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 1Alexey EgorchenkovAlexey Egorchenkov--------------------------------------------------------- Booking: http://evolutionartists.co.uk Remixes and production manager: kasra@criticalmusic.com --------------------------------------------------------- It all began in 2003. 2007 turned ou3683736648drum 
 2ReceptorReceptorManager: Grigoriy Cherekaev (Garud) Please contact him for all questions about collaborations, remixes, signing on labels, etc. Email: Greg@mnphst.net Moscow http://vk.com/receptor1482513927drum 
 3Dmitriy SabekiyaDmitriy Sabekiyabooking@intelligentmanners.com Saint Petersburg http://www.intelligentmanners.com12166486245drum 
 4Anton RudoyAnton RudoyOzma (Rudoy Anton) was born in 1990 in Russia (Saint-Petersburg).He began his creative activity in 2005 with techno music. Soon enough with accents aside he found Drum 'n 'Bass. At the very beginning of 2006 he closely mastered FL Studio and started508477165drum 
 5Tech Cycle RecordingsTech Cycle RecordingsDemo submissions: techcyclerecords@gmail.com407424442drum 
 6Davyd SkarlyginDavyd Skarlyginhttp://www.facebook.com/Jebar.LiquidBrilliants Chelyabinsk37101972363drum 
 7Unhealthy EntropyUnhealthy EntropyMoscow http://kosmosmusic.ru359386145drum 
 8።።።። ፨፨፨፨።።።። ፨፨፨፨thestratta[at]gmail.com ፤፤፤፤፤፤ http://fb.me/thestratta16218301drum 
 9Evgeniy LaasEvgeniy LaasName: Evgeniy Laas AKA Digital:Twist Producer from Russian Raveland. Moscow,Raveland :) http://digitaltwist.pdj.ru/1183395drum 
 10Evgeniy SergeevEvgeniy SergeevAIM : limitasymmetric Saint-Petersburg1100352228drum 
 11Alex MindAlex MindSt.Pitersburg1034190132drum 
 12Daniil SokolnikovDaniil Sokolnikovaim: sobersouldnb email: sobersoul@mail.ru Saint-Petersburg http://vk.com/daniil_sokolnikov9074378drum 
 13Andrey BaskinovAndrey BaskinovLipetsk846159drum 
 14Respect FamilyRespect FamilyOn April 22, 1999 the presentation of compilation by St. Petersburg drum&bass producers called RESPECT took place in the underground GRIBOEDOV club. It was the 1st such compilation in the history of Russian capital of culture. It was compiled and released80212343drumfunk 
 15Leo ProLeo ProRostov-on-Don5875601drum 
 16Alexey YurshinAlexey YurshinDrum & Bass, Jungle, Intelligent D&B Music DJ, Podcaster, Broadcaster... Visit DDFM - http://www.ddfm.org Direct Drumz FM - 24/7 Best D&B DJ-Sets & Newest Podcasts Non-Stop From Storozh! Tune Up NOW! Enjoy! TuneIn - http://tunein.com/radio/Direct-Drumz-FM354470160drum 
 17PANDORUM RECORDSPANDORUM RECORDSNew music label founded in 2009. Label is based on the release of drums and bass music. Label will represent a new wave of electronic music producing as already proven and young producers. Please send your music to our email pandorum records@gmail.com 299135821drum 
 18Alex GridAlex GridAlexey Gridnev real name and surname of the artist. Alex was born in Siberia, in not the big city of Bratsk, where frost, snow drifts and the lack of culture drum & bass music. Alex engaged in their own development, in terms of creativity. In dreams of th2788518drum 
 19Misha FlameMisha FlameSaint-Petersburg2281512drum 
 20Marat ValidovMarat Validov°°°Contacts: AIM: zi2do e-mail: zi2dorec@gmail.com ICQ: 365-950-687 Skype: zi2doo ____________________________________ °°°Releases: ● NSS (RU) - Indigo (2008) - As we run (2009) - D12 (2009) ● Audio Boutique (RU) - Porto (2010) ● Mi2022779drum 
 21DmitryDmitryhttp://vkontakte.ru/public.php_chooga <a href="http://www.myspace.com/choogaev" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/choogaev</a> AIM: choogaev17916121drum 
 22NephriteNephriteArtist Labal : Monstersound Records Respect Records Sound System: Witches Sabbath Samara1626176drum 
 23Vladimir KozakVladimir KozakOmni Music // UK aim: oclockDNB i[dot]vladimir[dot]kozak[at]gmail[dot]com Yaroslavl https://vk.com/keyokoxoclock1542308drum 
 24nounaimnounaimaim: nounaim Saint-Petersburg14109drum 
 25Kirill SokolovKirill SokolovMoscow1263797drum 
 26ilya stepanischevilya stepanischevSt.Petersburg6953drum 
 27Alexander LoginovAlexander LoginovSaint Petersburg422198drumstep/dubstep 
 28George PchelkinGeorge PchelkinAnother guy. Moscow http://pchelk.in382419drum 
 29Aleksey DubovikAleksey DubovikSaint - Petersburg http://vk.com/theshift291263drum 
 32CMOS KillersCMOS KillersCMOS Killers is an IDM band formed by Ivan Pesotskiy and Alex Skoropletov in 2008 in Sochi, Russia. Sochi http://cmoskillers.band991drum'n'base 
 33Sergey ZaytsevSergey ZaytsevMoscow5392drum