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 1Nick ZharkovNick Zharkovhttp://promodj.com/werther232200415EDM 
 2Dmitry SviridovDmitry Sviridovmusician, instrumentalist , beatmeaker , hip-hop producer From Moscow Moscow http://vk.com/piramida_production555200245hip-hop 
 3Vladimir ZamanskyVladimir ZamanskyMoscow39820022electro-trance 
 4Dmitry KomarovDmitry KomarovMoscow https://hearthis.at/dmitry.dimdim/293200133folktronica 
 5Roman  MarchenkovRoman MarchenkovRoman Marchenkov [ Heyspace ] is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia - the city, bursting with creativity of those who live in it. Spending his formative years in a cultural center of such caliber helped forming940200123techno 
 6DmitryDmitryhttp://716label.bandcamp.com/album/716-029-hagu2-hagu2 Izhevsk460200028experimental 
 8Taki KechaouTaki KechaouMoscow312199812house 
 9Acid Techno LabelAcid Techno LabelKolpino / SPb1939199648acid 
 10Дореволюцiонный  СовѣтчикъДореволюцiонный СовѣтчикъКуртуазный повѣса и смутьянъ Уѣздный городъ N.2128199638comedy 
 11Yaroslav ZagorskiyYaroslav ZagorskiyMoscow http://www.mixcloud.com/djelbarbudo/21619961techno 
 12Artur BayramgalinArtur BayramgalinUfa - Toronto http://www.bayramgalin.com660199029jazz 
 13Mikhail VaganovMikhail VaganovWelcome! MBS hip-hop|rap artist Kirov http://vk.com/id407617456253199025trap 
 14Aurel SpatariAurel SpatariSaint - Petersburg18619840  
 15Alexey KulikovAlexey KulikovArtist: IN5UM / M x A ( "insum" / "M x A" ) Real Name: Alexey Kulikov and Mihail Beketov. Labels: Glowlight Records, Progressive House Worldwide, Dezire, Tranceport, LuPS, Balkan Connection, Timeline, Sunset melodies, Elliptical Sun Melodies, BOX4JOY,871198133trance 
 16DJ SpotDJ SpotDJ Spot http://djspot.ru DJ Spot Blog http://djspotblog.blogspot.com DJ Spot is Hip-Hop. Born in beautiful Russian city - Saint-Petersburg and still grind here. He is selfmade MC, DJ, Beatmaker and Sound Engineer. His passion for hip-hop mu2616198011billy 
 17Davyd SkarlyginDavyd Skarlyginhttp://www.facebook.com/Jebar.LiquidBrilliants Chelyabinsk36101972373drum 
 18Andrey RyzhkovAndrey RyzhkovProducing music ITB since 2007. Music I repost also somehow was influenced by me Moscow http://kovkovmusic.com3237197016garage 
 19Dmitriy ChernovDmitriy ChernovMy original name Dmitriy Chernov (Russia) Write music deep & tech house National Techno, Kommunikation Records, Tretmuehle, Complex Textures Beatport link:http://www.beatport.com/artist/deem/285717 mail:ddeem83@gmail.com45419706dj 
 20Sun Station RecordsSun Station RecordsSun Station exists to be a psychedelic music provider. We pack sonic journeys and deliver our sound as downloads and performances at parties worldwide. Join the fun! We accept demos in following genres: psytrance, progressive psychedelic and goa. For 56471966265trance 
 21Robert DJ Porno SS [Heavy Metal DJs]Robert DJ Porno SS [Heavy Metal DJs]Heavy Metal DJs - творческое музобъединение, сложившиеся благодаря нынешним московским реалиям. Музыкант, диск-жокей старой школы Дима Feelgood и диджей, журналист Роберт Порносуперстар познакомились еще в клубе Mix, но сошлись позже, благодаря жилищному 982194924re-edit 
 22Polyptych, Somatic Records (UK)Polyptych, Somatic Records (UK)Booking: Worldwide - michonworldwide@gmail.com Russia & CIS countries - michonrus@gmail.com Press, radio, PR: michonmgmt@gmail.com Remix\production\collabs requests: musicmichon@gmail.com Promos: musicmichon@gmail.com General enquiries: michoninfo@gmail.1722194825techno 
 23PavelPavelPavel Mozgovoy (aka Mozg) is electronic music producer at different styles like drum'n'bass, dubstep, trip-hop, trance full-on. Feel free to contact me via souncloud Moscow28219468chill 
