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 101THE TRIAGRUTRIKATHE TRIAGRUTRIKAChelyabinsk2067 ↓221753tgk 
 102Velvet MusicVelvet MusicMoscow http://www.velvetmusic.ru2041 ↓344376Pop 
 103Кирилл КочеровКирилл КочеровMoscow http://www.kirillguitarmusic.com/2010 ↓100108811guitar 
 104Breezey MuzikBreezey MuzikProd. Credits:Migos/Rich The Kid/PeeWee Longway/Lil Duke/Migo Domingo/Yung Mazi/Jose Guapo/KC Da Beatmonster/MPA Shitro//Young Bo/Yung Tone/Young Cooley/J Money/Fly Boy Pat/KpOnDaBeat/Yung D.I./JuSo$a/Yung Euro/Zone 6 Sosa/Mr. Sipp/Uncle Murda/Etc... LEA2005 ↓27537trap 
 105Alexander StepanovAlexander StepanovMoskva2003 ↓7924Rap 
 106Egor KhmelevEgor KhmelevManagement and booking: alex@nuskulfunk.com Requests: egor@nuskulfunk.com Moscow http://nuskulfunk.com2002 ↓9321nuskulfunk 
 107Sergey SmirnovSergey SmirnovDj, Bboy, Hip-Hop Culture, organiser, producer of "Mama Sugar" IHOW (Pro Waacking dancer), 3S Dj's Crew: Dj Mista Sweet, South Dj Scream, Soul Dj Smirnoff. Syndicate crew, Kirishi/SaintPetersburg, Russia Kirishi, Saint-Petersburg1966 53731r&b 
 108Радио  СвободаРадио СвободаЗвуковые облака Радио Свобода – это золотой фонд лучших подкастов и радиопрограмм Русской службы. Беседы с ньюсмейкерами и экспертами на самые актуальные темы – на нашем аккаунте «Интервью Радио Свобода» - https://soundcloud.com/vz8ti1ohwcz0 Все новости д1929 ↑313489музыка 
 109South Ural Music AllianceSouth Ural Music AllianceFantli (SUMA) Russian dj and sound-producer, distinctive representative of the proper House scene from Ural region. Raw deep pads and competent approach to the choice of musical material began their formation during b2b performances that led to a t1909 ↑617472dub 
 110Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb1897 ↓13196848acid 
 111Dmitry KurmyshevDmitry KurmyshevKurmyshev, whose first appearance was heard in the brick walls of Arma17, worthily became an indispensable part of this legendary club as a resident. Long lasting experiments with different styles formed his own unique sound. You can’t imagine a day-ti1880 ↓4392ambient 
 112Alessandro JanolettiAlessandro JanolettiBack to work http://vk.com/fattain74 Saint-Petersburg1852 ↓9187833instrumental 
 113Julia VolkovaJulia VolkovaMoscow1849 ↓62011dance 
 114Roman LoqiemeanRoman LoqiemeanProducer of Caught A Star No Bio// No Labels// 21 yo producer, 6 years in progress. for all contacts loqiemean@gmail.com Tomsk https://vk.com/loqiemean1844 ↑736459hip-hop 
 115Gipsy Music RecordsGipsy Music Records1820 ↓26147house 
 116Mendeleev BarMendeleev BarMendeleev Bar is speak easy type of bar with the author's cocktail menu from the famous russian mixologist Roman Milosteviy. Secret entrance is located in a tiny noodle shop "Lucky Noodles". NO table reservation , NO guest list , NO bouncer just Face-cont1806 ↓34339electronic 
 117Artem ZlobinArtem ZlobinYekaterinburg1735 ↓3610358electronic 
 118yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/1731 ↓261727310progressive 
 119Алексей БезбожновАлексей Безбожнов✝BL▲CK CΔT✝ is a young artist (born January 11, 1991 in Kemerovo, Russia). Inspired by such bands as Salem, Crim3s, White Ring and others, he writes Experimental Witch House, impregnated with smoke. Kemerovo http://blckct.bandcamp.com/1705 ↓255557electronic 
 120Igor MikhalchenkovIgor MikhalchenkovSmolensk1700 ↓14455wulkan 
 121ДжиганДжиганMoscow http://www.geegun.ru1699 ↑2257hip-hop 
