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 1И =И =99273 ↑1041eftos 
 2Space MoscowSpace MoscowSpace Moscow, Space Ibiza’s first franchise in Eastern Europe. MORE INFO HERE :: WWW.SPACEMOSCOW.CLUB https://vk.com/spacemoscow51884 3737space 
 3Matisse & SadkoMatisse & SadkoMatisse & Sadko - Ya Amar OUT NOW :: https://fanlink.to/yaamar Promo: promo@matissesadko.com St. Petersburg https://vk.com/matissesadko44677 ↓1033dance 
 4Alexey EgorchenkovAlexey Egorchenkov--------------------------------------------------------- Booking: http://evolutionartists.co.uk Remixes and production manager: kasra@criticalmusic.com --------------------------------------------------------- It all began in 2003. 2007 turned ou34346 36541drum 
 5Highway RecordsHighway RecordsHighway Records, established in 2008 and run by Mike Spirit, is Moscow-based label, which unites talented Russian sound producers (SCSI-9, Spieltape, BarBQ, Dave Pad, Asaga, Agraba, etc.) and a huge international crew — such top notch artists from all ove23984 135664tech 
 6Мишка BloglinМишка BloglinМишка Records + Friends Keep Watch // Death Adders Engineered to Destroy Run by @neonpajamas Brooklyn http://mishkanyc.com/bloglin/17385 383680shrimpnose 
 7DJ Olya OilDJ Olya OilI am a 20 year old DJ from St, Petersburg, Russia. I do not produce music myself yet But my favorite Russian DJs/producers currently are: Vengerov-Federoff : https://www.facebook.com/pages/VENGEROVFEDOROFF/80898283450 Mister Minsk : http://soundcloud.c16222 ↓46029electro 
 8Mitya VeshchunovMitya VeshchunovManager: Grigoriy Cherekaev (Garud) Please contact him for all questions about collaborations, remixes, signing on labels, etc. Email: Greg@mnphst.net Moscow http://vk.com/receptor14425 ↓113733drum 
 9Anton IshutinAnton Ishutinishutinmusic@gmail.com Owner : Pepper Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/peppercatlabel Disco Cat Records https://soundcloud.com/disco-cat-records booking in Russia: morozovonline@gmail.com +7 905 224 16 54 Booking in Egypt michael@eregypt.com +202 330312566 54323deep 
 10Black StarBlack StarBlack Star - Russian production center, whose catalog includes artists of absolutely different styles of music: Hip-Hop, Pop, R'n'B, Jazz, Neo-Soul, House. High-quality diverse music, organization of large-scale events, creation of premium products, licen11719 447hip-hop 
 11Dmitriy SabekiyaDmitriy Sabekiyabooking@intelligentmanners.com Saint Petersburg http://www.intelligentmanners.com11312 ↓1489217drum 
 12Russian BoyzRussian BoyzWe are music production team from Moscow. You can buy our beats here: www.russianboyz.net For any questions mail to russianboyzservice@gmail.com Moscow http://www.russianboyz.net11192 ↓1120423rap 
 13Hyperboloid RecordsHyperboloid RecordsWe are a music label and community for futuristic electronic music. fam: @acidmafia @pixelord @saburov @gillepsy @raumskaya @summer-of-haze @813 @nphonix @fireforeffect @bakuura @thomas-white @slickshoota @seablaze @bwwwoys @seafloormusic @el_ched @chriss10951 ↓2467164hyperboloid 
 14Roman LitvinovRoman LitvinovMoscow http://www.mujuice.com/10104 ↓17017techno 
 15KRYSHA MIRA | ROOF TOPKRYSHA MIRA | ROOF TOPBOOKING: 5116017@gmail.com Moscow City http://kryshamira.ru9981 ↑2100181electronic 
 16FEELDAFLAVA RECORDSFEELDAFLAVA RECORDSLABEL BIO: FEELDAFLAVA Records is a new generation of label pushing and breaking through new producers/artists and aims to provide the world's finest DJ’s with solid, peak time tracks from the FLAVA of up-coming talent. Label was founded by Valery Evs9849 ↓948312tech 
 17Maksim Dark LIVE!Maksim Dark LIVE!Maksim Dark - A young talented musician, one of the first in Russia who play live their own live set. Maksim Dark has already managed to impress the world such as the Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Olver Huntemann with his groovy techno brand. In 2016 release on8177 ↑211831techno 
