which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. Music of this collective – specific synthesis of l2056 ↓983514disco, 
 130Алексей БезбожновАлексей Безбожнов✝BL▲CK CΔT✝ is a young artist (born January 11, 1991 in Kemerovo, Russia). Inspired by such bands as Salem, Crim3s, White Ring and others, he writes Experimental Witch House, impregnated with smoke. Kemerovo http://blckct.bandcamp.com/2047 ↓324057electronic 
 131Oleg BelousoffOleg BelousoffAstronaut Ape is a electronic music act formed by experienced music producer Oleg Belousov from Russia. Now he is well known around the world by cosmic sounds of his atmospheric and danceable music. Astronaut Ape released four albums and made a compilati2033 ↓46806chill 
 132Ivan  RoudykIvan RoudykDJ/Producer/A&R/Label Owner/Electrica Records Ivan Roudyk is a Russian dance music legend. He is one of those rare DJs who don't have to prove their celebrity status. He is also the winner of Russian Dance Music Awards, Best Muzzone Awards and the number 2004 101180house 
 133Egor KhmelevEgor KhmelevManagement and booking: alex@nuskulfunk.com Requests: egor@nuskulfunk.com Moscow http://nuskulfunk.com1977 ↓63320nuskulfunk 
 134Gipsy Music RecordsGipsy Music Records1970 ↓44153house 
 135Dmitry KurmyshevDmitry KurmyshevKurmyshev, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t imagine a day-ti1969 ↓37402ambient 
 136Кирилл КочеровКирилл КочеровMoscow http://www.kirillguitarmusic.com/1961 ↓36112613classical 
 137Танок на майдані КонґоТанок на майдані КонґоKiev http://www.tnmk.com/1930 ↓2643jazz 
 138Светлана  ТарабароваСветлана ТарабароваСвета Тарабарова (Киев, Украина) | музыкант, автор слов и композитор Организация Концертов: +38 067 900 888 9, www.tarabarova.com Человеческое сердце – это музыкальный инструмент, оно содержит великую музыку. Она спит, но она здесь, ждет подходящего м1927 ↓5128tarabarova 
 139yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/1923 ↓531758336progressive 
 140TheoryandpracticeTheoryandpracticeMoscow1906 ↓40511презентация 
 141Julia VolkovaJulia VolkovaMoscow1893 ↓31011dance 
 1420bus0busLet's dance right now. Moscow1834 ↓2917371techno 
 143theflowisbettertheflowisbetterСайт The Flow http://the-flow.ru/1829 ↓4342hip-hop 
 144Mr RaifilMr RaifilBack to work https://vk.com/fattain74 Saint-Petersburg1820 ↓57187139triphop 
 145Denis GrigoryevDenis GrigoryevМосква1817 ↑39060hip-hop 
 146Flawless ElectronicaFlawless ElectronicaDMNDZ - Flawless Electronica. ANY INQUIRY \ BOOKING - WE@DMNDZ.COM Omsk https://play.spotify.com/artist/5SiYu8hQzDPsNdIpY1EqnJ1815 ↓53762trap 
 147Alexandr YarmakAlexandr YarmakKiev http://yarmakmusic.com/1777 ↑210052ярмак 
 148ritmo/ритмоritmo/ритмоMoscow http://vk.com/ritmomoscow1774 ↓9457electronic 
 149Джи ВилксДжи ВилксДжи Вилкс (Евгений Жуков) - автор стихов, эмси. Альбомы в составе Big Black Boots: 1998 - "Попса Махровая. Маз Никаких" 2001 - "Новая Музыка" 2003 - "Время Вперед" 2004 - "Big Black BootIQ. Box 1" (mixtape) 2006 - "Взрослый хип-хоп" Сольные альбомы: 2001772 ↓53125154джи 
 150Девшахта/Ночной фронтендДевшахта/Ночной фронтендПодкаст сообщества devschacht о веб-разработке, с уклоном во фронтенд. Поддержать проект https://www.patreon.com/devschacht https://medium.com/devschacht1761 ↓52048technology 
 151Taras T-killahTaras T-killahConcerts: +7915-0000-999 concerts@t-killah.ru Russian Hip-Hop, Dance Artist. Follow me - http://www.youtube.com/TkillahOfficial Moscow http://www.t-killah.ru1760 ↑42922маршал 
 152237FM МОСКВА237FM МОСКВА237REC sub label: http://soundcloud.com/237familyspecial artist collective: http://soundcloud.com/antenna237 http://soundcloud.com/antenna-ch booking: 237family[@]gmail.com 237 Family - is an independent community of avantgarde-minded musicians, stree1760 ↓59505deep 
 153βенера Ŧильβенера Ŧильэстетика опечаленного терроризма. darkseaveneratil@gmail.com aestheticsofthesorrowfulterrorism http://dvrksea.bandcamp.com/1739 ↓116323electronic 