 122Джи ВилксДжи ВилксДжи Вилкс (Евгений Жуков) - автор стихов, эмси. Альбомы в составе Big Black Boots: 1998 - "Попса Махровая. Маз Никаких" 2001 - "Новая Музыка" 2003 - "Время Вперед" 2004 - "Big Black BootIQ. Box 1" (mixtape) 2006 - "Взрослый хип-хоп" Сольные альбомы: 2001697 ↓26125133джи 
 123Антон КузнецовАнтон КузнецовАнтоха МС : WEB - antohamc.ru Inst - instagram.com/antohamc YT - youtube.com/antohamc VK - vk.com/antoha_mc FB - facebook.com/antohamc Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/antohamc Москва http://antohamc.ru1682 ↑645656deep 
 124Igar MiasnikovIgar MiasnikovIgor Miasnikov aka Terroreast. Birthplace: Northern Russia. One of the most cruel and merciless artists of the modern Drum & Bass scene. An unstoppable one man army and mysterious figure whose face is covered by a mask. His music is literally the mass des1646 ↓2926627nu-metal 
 125።።።። ፨፨፨፨።።።። ፨፨፨፨thestratta@gmail.com ፤፤፤፤፤፤1617 ↓278241drum 
 126Eugene FormanenkoEugene FormanenkoMoscow http://anacondaz.ru1607 ↑71016Rap 
 127Alai OliAlai OliSaint-Petersburg1603 ↑16436alternative 
 128Ivan GudkovIvan GudkovTolyatti http://kidgoodman.bandcamp.com1603 ↓1829720nudisco 
 129Solyanka MoscowSolyanka Moscow"Most open private club in Moscow" - NY Times "It is Amazing! Stock up on Vogues and vodka" - Dazed & Confused Magazine "Ranks at the top of the list for music, atmosphere, everything" - Black Book Magazine S-11 is a creative association based in1596 ↓286931italo 
 130Anton KhomenkoAnton KhomenkoAYO! - born in Crimea in 1994. - i make hip-hop music since summer 2010. - used to be a hip-hop/krump dancer - my main inspiration is Jay Dee. I represent the community of beatmakers called "BEATLOW" plus i'm a part of hip-hop community "SOUL POWER", whi1568 ↓2334755hip-hop 
 131Somatic Records (UK), Future Synth Records, Moving Dub Records, Somatic Records (UK), Future Synth Records, Moving Dub Records, Booking: Worldwide - michonworldwide@gmail.com Russia & CIS countries - michonrus@gmail.com Press, radio, PR: michonmgmt@gmail.com Remix\production\collabs requests: musicmichon@gmail.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com General enquiries: michoninfo@gmail.c1566 ↑1200221techno 
 132KlammklangKlammklangA label from Siberia, Russia. «Some of the country’s most exciting and experimental electronic music» (The Guardian) hello@klammklang.ru Krasnoyarsk http://klammklang.bandcamp.com1561 ↓225120religion 
 1337.1.6/label7.1.6/labelMusic doesn't recognize today borders, doesn't see frameworks and has no nationality. Creative realization in sound an embodiment to aspire to fall outside the limits for a long time styles and the genres, the new era in the field of sound creation allows1555 ↓23184241witch 
 134EugeneEugeneDJ, producer & singer. Booking: Alexey Peshkov snippetrecordings@gmail.com Nizhniy Novgorod http://www.blackfeelwite.com/1555 ↓459915progressive 
 135Zhadan & SobakiZhadan & SobakiKharkiv https://play.google.com/store/music/album/%D0%96%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D1%96_%D0%A1%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%B8_%D0%9F%D1%81%D0%B8_feat_%D0%AE%D1%80%D1%96%D0%B9_%D0%93%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B6%D0%B8?id=Blfbqkznwt7lns5dzbfpslifjgm&hl=ru1546 ↓1124644rock 
 136AlexanderAlexanderhttp://vk.com/vincent.dali1492 ↓1291714dance 
 137Nikos AlexandridisNikos AlexandridisMoscow http://vk.com/ritmomoscow1482 ↓23646стихия 