 18Vendace RecordsVendace RecordsVendace Records is a dance label based in Moscow city of Russia. On Vendace Records we release just quality, innovative and definitely dance music! We already have onboard talented producers from Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Japan, Moldavia. Vendace Records 8019 ↓31290253progressive 
 19Boom Bap 90Boom Bap 90's . ПАДВАРОТНЯ .DOPE90Contact: smuff.tha.quiz@gmail.com https://smuffthaquiz.bandcamp.com/music7717 ↓914932hip-hop 
 20RAP RURAP RUМы пишем о рэпе. Moscow http://rap.ru7701 ↓4953hustlehard 
 21Steklo EDM AcapellasSteklo EDM AcapellasProfessional EDM singer/songwriter Exclusive vocals steklovocal@gmail.com http://sellfy.com/steklovocal7029 ↑437330acapella 
 22TWОSTWОSill let u know if im back7028 ↓41912hi 
 23Vladimir ErshovVladimir ErshovFor booking, remixing requests and related enquiries please contact to Alexey Nikolaev (alexeysonar@gmail.com) ______________________________________________________________________ Music accompanies Vladimir Yershov (PROFF) his whole life. Since a very6860 8529electronic 
 24David DivineDavid DivineComposer and musician, working at the avangarde of electronic music. One of the few artists who embarked at the origins neotrance in Russia. Develops eclectic electronics sounds formed at the confluence of deep techno and hypno house. Frontman "Hypno Boys6810 ↓17317electronic 
 25СхемаСхемаwww.c-x-e-m-a.com Kyiv6487 ↑736159alessandro 
 26Lady WaksLady WaksLady Waks is a one woman industry. Promoter, Producer (best producer, Breakspoll 2013), DJ (best DJ at Breakspoll 2014, 2015) Saint Petersburg http://ladywaks.ru6330 ↑42971dance 
 27официальная страницаофициальная страницаорганизация выступлений: http://vk.com/markusnvntven тел.: +7(915)214-19-45 nvnbooking@mail.ru Баку http://vk.com/kaspiysky.gruz6235 ↓132100hip-hop 
 28L L 'ONEMoscow5848 ↓5216russian 
 29Слава  КолодяжныйСлава КолодяжныйКиев http://skmusic.com.ua5727 ↓44025Pop 
 30Mikhail VaganovMikhail VaganovWelcome! MBS hip-hop|rap artist Kirov http://vk.com/id407617455621 ↓11122225trap 
 31Thomas MrvzThomas MrvzOlympic Boii Member of D O P E C L V B unity Oufa http://vk.com/dopeclvb5391 ↑721930hip-hop 
 32Denis BublisDenis Bubliswww.blooddog.ru Moscow5101 ↓44016hip-hop 
 33ЛУНАЛУНАKyiv https://vk.com/official_luna5009 ↑31527kрiстiна 
 34Sudden BeatzSudden Beatzcontact: suddenbeatzmusic@gmail.com4977 ↓237572dance 
 35FuselabFuselabA label for some nowaday electronic music. Fam Collection here @fusefam Tune in @pwrplnt info@fslab.net KRD http://fslab.net4949 ↓1130760CG 
 36Sergey NazarenkoSergey Nazarenko[ E-Э / N-Н / I-И / CH-Ч / K-К / I-И / N-H ] guidance to the other side... Released before now: SOLO: Enichkin - The Test (D-A-R-K REC.) Enichkin - A particle of Infinity (5th Element REC.) Enichkin - In memory of Love.. (Avatar REC.) Enichkin - Guide t4898 ↓13369electronic 
 37Philipp LozovskyPhilipp LozovskyVodka, crude oil, meticulously engineered self-stacking dolls: Russia is famous for a lot of things. Floor-filling techno is not one of them. It’s a good job, then, that one of the top Russian producer Tesla has never been driven by musical convention. Hi4774 ↑2216107techno 
 38Anton RudoyAnton RudoyOzma (Rudoy Anton) was born in 1990 in Russia (Saint-Petersburg).He began his creative activity in 2005 with techno music. Soon enough with accents aside he found Drum 'n 'Bass. At the very beginning of 2006 he closely mastered FL Studio and started4682 ↓2567141drum 
 39Alexey Dolmatov Алексей ДолматовAlexey Dolmatov Алексей ДолматовПО ПОВОДУ СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВА И РЕКЛАМЫ, пишите в ЛС. Moscow city http://gufzm.ru4680 ↓10028rao/hiphop 