 154Artem ZlobinArtem ZlobinYekaterinburg1725 ↓7312264electronic 
 155Igar MiasnikovIgar MiasnikovIgor Miasnikov aka Terroreast. Birthplace: Northern Russia. One of the most cruel and merciless artists of the modern Drum & Bass scene. An unstoppable one man army and mysterious figure whose face is covered by a mask. His music is literally the mass des1724 ↓4526627drum 
 156Solyanka MoscowSolyanka Moscow"Most open private club in Moscow" - NY Times "It is Amazing! Stock up on Vogues and vodka" - Dazed & Confused Magazine "Ranks at the top of the list for music, atmosphere, everything" - Black Book Magazine S-11 is a creative association based in1722 ↓16693italo 
 157Кузнецкий СквадКузнецкий Сквадhttps://t.me/kuznetskysquad1705 ↑492222hip-hop 
 158Igor MikhalchenkovIgor MikhalchenkovSmolensk1682 ↓55455wulkan 
 159Ваш личный терапевтический заповедникВаш личный терапевтический заповедникХотите скачать неприличную сказку на ночь или шум моря с другого конца света? Узнать, почему за вами следят частные детективы и как угадывать птиц по голосам? Независимое радио от создателей «Батенька, да вы трансформер» http://glagolev.fm1654 ↓6979147learning 
 160Tin SontsyaTin SontsyaУкраїнська рок-артилерія / Ukrainian Folk-Metall Kyiv1650 ↓11104643rock 
 161Ivan GudkovIvan GudkovTolyatti http://kidgoodman.bandcamp.com1644 ↓5130620nudisco 
 162KlammklangKlammklang«Some of the country’s most exciting and experimental electronic music» (The Guardian) http://klammklang.bandcamp.com1625 ↓65322zangezur 
 163Anton KhomenkoAnton KhomenkoHey guys! - born in Crimea in 1994. - i make music since summer 2010. I represent the community of beatmakers called "BEATLOW" plus i'm a part of hip-hop community "SOUL POWER". I use Fl Studio 8 + SP 404SX An article about me & some other dudes from R1620 ↓535260electronic 
 164Eugeny VasutinEugeny VasutinDJ / Producer / Remixer Remix Request : Nopopstarmusic@gmail.com Hello, my Nopopstar. I am a dj/producer, I produce tech and deep house music. My production published on such labels like: Black Hole, Hotfinger/303lovers, Zulu, Vudu, Starlight, Mini1605 ↓57439house 
 165Catafalque DriverCatafalque DriverR1 Spb http://vk.com/r1g0s1595 ↓2562030rigos 
 166Music ProducerMusic ProducerDedov is a music producer from Russia. To get prices on our beats and purchase them contact us by email info@dedovmusic.com PRODUCTION CREDITS: Charli Baltimore, Daz Dillinger, Boo Rossini, Boston George, Nawfside Outlaw, AP. 9 (Mob Figaz), Caspian, Me1589 ↓271569130r&b 
 167EugeneEugeneDJ, producer & singer. Booking: Alexey Peshkov snippetrecordings@gmail.com Nizhniy Novgorod http://www.blackfeelwite.com/1584 ↓789915progressive 
 168Андрей ЛеницкийАндрей ЛеницкийСлушайте и и качайте песни бесплатно! Kyiv http://lenitsky.com1568 ↓511852Pop 
 169Aleksandra PoliakovaAleksandra PoliakovaPoly represents Russian minimal and micro house scene. She is a resident at Saint-Petersburg based club - @stackenschneider. Saint-Petersburg1563 ↓82085polydoublesound 
 1707.1.6/label7.1.6/labelMusic doesn't recognize today borders, doesn't see frameworks and has no nationality. Creative realization in sound an embodiment to aspire to fall outside the limits for a long time styles and the genres, the new era in the field of sound creation allows1537 ↓36184241witch 
 171PLCPLCKrasnodar http://vk.com/iamplc1536 ↓126747dance 
 172Sergey BoykoSergey BoykoBookings/Remixes: info@djboyko.com Boyko - DJ, musician and sound producer. Matchless artist, a charismatic nature. He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste. By right, one of the top he1528 ↓162402600house 
 173Vincent  WildVincent Wild❏❍◄ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ►▲∞❍❏▲(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) Moscow http://www.mixcloud.com/winick/1478 ↓29198617punkcore 
 174yeyoyeyoYEYO is a Ukrainian music band from Kiev. They tell us about themselves and people around, who were born in post-Soviet Ukraine. Contrastingand putting electronic samples with live drums and vocal screams, they tell stories about adult children, who grew1474 ↑94028Pop 