 24Ctrl Ur Soul musicCtrl Ur Soul musicSince 2008 We are http://soundcloud.com/jickz https://soundcloud.com/krabsogood http://soundcloud.com/daim Saint-Petersburg65419459house 
 25Nic ZigZagNic ZigZagOfficial page Nic ZigZag<b></b> aka <b>ZigZag<b></b>&#13; Drum &amp; Bass producer from Russia</b> https://promodj.com/NicZigZag1080193434silk 
 26Владимир БогатыревВладимир БогатыревМУЗЫКА - ЭТО ЖИВАЯ МАТЕРИЯ , ТАКАЯ - ЖЕ КАК ЛЮДИ . ОНА - РАСТЕТ И СТАРЕЕТ . ТОЛЬКО НЕ УМИРАЕТ ... Ростов на Дону - Москва404193015посвящение 
 27Vanko SamarVanko SamarVanko Samar was born in Samara (Russia) in 1982. In 2008 Vanko Samar began to experiment with electronic music. First releases in 2010: Pepperjam Records (Netherlands), Melodic Records (Columbia), Electric Romeo Records (Germany). In 2011 Vanko was succ31719287deep 
 28Vincent  WildVincent Wild❏❍◄ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ►▲∞❍❏▲(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) https://winick.bandcamp.com ▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲∞▲ contact me / booking winickdj@gmail.com ❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏❍❏ Moscow / Omsk http://www.mixcloud.com/winick/1456192317punkcore 
 29Alexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin | ERIDAAlexander Zhakulin - musician, producer, DJ, founder and ex-member of the project Techno Phobia, who started his career in the distant 2010. In the field of Progressive Trance Productions, has repeatedly been awarded to support global celebrities such as:1120191417proglifting 
 30Alexey KotominAlexey KotominMusic is a great thing and will go with us through life and never betray N.Novgorod1098191140world 
 31Sergey FrancSergey FrancDJ/PRODUCER. Moscow48019114progressive 
 32KarinaKarinaAll music here: http://promodj.com/stefanagrand Moscow132619012progressive 
 33Aswin Ramadhani (((-dO_Ob-))) Bassist, Dʝ & Producer.  " WhatAswin Ramadhani (((-dO_Ob-))) Bassist, Dʝ & Producer. " What's ☮ <b>Make Peace! Not Wars! ENJOY THE MUSIC! #CTrance ♪♫ </b> <i>"Once in a while you will find that one song understands you perfectly √."</i> ✍ ☞ <a>ZШΣΛИ Fχ989</a>. <i>"Music should strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears from2147190019c-trance 
 34Alex MindAlex MindSt.Pitersburg1034189932drum 
 35uaruuaruMsc Izh35018959detroit 
 36Max KorovaevMax KorovaevMoscow http://www.schoolsound.ru44618872dj 
 37Ilya VetrovIlya Vetrovhttp://promodj.com/ilya-veter https://pro.beatport.com/artist/ilya-vetrov/184925/tracks E-mail: djvetroff@gmail.com http://vk.com/ilya_vetroff365188444free 
 38Alex MarsAlex MarsBeing forced to be developed behind the iron curtain for a long time, the post soviet union electronic music scene follows its own path. Currently, there are more and more new talented musicians appearing and more interesting projects being created, and t1386188435dubstep 
 39| Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap |   Pop | Tech House| Dance Music || Rock | Metal | Hip-Hop/Rap | Pop | Tech House| Dance Music |Dzhugo MC - the musician of the Kazan Prison Musical Laboratory. Began the musical career in a term of imprisonment in prison of a high security for especially serious crime. In the same place founded studio, was engaged in self-training, the composition 1202188416alternative 
 40Albert Fahriyev Dmitry GoncharovAlbert Fahriyev Dmitry GoncharovMassTek Full name: Albert Fahriyev and Dmirty Goncharov Bio: Duo from Voronezh & Chelyabinsk, Russia Voronezh https://vk.com/masstekofficial434188228dance 