 40Алексей  ДолматовАлексей ДолматовMoscow http://gufzm.ru4644 ↓2917Rap 
 41Sasha ListSasha ListPersonal Booking: dj_list@live.ru Россия4620 ↓5940dj 
 42Denis SafiullinDenis SafiullinRed Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016 Rawax / Delsin / Field Records/ Creme Organization / Other Heights / Resonance Moscow / Quick Response Worldwide Booking: mosqdj@gmail.com Upcoming gigs: 26.02 - TBA @ Tehran Past gigs: 25.11 - URAL @ Rabitza, Mosc4590 ↓95555techno 
 43Medzhidov RahaMedzhidov RahaMoscow4581 ↓2877electronica 
 44Океан Ельзи (Okean Elzy official)Океан Ельзи (Okean Elzy official)Okean Elzy is the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock band. Okean Elzy has been recognized many times as the best rock-and live-band of the CIS by their admirers and music critics. The band vividly express themselves through in-depth lyrics, a 4539 ↑1013rock 
 45Maks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov Ruslan VoxMaks Mashkov (born 26 January , 1984) known professionally as Fresh Produce, also known as Romantika Sound. Maks Mashkov is a Russian record producer, remixer, and Ruslan Vox is a Russian singer, musician and Dj. Melodies of the summer, the southern sun a4160 ↓1226417fresh 
 46Tech Cycle RecordingsTech Cycle RecordingsDemo submissions: techcyclerecords@gmail.com4074 ↓824142drum 
 47Vanilla NinjaVanilla NinjaVanilla Ninja Club (Moscow, Russia) Vanilla Ninja Radio - vanillaninjaradio.net Moscow http://vanillaninjaradio.net3956 ↓1010188Mus 
 48UndinaUndinaUndina (her real name is Irina) was born in Engels of the Saratov Region, received a musical education in the local music school where she learned to play the piano. Later she showed an interest in playing the guitar, singing and composing songs. She star3907 ↓455420undina 
 49Радость МояРадость МояПрими записи неизвестные, музыку отверженную, слова отречённые, вечера потаённые. http://radostimoja.wlasba.ru3860 ↓7530волошба 
 50OBLADAETOBLADAET3806 ↑21425hip-hop 
 51Stanislav GarinStanislav GarinProducer, DJ since 2000. Discogs link: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Sonic+Mine SPOTs::: Spain::: Jazzberri Image NoN Dcibelia Scamner Anaconda Aqua Dance Radical (Fiesta Del Agua 2010) Groove Madrid Venecia France: BPM Bindy El Palacio UK::: Pure (W3708 ↓316326hard 
 52Electric & OneElectric & OneThe Moscow's Deepology label is known for releasing high quality modern deep-house music in it's various forms and appearances. Founded in 2007 by DJ's Electric and One it is one of the suppliers of the finest deep and underground house music. The label's3645 ↓11302490deep 
 53Alexey SonarAlexey SonarDJ and producer Alexey Nikolaev (Alexey Sonar) started his journey to the tops of the musical glory quite a long time ago with the conquest of Murmansk, his born town, and nowadays Alexey is a rightful representative of Russia’s largest booking agency and3601 ↓335141deep 
 54ХЛЕБХЛЕБhttp://www.youtube.com/user/studsovetshow Moscow https://vk.com/chtozagroup3576 828hip-hop 
 55Roman  MesserRoman Messerhttp://www.romanmesser.com3549 ↑4206120trance 
 56Davyd SkarlyginDavyd Skarlyginhttp://www.facebook.com/Jebar.LiquidBrilliants Chelyabinsk3544 ↓101976360drum 
 57Gregory EsayanGregory EsayanMusic composer. Trance & Progressive artist. Contact: eliran@silk-music.com Saratov3469 ↓381026gregory 
 58GelER and Sasha FlashGelER and Sasha FlashNovosibirsk - Omsk http://whatweplay.ru3442 ↓1126techno 
 59△Sco△△Sco△https://scowitchboy.bandcamp.com3439 ↑107370witch 
 60Alexander NuzhdinAlexander NuzhdinMoskow3439 ↓57853electronic 
 61On-The-GoOn-The-GoGeneral inquiries and PR: info@on-the-go.ru Booking: booking@on-the-go.ru Moscow http://www.on-the-go.ru3437 ↓303141progressive 
 62NuttkaseNuttkasehttp://nuttkasemusic.bandcamp.com/3388 ↓589958hip-hop 