 138Sergey BoykoSergey BoykoBookings/Remixes: info@djboyko.com Boyko - DJ, musician and sound producer. Matchless artist, a charismatic nature. He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste. By right, one of the top he1477 ↓128375594house 
 140Yriy NilsYriy NilsYuri Nils – DJ NILS (Moscow, Russia) – professional musician, DJ and musical compiler, specialist in comfort electronic music. Long-term resident DJ at the legendary Moscow club, KRYSHA MIRA, and active participant in the dynamically developing SLOWDANCE 1472 ↓1012252deep 
 141Alexander PetrukAlexander PetrukYekaterinburg http://vk.com/raketa4000_ru1460 ↓122581soundtrack 
 142Lumen OfficialLumen OfficialUfa http://lumen.ws/1459 ↓90246lumen 
 143Vincent  WildVincent Wild❏❍◄ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ►▲∞❍❏▲(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) https://winick.bandcamp.com ▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲ contact me / booking winickdj@gmail.com ❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏ Moscow / Omsk http://www.mixcloud.com/winick/1452 ↓10191318punkcore 
 144The Future Is Ours! Andrew BRThe Future Is Ours! Andrew BR#FutureJungleMusic #FutureRave #Fjmusic #JungleVideo #FutureJungle #140Jungle #JungleBreaks #FootworkJungle #HardcoreBreakbeat #Rave You Ravin - I'm Ravin ! For booking and demos for Future Jungle Music email me futurejungleru@hotmail.com1448 ↓15181219jungle 
 145Andrejs JumkinsAndrejs JumkinsCollaboration: andrey@andreysubbotin.com Brighton Beach http://www.andreysubbotin.com1440 ↓1496520soundtrack 
 146Andres ShuffleAndres ShuffleTHX FOR FOLLOWERS AND YOUR COMMENTS http://vk.com/andres_shuffle1435 ↓71186325minimal 
 147Танок на майдані КонґоТанок на майдані КонґоKiev http://www.tnmk.com/1428 ↓2642metamorefozzey 
 148Vadim ShantorVadim ShantorMusic - the universal language of mankind. Saint-Petersburg1412 ↓262014breaks 
 149Shyam•Shyam•music is all around us, all you have to do is listen (c) Rawax | Simple Things1411 ↓8923224podcast 
 150βенера Ŧильβенера ŦильОбречён. darkseaveneratil@gmail.com http://dvrksea.bandcamp.com/1405 ↓16121electronic 
 151Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1386 ↓14188435dubstep 
 152вaгоновожaтыевaгоновожaтыеKyiv https://play.google.com/store/music/album/%D0%92%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%B6%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%8B%D0%B5_%D0%92%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%81%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%B0?id=Btvackxmhzquptu2cy4yq4u7b5i1382 ↑402729idm 
 153SABBAT CULTSABBAT CULTVIDEO: $uperior.Cat.Proteus - Я НЕ ПРОИГРЫВАЮ (2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=OoTdMhF78Eg [directed by VISNUPRODUCT: https://vk.com/visnuproduct] ENZYME III aka ENZYMEKILLAH Links Below SABBAT 2k132 Western Moscow Region, Tuchkovo MOSC1377 ↑4725841occult 
 154Лина МиловичЛина Милович1376 ↓1201Pop 
 155Victor SlateVictor SlateNative of St Petersburg, Victor Slate is an acclaimed musician both at home and on the world scene. Victor successfully combines hosting two internationally broadcast shows with a vibrant DJ career. In 2008 he received a “Best DJ Debut” award form the pre1374 ↓198498house, 
 156MC DjadajMC DjadajMoscow1371 ↓17350dubstep 
 157Catafalque DriverCatafalque DriverR1 Spb http://vk.com/r1g0s1356 ↓1762730rigos 
 158theflowisbettertheflowisbetterСайт The Flow http://the-flow.ru/1342 ↑7342hip-hop 