 41Андрей ВоропаевАндрей ВоропаевОмск456187825chance 
 42FrancisFrancisFrancis is a DJ and producer from Moscow, Russia. He has a way of building up his set until the crowd goes absolutely wild! Francis started DJing in 2000. Over the past 10 years, Francis has developed his own unique mixing style while having the ability t481187815beat 
 43Alexander CherkasovAlexander CherkasovThe graduate of school of electronic musicians and producers in Tula city (Rus) - «Re-Zone» (2008) RADIO-SET ON LINE(2009-...) UNDER BEAT PROMO(2011-...) ----------------------------------- Release: Record Label: Chason - Atlantis (Record Chill Out v100218759chillout 
 44Alessandro JanolettiAlessandro JanolettiBack to work http://vk.com/fattain74 Saint-Petersburg1849187433instrumental 
 45Andres ShuffleAndres ShuffleTHX FOR FOLLOWERS AND YOUR COMMENTS http://vk.com/andres_shuffle1432186325minimal 
 46Creative OneCreative One1120185975progressive 
 47SergioCIFRASergioCIFRAMoscow http://vkontakte.ru/sergiocifra318185321island 
 48Max GorbushinMax GorbushinPrema Bhakti - the music, changing the hearts. Prema Bhakti it's a dancing and not dancing music which Max Gorbushin writes under this name from 2007 year. Prema Bhakti is a composer, soundproduсer and DJ in one person. Max Gorbushin has started to writ394184814trance 
 49Junior FamilyJunior FamilyJunior Family is a house music producers team. It's also a team of copyright and licensing specialists. Junior Family (as a music project) produces high-quality commercial house in a collaboration with worldwide known DJs and producers (WAWA, Nick Fioruc381184628house 
 507.1.6/label7.1.6/labelMusic doesn't recognize today borders, doesn't see frameworks and has no nationality. Creative realization in sound an embodiment to aspire to fall outside the limits for a long time styles and the genres, the new era in the field of sound creation allows1550184241witch 
 51Twin PixTwin PixHello World Moscow40518394breakbeat 
 52alex jalex jHi, I'm an electronic music producer from Russia. Please listen through my tracks and leave some feedback to help my skills gain. Thanks! Currently signed to: Baroque Records Elliptical Recordings 2MR2 Records Freitag Recordings Moscow740183712electro-house 
 54The Future Is Ours! Andrew BRThe Future Is Ours! Andrew BR#FutureJungleMusic #FutureRave #Fjmusic #JungleVideo #FutureJungle #140Jungle #JungleBreaks #FootworkJungle #HardcoreBreakbeat #Rave You Ravin - I'm Ravin ! For booking and demos for Future Jungle Music email me futurejungleru@hotmail.com1447181219jungle 
 55Артемий  ИногдаАртемий ИногдаКраснодар http://vk.com/bredogdaimoibeatog727180822instrumental 
 57musician, singer-songwritermusician, singer-songwriterOdessa345176621indie 
 58Aleksey MalinovskyAleksey MalinovskyMoscow63717654alexxvo 
 59Phantom Music ProductionPhantom Music Productionphantommusicproduction@gmail.com Moscow1277175257techno 
 60Vikole Yanson YansonVikole Yanson YansonI like to composer music) Enjoy my music and I hope you like it! St. Peterburg1098174812soundtrack 
 61yuriyfromrussiayuriyfromrussiaJust another Yuriy from Russia. LABELS: Perfecto Black, Afterglow, Bonzai, Baroque, Sound Avenue, Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and more. http://www.mixcloud.com/YuriyFromRussia/17521740314progressive 
 62Aleksei GorbachevAleksei GorbachevPlay Hard Music Saint-Petersburg735173823hip-hop 
 63Tony GrahamTony GrahamDark Chi Risses - The musician, House,bass the producer! Saint-Petersburg39517268dance 
 64Папа Зи▲☮■ Papa ZIПапа Зи▲☮■ Papa ZI/вибрации музыки как средство общения с внешним миром ॐ /the vibrations of music as a means of communication with the outside world ॐ SZD510172130hip-hop 