 63Vasiliy GorbachevVasiliy GorbachevSound Producer│Sound Designer │DJ ███████ █│X-33-MUSIC.COM│➌➂ Rostov-on-Don http://x-33-music.com3304 ↓221537techno 
 64Roman P.Roman P.Moscow http://kosmosmusic.ru3259 ↓3461123drum 
 65Веб-стандартыВеб-стандартыНовости фронтенда за неделю: Алексей Симоненко, Ольга Алексашенко, Вадим Макеев. Подкаст сообщества «Веб-стандарты». https://vk.com/webstandards_ru3259 ↓23056technology 
 66Andrey RyzhkovAndrey RyzhkovYou can freely download a couple of tracks here from Moscow based artist M Clis. House/techno and all the stuff for u for free! Moscow http://m-clis.pdj.com3234 ↓46196914garage 
 67TDK LeaderTDK LeaderHometown: RND; Azov. Sweet Love Beatz - first instrumental project since June of 2009 till march of 2014. The Dawraft - second instrumental project since December of 2012. Rostov-on-Don http://vk.com/dawcrew3159 ↓104934lo-fi 
 68Христина СоловійХристина СоловійХристина Соловій – українська співачка, музикант, виконавиця авторських та народних, переважно лемківських, пісень в сучасних аранжуваннях. Христина увірвалась в музичний простір з феноменальним кліпом на пісню “Тримай”, вже за першу добу кліп переглянули2988 ↓7013соловій 
 69Ilya BongonationIlya BongonationThe project is closed. Now only BONGONATION. peace! https://soundcloud.com/bongonation Moskow http://psy-music.ru/news/stitch_ganjah_warz_2014/2014-01-11-94492916 ↓10130825stitch 
 70SoulbringerSoulbringerPower, beauty, hardness, atmosphere and originality - the main qualities that Soulbringer appreciates music! This man is different truly wonderful taste! - (C) Seneca. Soulbringer musical project dates back to 2009 and it turns out has been operating for 2897 ↑13113538psy 
 71СкрябінСкрябінВсім СКРЯБІН! Polska2774 ↓91336skryabin 
 72NELNELОрганизация концертов NEL Nelconcert@gmail.com MOSCOW2740 ↓17517nel 
 73Cream  SodaCream SodaBook Cream Soda: deputamadre.booking@gmail.com 19.02.17 - Moscow @ Megapolis 89.5 FM 22.02.17 - Moscow @ НИИ w/ BALTRA 24.02.17 - Yaroslavl @ Adidas Originals 24.02.17 - Yaroslavl @ Shkaf 25.02.17 - Yaroslavl @ Vlast 04.03.17 - Moscow @ Powerhouse (TBA) 2687 ↓941022techno 
 74MusicKollektiv.orgMusicKollektiv.orgThe Kollektiv Artists is a collective for free and forward thinking electronic musicians. Our albums are about creatively channeling the dormant energies of the universe, and expressing natural feeling, through technologies; finding unconventional rhythms2649 ↓1720techno 
 75Dolphin ДельфинDolphin ДельфинMoscow http://dolphinmusic.ru2600 ↓15124юность 
 76Би-2Би-2Moscow http://bdva.ru2597 ↓530476би2 
 77Dima UstinovDima UstinovFor more mixes visit http://www.mixcloud.com/taras3000 Dima Ustinov is a Moscow-based sound-producer and DJ, also known under aliases TARAS3000 and Dima Yaponets. For booking contact taras9000@gmail.com Moscow http://www.dimaustinov.com2552 ↓315654religion 
 78DJ SpotDJ SpotDJ Spot http://djspot.ru DJ Spot Blog http://djspotblog.blogspot.com DJ Spot is Hip-Hop. Born in beautiful Russian city - Saint-Petersburg and still grind here. He is selfmade MC, DJ, Beatmaker and Sound Engineer. His passion for hip-hop mu2524 ↓29198911billy 
 79Pavel :)Pavel :):D Москва2496 ↓8312ambient 
 80ʌŁɆXʌИĐƎЯ ʌŁЬ)ʍÔß / VitkowskiʌŁɆXʌИĐƎЯ ʌŁЬ)ʍÔß / VitkowskiRussian born Hardcore DJ,Producer & Label Manager,residing in Canada, Russia & Bulgaria №1 Russian Hardcore DJ in Toronto, Ontario, Canada *Core Saboteur, Defender Of Almighty Core* aka Angerkick (ex Carnage) aka Noisy aka Alexandre Fatal aka Screamy 2495 ↓470357anticast 
 81Capital BassCapital BassCapital Bass has launched at the end of 2006 at Moscow’s 16Tons Club with the participation of Kode9. The parties continued with performances from such British sound-system music defining artists as Skream, Loefah, Plastician, Mala/Digital Mystikz and Ben2495 ↓1340719adverbs 