 175Русский рэпРусский рэп1470 ↓66525hip-hop 
 176Alexander PetrukAlexander PetrukYekaterinburg http://vk.com/raketa4000_ru1468 ↓62561soundtrack 
 177Nikita LegostevNikita LegostevRussian Rap / Hip-Hop Artist Moscow http://st1m.ru1466 ↓27351hip 
 179This is Tech Guide with David DivineThis is Tech Guide with David Divine<b>«Tech Guide»</b> - Radio Show, which started in October 2011. Visiting podcast-known and eminent artists of the world <b>Techno, Deep Tech and Neotrance</b> scene. On a visit was: <b>Dani Sbert, Gorge (Pit Waldmann), LetKolben, Max Cooper, Ron Shatte, 1462 ↓2218581deep 
 180ХекслетХекслетhttps://ru.hexlet.io1459 ↓9019learning 
 181Therr MaitzTherr MaitzRussian independent music band Moscow http://ok.ru/therrmaitz01458 ↓546237indie 
 1825 Vymir5 Vymir5 Vymir - rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Their debut album 'Mistolinia' was in TOP-10 Ukrainian releases in 2014. In 2016 the band supported the Belgian band Balthazar in Kyiv and headlined the Comma Stage festival. 5 Vymir has performed at the other major1449 ↓286829rock 
 183The Future Is Ours! Andrew BRThe Future Is Ours! Andrew BRFounder of Future Jungle Music booking and demos futurejungleru@hotmail.com You Ravin - I'm Ravin ! #FutureJungleMusic #FutureRave #Fjmusic #JungleVideo #FutureJungle #140Jungle #JungleBreaks #FootworkJungle #HardcoreBreakbeat #Rave1448 ↓11181619jungle 
 184Andrejs JumkinsAndrejs JumkinsCollaboration: andrey@andreysubbotin.com Brighton Beach http://www.andreysubbotin.com1425 ↓1696520soundtrack 
 185Andres ShuffleAndres ShuffleTHX FOR FOLLOWERS AND YOUR COMMENTS http://vk.com/andres_shuffle1415 ↓6186325minimal 
 186Alexander ZolotovAlexander ZolotovEkaterinburg http://warmplace.ru1400 ↓64952electronic 
 187Брати ГадюкіниБрати ГадюкіниКиїв, Львів http://gady.com.ua1388 ↓26526rock 
 188Psy is in my mindPsy is in my mindMoscow1388 ↓4713ambient 
 189Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1375 ↓36188435dubstep 
 190MC DjadajMC DjadajMoscow1371 ↓71350dubstep 
 191Лина МиловичЛина Милович1368 ↓801Pop 
 192POKO_COXPOKO_COXMoscow http://vk.com/pokocoxmusic1358 ↓2318012electronic 
 193Victor SlateVictor SlateNative of St Petersburg, Victor Slate is an acclaimed musician both at home and on the world scene. Victor successfully combines hosting two internationally broadcast shows with a vibrant DJ career. In 2008 he received a “Best DJ Debut” award form the pre1353 ↓718468house, 
 194Svetlana (aka Silvery Midge)Svetlana (aka Silvery Midge)SilMi - an abstract electronic music project from Russia, founded in 2002 by Svetlana aka Silvery Midge Abstract music is quite different and combines variety genres and styles. Music is life, and exactly life is an inspiration. The life on our planet fr1337 ↓3428625abstract 
 195matvey larionenkomatvey larionenkoSt Petesburg1320 ↓74915Pop 
 196KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow1302 ↓4718922progressive 
 197Toolroom / Be Adult Music  /  Kommunity / Sub UrbanToolroom / Be Adult Music / Kommunity / Sub UrbanBe Adult Music // Kommunity // Sub Urban // Toolroom // Manuscript // Shifted Music Records // Christian is Musician / Remixer / Producer / Composer since 2005. Currently living in the Russian Federation. Hometown Cologne. During the career Christia1300 ↓3200018toolroom 
 198DJ 1985 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 1995 aka DJ 0000 aka...DJ 1985 aka DJ XXXX aka DJ 1992 aka DJ 1995 aka DJ 0000 aka...MIXXX OUTLET BY DJ 1985 (RUSSIA) http://www.mixcloud.com/dj1985/ Chelyabinsk1297 ↓520003150bpm 
 199Jackin BrothersJackin Brothers"Jackin" Brothers" creative collective, written and produced since 2013. Aleksey Koshcheyev (DJ Ekacho) and Ivan Uzdyaev (Spectrum Vision) Россия1287 ↓4616584jackin 
 200if weif weВся моя радость лежит где-то рядом Saint-Petersburg http://ifwe.info/1279 ↓2819615ifwe