 65Mishel LopesMishel LopesDJ who puts all his forces and energy into he doing, giving all love, which he feels to music, to his listeners, always trying to feel new tendencies, but never forgetting about his own way. Always opening new sides of his work. booking +79126974709 432169933house 
 66Bad Trancer (aka Target Beat)Bad Trancer (aka Target Beat)My creative activity began for a long time. Still when in the light of an every possible sort of eJee's, Techno eJee's, with Hip Hop eJee's, fruit of the fifth version widely operated... Where that a floor of year I only studied interface Fruity Loops 5, 739169813psy 
 67Nikita NoskovNikita NoskovNikita Noskov – music producer of the project (Dj Nikita Noskow / Nicky Welton), composer, arranger, sound engineer and founder of the recording studio Welton Music. Krasnodar https://audiojungle.net/user/nicky_welton735169728dance 
 68Anton AnuchinAnton AnuchinRybinsk416167913electro 
 69Aleksey  EkachoAleksey EkachoТворческое объединение Россия http://www.jackinbrothers.ru1291165646jackin 
 70Alexander OspanovAlexander OspanovComposer, arranger, sounddesigner, DJ. I'm looking for a vocalist. Please send me your demo. Moscow http://promodj.com/ospanov307164645easy 
 71Ivan OrekhovIvan OrekhovSpinup of groups and pages in VK+creating and advancement of sites+projecting and installation of guarding_fire systems! ANd ofcourse MUsic!) Сontacts for communication with me: tel.: +7 962 718 94 54 email: guenalacrema@gmail.com St.Petersburg http://pr316157915techno 
 72Eugene SitkinEugene SitkinYekaterinburg20315371abstracthiphop 
 73Dylanka & KatyaDylanka & KatyaThe Slavic Tear-out whores, listen and learn from owner like the dog does. we live in special place called !!Flesruoy- Kcufog http://www.Twitter.com/DownRightRude44415241tech 
 74igoigoArchangelsk http://promodj.com/mexicanez267152228nu 
 75konstantin duhovnyikonstantin duhovnyimail me: k.duhovnyi@gmail.com live,mix,sound engineer,composer. Moscow http://konstantinduhovnyi.bandcamp.com/726151418pop 
 76Powered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupPowered by musician G.E.N.O.M. | Kaprimula Label GroupMusic is created on the Recording Studio "Kazan Prison Music Lab" The Studio is located in a Russian prison. Here, musicians fulli immersed in the creative process, and give sound all the time, using a qualitative approach. Kazan http://www.traxsource.co335147431deep 
 78Acid Singularity SergeyAcid Singularity SergeyThis is a new Russian label that works exclusively in the styles of dance music: trance , atmospheric breaks , chill-out , house , drum&bass Owners label's three great projects: Arctic Light pres.7 wonders , Space Fantasy , Acid Singularity , that gathere584144629electronic 
 79Christian SilvestrovChristian Silvestrov⚠ http://promodj.com/chrisshuttle MORE FREE DL TRACKS & MIXS ⚠ Out Now! Chris Shuttle - WEB 8 Mix https://promodj.com/chrisshuttle/promos/6300386/Chris_Shuttle_WEB_8_Mix! Уже в онлайне! ✔ Steradian EP http://classic.beatport.com/release/steradian/1613537014385techno 
 80MIGZ FestivalMIGZ FestivalOn Septemeber 2011 MIGZ 2011 will take place. The year of 2011 will see the 4th edition of MIGZ. For the previous three years it has gained numerous followers and a positive feedback in mass media. Like many other European festivals MIGZ combines electr36414361electronic 
 81Russian BoyzRussian BoyzWe are music production team from Moscow. You can buy our beats here: www.russianboyz.net For any questions mail to russianboyzservice@gmail.com Moscow http://www.russianboyz.net11419142723rap 