 159Елена ТемниковаЕлена ТемниковаЕлена Темникова — популярная российская певица, телеведущая и дизайнер, бывшая солистка российской женской поп-группы «Серебро». Участница “Фабрики Звезд”, «Евровидения 2007», шоу “Последний Герой”, ведущая программы “Реальная любовь”. Контакты для пр1332 ↑37035hip-hop 
 160Arthur DunkanArthur DunkanArthur Dunkan aka Dunkan. Dj - Producer. I have a lot of love for good electronic music, especially music that delves in to the progressive house. Music lets people feel a gamma of emotions. They can turn into the feelings. When this happens a person dec1332 ↓462016progressive 
 161KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow1325 ↓1219012progressive 
 162TheoryandpracticeTheoryandpracticeMoscow1316 ↓725126презентация 
 163KITONEKITONESUPPORTED BY: Tiesto Hardwell Arty Kryder Afrojack Sander van Doorn Matisse & Sadko Laidback Luke Above & Beyond Cedric Gervais SICK INDIVIDUALS Dannic Nari & Milani M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K Tom Swoon twoloud Feenixpawl ak9 Simon De Jano Firebeatz Gareth Emer1315 ↓43847house 
 164Oh! DeeOh! DeeMoscow1302 ↓1071924scissor-hop 
 165Anton MakeAnton MakePromo: antonmake.music@gmail.com Partnership: antonmake@live.ru Dj and Sound-Producer from Kazan ( Russia ). The founder of Sunset Avenue Radio Show, the Format of which is Progressive House, Deep and Tech. Support and feedback from: Hernan Cattaneo | G1295 ↑836874electronic 
 166Aleksey  EkachoAleksey EkachoТворческое объединение Россия http://www.jackinbrothers.ru1292 ↓13165446jackin 
 167Phantom Music ProductionPhantom Music Productionphantommusicproduction@gmail.com Moscow1285 ↓10175757techno 
 168Alexander ZolotovAlexander ZolotovEkaterinburg http://warmplace.ru1281 ↓85950electronic 
 169dikommdikommOwner of dikommmusic, Festival Lounge Records / Festival Lounge Limited. DJ & promoter from St. Petersburg, Russia Saint Petersburg1266 ↓54763electronic 
 170POKO_COXPOKO_COXMoscow http://vk.com/pokocoxmusic1262 ↓471709ambient 
 171ritmo sportivoritmo sportivo<b>WE ARE</b> we are independent emotional music label based in Moscow <b>COLLECTIVE</b> <a href="http://soundcloud.com/i-tone" target="_blank">I-Tone</a> <a href="http://soundcloud.com/thallus" target="_blank">Thallus</a> <a href="http://soundclou1242 ↓114926afterhours 
 172Psy is in my mindPsy is in my mindMoscow1227 ↓3113ambient 
 173Denis GrigoryevDenis GrigoryevМосква1213 ↑11046hip-hop 
 174Познер OnlineПознер OnlineАккаунт официального сайта Владимира Владимировича Познера в "SoundCloud" Москва http://pozneronline.ru/1209 ↑30147теракт 
 175Evgeniy LaasEvgeniy LaasName: Evgeniy Laas AKA Digital:Twist Producer from Russian Raveland. Moscow,Raveland :) http://digitaltwist.pdj.ru/1193 ↓21275drum 
 176Russian TechnoRussian TechnoThe Label was started by Vadz in late 2007. It’s conception is true, unique techno and electro music with character, coming from Russia. Some of our older releases are hosted at Internet Archive as high quality VBR MP3, and still available FREEly. You can1190 ↓1572819techno 
 177| Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap |   Pop | Tech House| Dance Music || Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap | Pop | Tech House| Dance Music |Dzhugo MC - the musician of the Kazan Prison Musical Laboratory. Began the musical career in a term of imprisonment in prison of a high security for especially serious crime. In the same place founded studio, was engaged in self-training, the composition 1187 ↓19188916alternative 