 82Maria MelnikovaMaria MelnikovaCoockoo is a young and eccentric, alternative rock band, based in London. Internet success in January 2009 with their provocative single Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K) brought instant popularity within the Russian underground music scene. Some might call them2491 ↓18407rock 
 83ZakirZakirzakir, dj and producer from russia, started his career as a dj in 2003. having advanced in progressive house, tribal and latino house, he plunged into studio work for producing of his own tracks and remixes. these directions laid the foundation of his2393 7541magnifique 
 84Τ Λ Я ΛΤ Λ Я Λ日本の音楽 future funk/vaporwave communities ピンクネオン東京 Collective/@pinkneontokyo Sunrise Collective/@sunrise-collective https://taramasca09.bandcamp.com/2375 ↓463414future 
 85KAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KAPRIMULKAPRIMULA Label Group Musical Labels |KAPRIMULA MEDIA|-|KAPRIMULThe record label company ''KAPRIMULA Label Group'' is based by the Russian musicians G.E.N.O.M. and Dzhugo MC in 2015 in the territory of Kazan city The policy of publishing house comprises all directions electronic, instrumental and experimental music th2316 89233tech 
 86Therr MaitzTherr MaitzSelf-composed indie pop and alternative music with international appeal. Developing ideas rooted in Thom Yorke, U.N.K.L.E, The XX and other ground breaking artists Moscow2301 ↓1305therr 
 87Kirill TolmatskiyKirill TolmatskiyIn 2000, Detsl has made his debut in the largely underground and unknown Russian rap scene with the album "Who Are You", rapidly shot to fame after his song, called "Friday," won the hearts of teenagers nationwide. He also took part in a Pepsi advertising2290 ↓49221hip-hop 
 88DJ ARISTOCRATDJ ARISTOCRATProducer, composer, remixer and DJ. The founder of the musical label and studio "Proartsound Music". Main style: House Favourite styles: Deep House, Indie Dance, NuDisco, Tropical House, Soulful House, Chillout, Lounge. www.djaristocrat.com / www.proart2245 ↓1426757electronic 
 89Alex DMNDZAlex DMNDZScratch Dj, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, 1\2 DMNDZ al1@dmndz.com Omsk2218 ↑21138electronic 
 90Alexey  SolovevAlexey SolovevSkype:Soloveydjs mail: Soloveydjs@yandex.ru web: djsolovey.com Moscow http://solovey.pdj.ru/2213 ↓193534dance 
 91Aswin Ramadhani (((-dO_Ob-))) Bassist, Dʝ & Producer.  " WhatAswin Ramadhani (((-dO_Ob-))) Bassist, Dʝ & Producer. " What's ☮ <b>Make Peace! Not Wars! ENJOY THE MUSIC! #CTrance ♪♫ </b> <i>"Once in a while you will find that one song understands you perfectly √."</i> ✍ ☞ <a>ZШΣΛИ Fχ989</a>. <i>"Music should strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears from2133 ↓5190019c-trance 
 92Davud NyruevDavud NyruevMoscow http://centrgroup.ru2110 ↓12033zanuda 
 93Nameless DancersNameless DancersNAMELESS DANCERS – the studio group which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. Music of this collective – specific synthesis of l2096 ↓623514disco, 
 94DemokracyDemokracy2089 ↑2525have 
 95PropagandamoscowPropagandamoscowPropaganda is local’s favorite place to eat, to have a drink or to dance till early morning. It’s friendly and inviting. Located in the heart of Moscow city centre, it first opened its doors in 1997. As a cafe, it has developed its unique reputation throu2050 ↓21551electronic 
 96Кирилл КочеровКирилл КочеровMoscow http://www.kirillguitarmusic.com/2017 ↓93107213guitar 
 97Egor KhmelevEgor KhmelevManagement and booking: alex@nuskulfunk.com Requests: egor@nuskulfunk.com Moscow http://nuskulfunk.com2008 321nuskulfunk 
 98Дореволюцiонный  СовѣтчикъДореволюцiонный СовѣтчикъКуртуазный повѣса и смутьянъ Уѣздный городъ N.2005 ↓36199636comedy 
 99THE TRIAGRUTRIKATHE TRIAGRUTRIKAChelyabinsk1966 ↓201753tgk 
 100Alexander StepanovAlexander StepanovMoskva1932 ↓2924Rap