 82Kid with the GunKid with the GunRE:SAMPLE Togliatti http://vkontakte.ru/kungfu_kid598142671hip-hop 
 83OLEG STUFFOLEG STUFFOleg Serebryakov was born on January 28th, 1977 in St.Petersburg, Russia. He’s better known as Oleg Stuff – a very talented musician, composer and producer. He was obsessed with the music from the very childhood.Meeting with DJ Michael Pugo atthe end of 192114099deep/art 
 84Vitalii SprezzaturaVitalii Sprezzatura<a href="http://minimalfabric.promodj.ru/"><img src="http://i.cdn.promodeejay.net/a/1_88x31.gif" width="88" height="31" border="0" /></a> Samara http://minimalfabric.promodj.ru/463140520exp 
 85канает шумканает шум133140120hip-hop 
 86Ekaterina SenilovaEkaterina SenilovaMoscow440140015lounge, 
 87Vitaliy StodolyaVitaliy StodolyaSaint-Petersburg http://konurarecordings.com/395139112dance 
 88Ilya BongonationIlya BongonationThe project is closed. Now only BONGONATION. peace! https://soundcloud.com/bongonation Moskow http://psy-music.ru/news/stitch_ganjah_warz_2014/2014-01-11-94492958138325stitch 
 89СЕРГЕЙ КОВАЛЁНОКСЕРГЕЙ КОВАЛЁНОКЕЛГАВА http://vk.com/stormzlv51913747stormz 
 90Ваня  КореяВаня КореяВаня Корея DJ / Producer Labels: Comfusion Records ( Spain ) Carypla Records ( UK ) Wanna Dance Music ( Spain ) Pixbae Records ( Panama ) Sweet Stuff Records ( Germany ) Spliced Vinyl Recordings ( Canada ) Shadow Music.Recordings ( Italy ) Command Reco20313735  
 91Артем  СумыАртем СумыAt present the label finishes preparation for official opening. The Russian Dj/producer Artem Scrip Minimalist is some kind of a certain beginning... The Beginning conducting to destruction of an obstacle in the form of a disorder blossoming in set o1064137112techno 
 92Max ShcherbakovMax ShcherbakovMoscow513135817jazz 
 93PANDORUM RECORDSPANDORUM RECORDSNew music label founded in 2009. Label is based on the release of drums and bass music. Label will represent a new wave of electronic music producing as already proven and young producers. Please send your music to our email pandorum records@gmail.com 301135421drum 
 94Denis PavlovDenis PavlovMSK14013532  
 95Aleksandr  KotlovAleksandr KotlovThe founder and ideologist of the Siberian promotional group [PIRANHA]. DJ with a unique style and unmatched charisma. Novosibirsk https://www.mixcloud.com/X_FR/28613192techno 
 96Оксана МалаяОксана Малая385128519rock 
 97Alexander LarichevAlexander LarichevX-Team is a project of Larichev Alexander, based in Moscow. He was born in 1992 and his age didn't fit the age requirement for entrance to most clubs, however, Alexander has extensive experience and has already played on festivals with such masters of ps603128112psychedelic 
 98Vendace RecordsVendace RecordsVendace Records is a dance label based in Moscow city of Russia. On Vendace Records we release just quality, innovative and definitely dance music! We already have onboard talented producers from Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Japan, Moldavia. Vendace Records 79831280253progressive 
 99Shufflebrain SoundsShufflebrain Sounds" ... Читая легенды, молодежь учится мечтать. Это великое качество, ибо оно наполняет сердца лучшими, мощными огнями. Этими огнями сердца молодежь познает, как различить, где истина. Истина не познается расчетами, лишь язык сердца знает, где живет великая339127533hip 
 100Brain TrickBrain TrickBIO: There are different types of music, there are many DJs and musicians, and what is the hearer is the most important one The team "Brain Trick" have started their work for him... Brain Trick - is something special and unique; what is better to mention 826127117techno