 178Therr MaitzTherr MaitzRussian independent music band Moscow http://ok.ru/therrmaitz01167 ↓246237indie 
 179Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Andrey UNICRO & Leonid C.L.Moscow1150 ↓11789114the 
 180Gordey ErmakGordey Ermak_ Fokuz _ Celsius _ Icarus _ Disturbed _ Respect _ Surround Sound _ Deadlines _ Black Seeds _ Insekto _ Melting Pot _ Tilt _ Mindtech _ Subculture _ NexGen _ Intelligent _ T3K _ Silk _ Eternia _ Soundium X _ Contraband _ contact: stereotypednb@mail.ru1145 ↓4745743stereotype 
 181DJ ShumDJ Shumdubstepler Moscow http://djshum.ru1144 ↓23119616neuro 
 182Alexey ObraztsoffAlexey ObraztsoffMoscow1132 ↓219519techno 
 183Creative OneCreative One1123 ↓14185975progressive 
 184Taras T-killahTaras T-killahConcerts: +7915-0000-999 concerts@t-killah.ru Russian Hip-Hop, Dance Artist. Follow me - http://www.youtube.com/TkillahOfficial Moscow http://www.t-killah.ru1123 ↑9822маршал 
 185Alexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin - musician, producer, DJ, founder and ex-member of the project Techno Phobia, who started his career in the distant 2010. In the field of Progressive Trance Productions, has repeatedly been awarded to support global celebrities such as:1120 ↓51191817proglifting 
 186Andrey PopovAndrey PopovFrom Russia With love :) http://djmexxbeat.pdj.com1116 ↓51322deephouse 
 187Nikita LegostevNikita LegostevRussian Rap / Hip-Hop Artist Moscow http://st1m.ru1114 ↓16351hip 
 188MelodiyaMelodiyaMoscow http://www.melody.su1113 ↓15151444audiobooks 
 189Matvey MelnikovMatvey MelnikovMoskva1103 ↑3412мот 
 190Alexey KotominAlexey KotominMusic is a great thing and will go with us through life and never betray N.Novgorod1102 ↓18191140world 
 191Vikole Yanson YansonVikole Yanson YansonI like to composer music) Enjoy my music and I hope you like it! St. Peterburg1098 ↓23175412soundtrack 
 192Yuri MesrYuri MesrMoscow1092 ↓353129afrobeat 
 193Nic ZigZagNic ZigZagOfficial page Nic ZigZag<b></b> aka <b>ZigZag<b></b>&#13; Drum &amp; Bass producer from Russia</b> https://promodj.com/NicZigZag1080 ↓117193434silk 
 194Eugene RudinEugene RudinWorld http://djgroove.pdj.com1073 ↓1711577djgrooverussia 
 195Alexander MolchanovAlexander MolchanovKaluga1067 ↓1444113house 
 196Артем  СумыАртем СумыAt present the label finishes preparation for official opening. The Russian Dj/producer Artem Scrip Minimalist is some kind of a certain beginning... The Beginning conducting to destruction of an obstacle in the form of a disorder blossoming in set o1065 ↓160137112techno 
 197Egor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovEgor Obukhov | Sergey KrasnovDEEP & GROOVE - a new project that supports the trends of contemporary music and the main electronic platforms of the planet. They did not stop "there" and make every party something more than just a "DJ with controller", returning the tradition of "Amazi1058 ↑201466trance 
 198if weif weВся моя радость лежит где-то рядом Saint-Petersburg http://ifwe.info/1044 ↓1019615ifwe 
 199DmitryDmitryhttp://bug.promodj.ru/1043 ↓36562electronic 
 200ВОТåК WXTAKSВОТåК WXTAKSI'm a Russian Music Producer & Graffiti Artist that is focused on hip-hop beats. I like a lot of musical styles and my work is a reflection of this. You can buy my beats. Play my music! If you like what you hear, drop me a message! ______ В.ВОТåК / WXT1035 ↑7757627world